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Not to be confused with Glide.

The Air Glide (エアーグライド Eā Guraido?)[1] is a move that appears in Sonic Mania Plus. It is a technique used by Ray the Flying Squirrel to fly through midair.


When performing the Air Glide, Ray jumps into midair and uses his natural furry skin membrane to catch a ride on to the skies, allowing him to glide through midair.

In gameplay, the Air Glide allows Ray to fly through midair by gliding, similar to Knuckles' Glide technique, but usually much faster. What sets Ray's gliding apart from Knuckles' is that the player can steer Ray into a nosedive and then steer him upward again in order to regain some altitude and extend Ray's gliding distance.[2] However, the player must be careful while Air Gliding, as Ray cannot defeat enemies like Knuckles can with his gliding technique, and will take damage if he crashes into an enemy.

To perform the Air Glide in gameplay, one of the jump buttons must be pressed and held in midair after Spin Jumping . The player must then use the left and right direction controls to steer Ray up or down. By releasing the jump button, Ray will cancel the glide and curl up into a ball for safety. The move can only be performed once per jump.


  • The Air Glide has a notable similarity in function to the Cape Feather power-up from Super Mario World.

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