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Sonic Boom
Aim Low (Transcript)

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This a transcript on the Sonic Boom episode "Aim Low".

[Scene: The forest. One of Eggman's robots can be seen just destroyed.]

Eggman: [To Team Sonic.] You may have defeated my Scorpionbot, but I've got one more trick up my sleeve! [Presses a button and a large satellite robot comes out. It then starts to warm up.] Just give it a sec. Needs to warm up.
[Sonic destroys the satellite robot.]
Sonic: Still waiting on that "trick".
[Eggman glumly walks to his Egg Mobile and flies off.]
Sonic: Is it just me or is Eggman not been bringing his "A-game" lately?
Knuckles: Maybe our "A-game" makes his "A-game" look like a "Z-game"! Oh, that's much worse if you understand the alphabet. Isn't it?
Tails: It does kinda feel like Eggman just going through the motions.

[Scene change: Dr. Eggman's lair.]

Eggman: [Mumbling as he sits on his couch. He then tries to turn on the tv with the remote but it doesn't work.] Another fine piece of Eggman technology... 
[Eggman continues to mess with the remote and eventually makes it work and the tv turns on. He flips through channels and stops on a channel with a basketball stadium shown.]
Soar the Eagle: [From the commercial.] Are you born to soar like an eagle but just cannot get off of the ground? [Slam dunks the basketball.]
Eggman: I was and I can't...
Announcer from commerical: [With Soar the Eagle swimming in the background.] You can soar like an eagle!
Eggman: I can?
Soar the Eagle: [Now in a dojo.] Were you born to soar like an eagle but obstacles just get in your way? [Karate chops a board in half.]
Eggman: I already answered that and yes!
Soar the Eagle: I'm Soar the Eagle and I can show you how to be the best "you" you can be! My amazing seminar will show you how to soar like an eagle!
[Eggman looks interested.]
Soar the Eagle: Call now to put me through your next corporate event, wedding, or sweet sixteen!
[Eggman looks with amazement.]
[Scene change: Soar the Eagle's stage.]
Soar the Eagle: Who's ready to "soar like an eagle"?
Eggman: [Sitting in a chair.] Oh! Me! I am! [Claps.]
Soar the Eagle: Well then my mustachioed friend! For the next 38 hours, I'm going to show you how to make today the best day of your life! Until tommorow comes, at which point, that will be the best day of your life!
[Eggman nods excitingly.]
Soar the Eagle: Are you going to accept faliure?!
Eggman: No!
Soar the Eagle: Are you going to let obstacles get in your way!?
Eggman: No!
Soar the Eagle: Are you going to push yourself to the limit!?
Eggman: No! Wait, I mean, yes?
Soar the Eagle: Never second-guess yourself! "No" is the correct answer! You're pushing past the limit! So, what are you gonna do?

Eggman: Soar like an eagle!

Soar the Eagle: Thank you everybody! You're all cleared for take-off! [Laughs but then in a lower tone.] Who has my check?

[Scene change: Dr. Eggman's lair.]

Eggman: [Looking at a bunch of items on the table.] What to buy? It's all so uplifting...
Soar the Eagle: It's all great! You should buy all of it! But if you really want the ultimate "Soar the Eagle experience", might in interest you in the "Stratosphere Package"? Which includes my services as your personal, live-in guru?
Eggman: It's a deal! [Holds out his hand.] Shake!
Soar the Eagle: Don't touch me.

[Scene change: Dr. Eggman's lair the next day.]

Soar the Eagle: Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? WHAT DO YOU SEE!?
Eggman: [Startled.] A-A frightened man and a scary bird?
Soar the Eagle: We got some work to do...

[Scene change: Meh Burgers.]

Soar the Eagle: It's not easy to pull off those big-time evil victories! That's why we need to get some small successes under your belt! To rebuild your confidence!
Dave: [Handing out a bag of burgers.] That'll be $7.95.
Soar the Eagle: Now!

[Eggman steals the bag of burgers.]

