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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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I have no time for the prattle of the masses. As for Karen, give me a week, and I'll control everything in this place. Then she will surely bow to my power.

— Agent Stone, Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-Quill

Agent Stone is the secondary antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog film series produced by Paramount Pictures and its spin-offs. He is a human and Dr. Robotnik's assistant.

When Sonic the Hedgehog revealed himself on Earth, Stone assisted Robotnik on his quest to capture the alien hedgehog. After Robotnik got banished from Earth, Stone began following Robotnik's manifesto in order to elevate himself above the common man using science, eventually becoming the owner of the Mean Bean Coffee Café in Green Hills.[1]

After Robotnik returned to Earth with Knuckles the Echidna, Stone returned to work for him on his quest to find the Master Emerald and be recognized throughout the galaxy. After Robotnik got the Master Emerald, he and Stone used the Giant Eggman Robot to attack Green Hills until Sonic defeated them, though Stone managed to survive their defeat and elude capture by G.U.N.

Concept and creation

In early drafts for the Sonic the Hedgehog film, Agent Stone had less overall involvement in the movie. However, Jim Carrey wanted someone to talk to in certain Robotnik-only scenes, and as such, would suggest adding Stone into several of them, which writers Josh Miller and Patrick Casey accepted.[2]


Stone is an average-sized human with short-cut black hair, brown eyes, light brown skin, and a thin beard. For attire, he is usually seen wearing a black jacket, navy shirt, a black tie, black pants, and black shoes.


Film series

Sonic the Hedgehog

Following a blackout across the Pacific Northwest that was caused by a massive electromagnetic pulse, Agent Stone accompanied Dr. Robotnik when the latter was sent to investigate the cause of this phenomenon. Arriving in Green Hills, Montana, Stone would "translate" Robotnik's condescending words to Major Bennington for the latter when the doctor asserted dominance over Bennington's operation and began his investigation. Joining Robotnik in his mobile lab afterwards, Stone saw that Robotnik had found a strange footprint and had determined from it that the cause of the blackout was "something else entirely."

Stone questioning a Roadhouse Thug, from Sonic the Hedgehog (film).

Following the trail to the Wachowski house, Stone rushed in there to check up on Robotnik when he got knocked down by Tom Wachowski, who escaped with an extraterrestrial named Sonic, who had extraordinary powers. However, he got reprimanded by Robotnik for not stopping Tom and Sonic as they fled. Before returning to Robotnik's mobile lab however, Stone took one of Sonic's quills with him upon Robotnik's order. Soon after, Stone joined Robotnik and their operatives during their occupation of the Green Hills Sheriff's Department where they monitored Tom's conversation with Wade Whipple. After that, Stone traveled with Robotnik to the Piston Pit, where he assisted Robotnik in interrogating a Roadhouse Thug about the whereabouts of Sonic and Tom. An amazed Stone then saw Robotnik pinpoint the duo's exact location before sending his Badniks after them. After the Badniks were destroyed, Stone made a remark that prompted Robotnik to vent his frustrations on him. However, Robotnik then noticed that the quill Stone was holding was pulsating with energy, prompting the doctor to analyze it. As Robotnik later jammed to music while analyzing Sonic's quill, Stone brought him a latte, accidentally sneaking up on him and scaring Robotnik, who complimented Stone aggressively. As the quill was determined to have limitless energy, Stone was ordered by Robotnik to prepare the Eggpod for deployment.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Stone celebrates the return of Robotnik, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film).

Having acquired the Mean Bean Coffee Café in Green Hills for himself, Stone would spend an evening working in the café while missing Dr. Robotnik and wondering where he was. Suddenly though, Stone received a call from the doctor, prompting him to close the café early and use his technology in the establishment to send a pod from a satellite containing a change of clothes, new equipment, and Badniks to Robotnik's location, before joyously proclaiming Robotnik's return. As he awaited Robotnik's return, Stone would prepare the doctor's favorite latte. When he finally showed up, Stone was a little surprised by Robotnik's new look, but was nonetheless happy to have him back. After presenting him with his latte (which Robotnik thought could use some mushroom), Stone met Robotnik's new accomplish, Knuckles the Echidna, whom he mistook for a "space porcupine." Regardless, Stone welcomed him to the team with a handshake that crushed his hand after hearing Knuckles' drive. Then, on Robotnik's behest, Stone transformed the Mean Bean Coffee Café into their base of operation using the technology he had installed there.

