The Aerial Piledriver (エアリアルパイルドライバー Eariarupairudoraibā?) is one of the Aerial Attack Skills used by Sonic the Werehog in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. When using this move, Sonic grabs an enemy in mid-air and directs it into the ground.


When performing this move, Sonic jumps high into the air and grabs a mid-air opponent with both his legs and arms while turning the opponent upside down. While holding onto the opponent, Sonic then spins the opponent around itself while diving down in a piledriver-like fashion, where he slams the opponent's head directly into the ground.

The Aerial Piledriver is available from the start of the game. To perform the Aerial Piledriver in gameplay, the player must press XboxB.png/PSObutton.png while Sonic is sent into the air with a medium-sized enemy, such as an Egg Fighter or a Nightmare, by one of his other Skills, such as the Sho-Hog-Ken or Sho-Claw-Ken. In gameplay, the last part of the Aerial Piledriver will temporarily stun those enemies close to the impact, leaving them open to more effective attacks.


  • Aerial Piledriver looks similar to Zangief's signature move Spinning Piledriver from Street Fighter.

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