Dave: Hey! Get back here!

[Scene change: The town.]

[Eggman and Soar the Eagle are flying in the skies.
Soar the Eagle: No one will believe that your evil if you don't believe that your evil! Show yourself how evil you can be!
[Eggman blasts Stratford's ice cream.]
Monkey Kid: Hah hah!
[Eggman blasts the monkey kid's ice cream.]
Stratford: Hah hah!

[Scene change: The beach.]

[Team Sonic and others are viewing a large ball of twine.]
Knuckles: Wow, Amy! You weren't kidding! That's one big ball of twine!
[Eggman and Soar the Eagle are nearby with Eggman holding a large device.]
Eggman: I'm not sure this is will work...
Soar the Eagle: [In a mocking tone.] I'm not sure this will work! [Back in normal tone.] Well, if I wasn't a germaphobe, I'd slap you! Now, do as I say and show the world your greatness!
[Eggman presses the button on the device that causes a nearby mountain of rocks ot break apart in the shape of Eggman's face. This also causes some rocks start coming down and the other people run away. Sonic grabs some twine from the giant twine ball and uses it to block off the rocks.]
Amy: Eggman's been a lot more creative lately. Don't you think?
Knuckles: I try not to!

[Scene change: Dr. Eggman's lair.]

Eggman: [Dancing.] Eggman's got his groove back!
Soar the Eagle: Don't get ahead of yourself! After all, we are only on Step 6 on my patient 31 step system!
Eggman: Bringing me down bro! You're like a wall that I need to break through!
Soar the Eagle: Okay, obviously, you picked up a few things from my system. But you really have to listen to me!
Eggman: Nohoho! You listen to me! You're fired! I'll be the best "me" I can be all of my own, thank you very much!
Soar the Eagle: If you think high self-esteem, confidence, and inner-peace are things that can be achieved without outside help, you sir are sadly mistaken! [Flies off in his jetpack.]
[Later, Eggman enters his room with Orbot and Cubot reading a comic book.]
Eggman: Alright! I'm ready for take off! But, where to begin? Should I build a transforming robot or a hypnotizing robot? Or an exploding robot? Or maybe I should develop an elaborate, convoluted, multi-step plot to destroy Sonic and all?
Cubot: Those all sound good boss!
Eggman: I can't decide. I'll think about it over lunch! But, what to eat? Sandwitch? Noodles? Oatmeal? If only I'd had some guidance...
Orbot: Why don't you should ask that charming, feathered fellow? He seems to be guiding you quite nicely.
Eggman: I'd let him go. He was holding me back! Well, I'm gonna nap! Where? My bed or couch?
[Orbot and Cubot look at each other.]

[Scene change: The beach.]

[Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy are standing near what it appears to be a sand sculpture of Tails in his plane.]
Sonic: You know, we haven't seen Eggman in awhile.
Knuckles: That's a good thing, right?
Sonic: I think he's up to something. I'm gonna check up on him!
[Sonic runs off and the wind from his speed blows the sand off of Tails and the plane.]

[Scene change: Dr. Eggman's lair.]

Sonic: [Bursts through the door.] Ah hah! Caught you just as you were- [Notices that Eggman is sitting on the couch in his pajamas.] -lounging in your pajamas?
Eggman: Just leave me alone to wallow in my own filth and self-pity... [Grabs a nacho and scrapes some cheese off of his pajamas with it and then eats it.]
Sonic: Aw, dude, gross!
Orbot: I'm afraid Dr. Eggman has been acting quite particular since firing that Soar fellow.
Sonic: So, he's not planning something huge and diabolical?
Orbot: Quite the contrary! The only thing he's planning is marathoning through Season 4 of Hedgehog Abby.
[The show can be heard on Eggman's tv.]
Eggman: Oh no he didn't!
[Sonic shrugs.]

[Scene change: Sonic's shack.]

Sonic: [Relaxing on a hammock.] This is the life! No Eggman, no worries! [Laying on his belly.] Ugh... I'm so bored! [Runs off.]