As they intercepted a text message between Sonic the Hedgehog and Tom Wachowski, Stone took notice of Knuckles' inability to understand technology, which prompted him to quietly ask Robotnik why they were working with an "imbecile" like him. Robotnik proceeded to reveal his intention to use Knuckles to find the Master Emerald, an object of ultimate power that would not only let Robotnik make use of his wildest designs, but also harness unimaginable forces and have his genius recognized across the galaxy, something which amazed Stone. After pinpointing Sonic in Siberia, Stone would stay behind in the café while Robotnik and Knuckles went after Sonic. Keeping the Mean Bean Coffee Café closed the next day, Stone would use his free time reviewing new clothes designs for Robotnik until he was interrupted by the Green Hills' stand-in sheriff, Wade Whipple, when he barged into the café.

With Stone tied to a chair, Wade tried questioning him, but Stone remained unimpressed by Wade's good cop/bad cop routine. Eventually though, Robotnik teleported into the café, now imbued with the Master Emerald's power. Though Stone worried if Robotnik was feeling okay, he was nonetheless freed by Robotnik, who had Wade get himself tied up. Stone then regretfully revealed to Robotnik that G.U.N. had gathered outside the café and were waiting for them. Robotnik assured him though that he had a solution to that. Heading outside, Robotnik used his powers to construct the Giant Eggman Robot. Joining Robotnik outside, Stone begged him to take him with him. In response, Robotnik dragged Stone into the Giant Eggman Robot and inserted him into the machine as his co-pilot. There, Stone was amazed by Robotnik's genius and new powers. When Sonic and Tails showed up in the Tornado, Robotnik ordered Stone to fire missile at them. However, Stone had yet to figure out how to operate the Giant Robotnik Robot, so Robotnik did it for him, inadvertently electrocuting him in the process. After reading the robot's instruction manual however, Stone was able to crush the Tornado's wings with the Giant Eggman Robot's 'Stache Smasher feature. Moments later, though, Stone got knocked out when Sonic rattled the Giant Eggman Robot by redirecting one of its missile back into it.

After Super Sonic destroyed the Giant Eggman Robot, Stone managed to survive its collapse. When G.U.N. then came to investigate the wreckage, Stone managed to disguised himself as one of the G.U.N. soldiers, evading capture.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-Quill

With Dr. Robotnik gone, Stone turned to the doctor's contingency plan for Stone on how to survive on his own without him. To do that however, he needed both Robotnik's technology and his philosophy, and for that he needed a Robotnik Control Glove and Robotnik's manifesto, both of which were locked away in the vault of the first bank of Walla Walla in Walla Walla, Washington.[1][3] To obtain both objects, he hired Lindsey, Jason and their gang to rob the bank, whom he promised a handsome pay for the job.[1]

Stone working his way in the hierarchy of Karen's Coffee, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-Quill.

While the gang robbed the bank, Stone was given an update by Lindsey, who mentioned having subdued a giant blue chipmunk. Recognizing that description, Stone told Lindsey that he would pay extra for the creature's deliverance to him him in one piece. As Lindsey agreed to the deal on her terms, Stone put his extraction plan into work: having some aerial Badniks extract the vault under the guidance of Lindsey's gang. However, when Lindsey tried taking the Robotnik Control Glove for herself, Stone had a Badnik restrain her and take the glove from Lindsey, whom it dropped midway into midair.[3] With the Robotnik Control Glove and the attached USB drive containing Robotnik's manifesto in hand, Stone went to work following Robotnik's foolproof methodology in order to become a super genius and rebuild his glory. To begin with, Stone had to blend in with the Green Hills community so he could take it over from within. To this end, Stone got a job as a barista at Karen's Coffee in town. There, Stone immediately received crummy treatment from his new boss, Karen, who spit his latte specialty in his face in disgust, and his superiors who showed suspicion of him. Remembering that Robotnik had warned him about all sorts of people such as suckers, scammers, and people without ambition, Stone told one of his coworkers that he would be controlling everything and everyone in the shop in a week. On his first day, which was a Saturday, Stone's coworker Tina asked him to cover for her this weekend, as she had family matter to attend, to which Stone agreed. Though Tina lied to him and actually went to the beach on Sunday, Stone took care of her by sending crab-based Badniks out to destroy her car. With Tina now AWOL, Stone was given Tina's job on Monday by Karen. The assistant manager told Stone that he was onto him, but Stone dismissed his threats. Then, on Tuesday, Stone had aerial Badniks kidnap the assistant manager. As such, during the following Wednesday, Stone was given more responsibilities in order to cover for her missing employees. Afterward, Stone decided to keep the only coworker around who had not crossed him around as an ally, but only for benefits. Then, on Thursday, Stone made his final move by getting Karen accused of money laundering and provided an anonymous tip to the authorities that sealed her case and got her thrown in jail. When Friday then came around, Stone called Karen and assured her not to worry as her shop was going to be in much better hands.[1]

