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Air[1] (エア[2] Ea?), also known as the Air Item[3] (エアアイテム[4] Ea Aitemu?), is an Item Box power-up that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It can be found in Item Boxes scattered throughout the race courses. When obtained, it slightly refills the player's Air Tank.


In gameplay, upon obtaining an Air power-up, the playable character's Air Tank is refilled by a set amount.

Game appearances[]

Sonic Riders series[]

Sonic Riders[]

Air first appeared in Sonic Riders, where it is classified as a Power-Up item. In this game, they come in quantities of 30, 50, 100 and MAX.[2]

The player can obtain Air at random by touching one of the Item Boxes that lie scattered across the racing course.

Sonic Free Riders[]

In Sonic Free Riders, this item in general is called the Air Item[3] (エアアイテム[4] Ea Aitemu?), though each quantity is named separately. These include: Air x 30 (エアx30[5] Ea x 30?), Air x 50 (エアx50[5] Ea x 50?), Air x 100 (エアx100[5] Ea x 100?) and Air x MAX (エアxMAX[5] Ea x MAX?). Once again, Air Items can be obtained from Item Boxes around the track.








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