[Scene change: Tails' Workshop.]

Sonic: Hey Tails! Need any help?
Tails: [Reading over a paper.] Not really. Just cleaning some sand out of the gaskets.
Sonic: Oh. So, you wanna race?
Tails: Sorry Sonic. I'm kinda busy here.
Sonic: Aw, come on! I'll race you to the end of the island! Ready? Go! [Runs off and blows off Tails' papers around.]
Tails: Hey! My papers!
Sonic: [Races back.] I win! Woah! Way to make a mess while I was gone.
[Tails looks at Sonic angrily.]

[Scene change: Knuckles' place.]

Knuckles: [Trying to hang a birdhouse on a tree.] Steady... Steady....
Sonic: HEY KNUX!?
[A startled Knuckles drops his birdhouse which breaks upon landing. Knuckles looks disappointed.]
Sonic: I wonder what Amy's doing? [Runs off.]

[Scene change: Amy's House.]

Sonic: Whatcha painting?
Amy: A picture to commemorate the anniversary of the first time I painted a picture!
Sonic: [Hears a noise.] Eggman! [Runs off toward the sound not knowing he knocked over Amy's paint but then realizes the noise was just a tree branch] Oh... I was just a tree branch...
Amy: Sonic! Please be careful! This is 100% organic, fair-trade paint! It's very expensive and very green!
Sonic: [Looks at the painting.] It looks like pink to me! [Hears another noise.] What was that!? [Runs to a window.] I bet that's Eggman! He's out there, watching, lurking! [Runs to another window.] Watching some more! [Runs to another window.] Then lurking! [Runs to another window.] Then breaking for lunch! [Runs to another window.] Then lurking more!
[Sonic runs into Amy which causes her and her painting to fall over. Amy looks at Sonic angrily as Sonic still tries to look for Eggman.]

[Scene change: Sticks' Burrow.]

Tails: Ever since Eggman got depressed, Sonic has been making me nuts!
Knuckles: He hasn't cooked for me! He just been driving me crazy!
Amy: If we want to get Sonic out of our hair, we need Eggman back in the game! I never thought I would say this, but we need to re-motivate Eggman!

[Scene change: Dr. Eggman's lair.]

[Eggman is lying on his couch as Team Sonic (minus Sonic) break in.]
Eggman: Door bell works too you know...
Amy: We're here to take to you down!
Eggman: Move over! You're blocking the tv...
Knuckles: [Knocks over a trash can.] Next time, it will be full!

[Scene change: Sticks' Burrow.]

Sonic: [Holding board games.] Anyone home? [Runs inside.] I brought board games! [Gets a call from Tails.]
Tails: [From Communicator.] Sonic! Big battle happening at Eggman's lair! You gotta hurry!
Sonic: I'm on it! [Runs off.]

[Scene change: Dr. Eggman's lair.]

[Tails and Sticks are seen trying to make noise.]
Eggman: Can you keep it down? I'm trying to watch my stories.
Tails: [Pretending.] Arrgh! Eggman's doing this to us! [He and Sticks fall to the ground.]
Knuckles: [Pretending.] You gotta fight him Sonic! Urgh!
Amy: [Pretending.] Stop Eggman before he destroys us!
Sonic: He's not doing anything...
[Eggman tries to shush them.]
Sonic: Are you pretending that he's attacking you?
Eggman: Amy, cut it out!
Amy: Okay everyone, enough. We were trying to motivate Eggman so you will have someone to battle.
Eggman: What a dumb idea!
Sonic: Hey! Lay off her Egghead! [Moves closer to Eggman.]
Eggman: Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?
Sonic: Give you a stern look and say "Yeah, really"!
Eggman: Oh really?
Sonic: Yeah really!
Eggman: [Stands up.] Robots, ATTACK!!!
[Eggman summons a Bee Bot, Crab Bot and Motobug to battle Sonic and Sonic easily takes care of them. Eggman growls as the other members of Team Sonic look on excitingly.]