Now in charge of the coffee shop, Stone had a meeting with his last employee on Saturday and told him that they would be preparing to set up some new equipment and rename the shop. With that, Stone was ready to move into phase two of Robotnik's manifesto.[1]


Agent Stone is a very calm and level-headed man, which contrasts greatly with his eccentric boss. He is likewise very formal and notably professional in behavior and speech. He is also a quite polite and advocate person, often showing admiration and giving praise to those that amaze him. Stone has also proven himself to be extraordinarily tolerant, namely by enduring Robotnik's physical and emotional abuse and verbal berating of him without showing any more than a rare and quiet exasperated sigh. He is also very obedient, always carrying out the orders of Robotnik no matter how he has been treated.

Despite his largely neutral demeanor, Stone is very much an ambitious and amoral man, much like Dr. Robotnik himself. Noted to be practically a genius in comparison to the rest of the human race that Robotnik frowns down upon, Stone shares much of Robotnik's worldview and thus sees everyone, except for Robotnik, as basic beings that he does not seek relationships with, and works towards building himself into an instrument of pure science while giving himself no time to please the prattle of the masses. Stone also looks down on those he sees as unintelligent, such as insulting Knuckles behind his back due to his lack of understanding of Earth's customs. However, Stone can also be friendly and polite to his allies, as shown when he offered Knuckles a handshake and welcomed him to his team when Robotnik told Stone he was their new ally. With the tools and philosophy of Robotnik's, Stone has as well proven himself highly intelligent, manipulative, careful, and patient, namely by steadily and subtly advancing himself into control of a small establishment within a week using underhanded and immoral methods. He is also quite vindictive, although not open about it, and plots revenge against anyone who he deems to have wronged him, whom he will taunt with calm superiority as a display of his intellectual power once he has defeated them. To him, all the relationships he makes are only an alliance intended to bring him benefits.[1]

Powers and abilities

While noted to be a dullard in comparison to Dr. Robotnik, Stone is still recognized by Robotnik as a genius in comparison to the rest of the human race. Possessing a keen intellect, Stone knows how to use Robotnik's worldviews and contingency plans as his own and is highly manipulative. His intellectual prowess has proven great enough for him to rise up through the ranks of a coffee shop and ultimately take control of it by using only subtle notches, getting rid of inconvenient coworkers, and ultimately framing his boss for money laundering within seven days.[1] He has even been able to infiltrate groups as secure as G.U.N.. In addition, he can flawlessly utilize Robotnik's advanced technology.

As attested by Robotnik, Stone can make excellent lattes.


Dr. Robotnik

Stone and Dr. Robotnik, from Sonic the Hedgehog (film).

Sir... You're amazing!

— Agent Stone, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)

Stone is the assistant of Dr. Robotnik. He is used to Robotnik's antics and understands him better than most other people, although his claims can nonetheless make him question Robotnik's sanity. He is very subservient to Robotnik, taking his physical and emotional abuse and doing humiliating things for him without question. He also seems to genuinely care about or admire Robotnik as well, like thoughtfully bringing him a latte while he worked and admiring his work to name a few examples, even after being threatened with violence and being told by the doctor himself that he would never miss him.

After being separated from Robotnik for eight months, Stone grew depressed and missed him. When Robotnik sent a message to Stone after escaping the Mushroom Planet, he was overjoyed to hear from him.


Stone's boss at Karen's Coffee, Karen, did not sit well with him. Not only did she show him no respect when she hired him as a barista in her shop, but she insulted and humiliated him further by spitting his trademark latte in his face in disgust. While Stone did not show it externally, he took her treatment very personally, which prompted him to promise to make her bow to his power. Over the following week, Stone worked towards ensuring Karen's downfall by using her to gain a higher standing in her shop, before disposing of her by unscrupulously framing her for money laundering. Then, to add insult to injury, Stone called her while she was in jail to tell her that he had taken over her coffee shop.[1]

Knuckles the Echidna

Doctor, why are we working with this imbecile?

— Agent Stone, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)

Stone first met Knuckles when Dr. Robotnik returned from the Mushroom Planet came to the Mean Bean Coffee Café with him. He first called the echidna a "space porcupine", infuriating Knuckles. Though Stone shared Knuckles' drive, he grew to regret shaking his hand afterward as the echidna crushed it. As they were looking at intercepted text messages between Tom and Sonic, Stone would silently look down upon Knuckles, whom he would call an "imbecile" after witnessing his limited understanding of technology.





"I just thought you might like a latte with steamed Austrian goat milk."
—Stone, Sonic the Hedgehog (film)
"He's back!"
—Stone, expressing his delight, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)