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The Air Launcher,[1] also referred to as the hoop,[2] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic and the Secret Rings. It is a floating gauge used for transportation.


Air Launchers are round gauges[1] that float in midair and are made of several metal fragments floating around in a circle.


An Air Launcher with spikes.

In gameplay, when the player jumps into an Air Launcher, Sonic will be caught in it and can remain there for as long as the player likes. There is also a variant of Air Launchers with spikes on the inner rim, preventing the player from continuously staying put.

The player can shoot the playable character through the air with the Air Launcher to another area by swinging the Wii remote when the Air Launcher shrinks down to a certain size. Failing to do so with the spiked variants will get the player hurt and make Sonic fall out of the Air Launcher, sometimes into a bottomless pit.


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