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The Air Pit is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Riders, and is a part of the game's Extreme Gear Air System. They are special terminals that allows the player to refill their Extreme Gear's Air Tank.


The Air Pits are mechanisms composed of two parts. On the ground, the Air Pits have what resembles a Dash Panel with blue frames and a light blue cylinder held in place with blue frames on the left side. Hovering above this panel, the Air Pits have a large, rotating hexagon prism-shaped component in blue and grey which has "PIT" written on the sides with yellow lights and emits light from the bottom.


Sonic recharging in an Air Pit.

The Air Pits allows the player to quickly replenish their Air Tank with Air during a race by moving over them. These terminals are placed around the tracks. Once the player enters an Air Pit, the Air Tank starts replenishing until it reaches full capacity, upon where the player will leave the Air Pit in the correct direction to continue the race. If in a hurry, however, the player can leave the Air Pit at anytime by pressing XboxA.png/A Button GameCube v2.png/PSXButton.png.

Some tracks do not have Air Pits and additionally, the player can also choose to disable Air Pits in the Rule Settings of some gameplay modes.

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