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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog 's pilot episode.

Note: There is no music or sound effects in the pilot and some scenes have lip movement but no lines spoken. Lines where the character talking is unnamed or it is unknown which character is speaking are highlighted in red.

[The episode begins with a establishing shot of the planet Mobius from space with it slowly zooming in. A narrator introduces the plot.]

Narrator: The crazed tyrant Doctor Robotnik is out to conquer the planet Mobius! All that stands in his way is the fastest freedom fighter who ever lived, Sonic the Hedgehog!

[Sonic is shown running across a desert and stops when he sees a wanted poster of him for five thousand dollars]

Sonic: Five Grand!? What a tightwad! [adds so many zeroes it runs off the poster] It will take more zeroes to catch these heroes, ayy Tails?

[Tails is standing next to Sonic. They both turn and looked shocked as the camera zooms into a big tent. Dr. Robotnik is inside the tent with Scratch and Grounder on a stage with a crowd of badniks bellow them. Robotnik speaks to the crowd with an image of Sonic behind him.]

Dr. Robotnik: That's right! The first one who captures that sneaky pest [points at the image of Sonic], can name his own reward! [The crowd cheers] I want that hedgehog!

[The camera cuts to Sonic running into the tent]

Sonic: Did someone say hedgehog? [Jumps onto Robotnik and ties up his mustache] Gotta race ace. [Runs off]
Dr. Robotnik: Get him!

[The badniks run out to capture Sonic. The camera shows Sonic running through a Shuttle loop in Emerald Hill Zone. Sonic comes to a stop when he encounters a robotic bull.]

Sonic: [pulls out a red cape] I don't take no bull (not even from a bull)!

[The bull charges at Sonic who speeds away just as it collides with the group of badniks chasing him. Scratch and Grounder peer their heads out of the pile of rubble.]

Narrator: Frustrated by the failure of his troops, Robotnik decides to take matters into his own hands. [Camera cuts to Sonic running along a highway] Sonic Continues to elude Doctor Robotnik.
Dr. Robotnik: Don't!

[Robotnik comes out behind a tree with a cannon. He loads it with a cactus and fires it at Sonic. The cactus is too slow to catch Sonic; he teases Robotnik as the cactus flies behind him and takes a needle to clean his teeth. The cactus becomes to tired to catch Sonic and goes back in the cannon. Robotnik has a tantrum, shakes his buttocks, and the cannon explodes to his displeasure.]

[The camera cuts to Robotnik getting the cactus needles removed from him by one of his machines]

Narrator: Meanwhile, the valiant hedgehog travels across Mobius using his speed and daring to help the inhabitant mount the resistance against the evil Doctor Robotnik.

[Sonic runs through a desert and a town with the Mobians waving at him. He stops at a poster of Robotnik that says ROBOTNIK WANTS YOU. He rips his mustache off and draws bad teeth and a bad haircut on Robotnik. The poster frowns.]

Narrator: The heinous villain will go to any lengths to stop his nemesis.

[Robotnik is at a gate in the road where he is testing a new trap to smash Sonic. After testing it, he sees Sonic running down the road. He presses the button when Sonic is right under the gate. When he lifts up the smasher, he finds Sonic not under it. During his befuddlement, Sonic comes out of a manhole and presses the button, smashing Robotnik. He throws the button away and runs off. A flattened Robotnik floats down onto the button, making the trap smash him again.]

[The camera cuts to Scratch and Grounder trying to un-flatten Robotnik with an air pump. A machine behind them starts to drain a village's reservoir]

Scratch or Grounder: What a great plan Doctor Robotnik, stealing the village's water supply!

[The camera shows the machine draining the reservoir with Sonic, Tails and the village citizens watching.]

Mayor: We need your help Sonic!
Sonic: Watch this!

[Sonic jumps into the reservoir and swims towards the bottom with Chomps', Machers, and an Octus following him. Sonic goes through some seaweed, where the badniks get stuck. Sonic then finds the drainage pipe and spins into it. He jumps out of the pump with Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder watching. He then does his Super Sonic Spin Attack to spin Robotnik like a top. Sonic then goes to the pump and reverses the flow, refilling the reservoir. When the water is gone, the suction pulls Robotnik into the pump, where he gets stuck. Sonic stops to watch.]

Sonic: I'd hate to pump and run, but I got some rays to catch.
Robotnik: [grunts] I hate that hedgehog.

[The camera cuts to Sonic and Tails relaxing at the beach. Something from underground starts to approach them. A scope pops out of the ground and looks at Sonic without him noticing. The camera moves down to reveal it's Robotnik in what looks like the Egg-O-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer. Robotnik appears to say something. The scope goes back underground and the starts to shake. A hole opens under Sonic and he falls in. Tails looks down the hole to see Sonic in the arms of Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic.]

[Robotnik and Sonic have an exchange of words. During their conversation, Tails sneaks behind Robotnik and flips a switch on the Egg-O-Matic, sending them drilling forward. Eventually, they drill out the side of a hill. Tails picks up Sonic as Robotnik falls in a very comical way. Robotnik gets stuck in the ground with the Egg-O-Matic. Sonic comes over and spins on his head, makes a pie to the face stand and pies Robotnik. After Sonic runs off, Robotnik says something with an angry expression.]

[The camera cuts to the throne room of King Leo and his minions with Sonic and Tails consulting him]

Sonic: Keep your crown on, King Leo. Robotnik can't touch my ear-flinging, trail-blazing, smoke-spinning, mind-tripping, one-of-a-kind, butt kicking, warp sonic speed! I'll help you and your gorilla fighters swing into action and-

[Sonic is cut off and everyone looks at Robotnik destroying the forest with one of his machines with Coconuts at his side]

Robotnik: A perfect site, for my new airbase! [laughs]
Sonic: Oh yeah? Check out my Super Sonic Spin. [does a spin attack that tears off the arms of the machine]
Robotnik: [with his head sticking out of the trees] Coconuts! Get me out of here.

[Coconuts pulls Robotnik out by his mustache and flings him out of the trees and into his Egg-O-Matic. Robotnik gets himself upright and flies off.]

[The camera cuts Sonic running through a forest with Robotnik catching up to him in his Egg-O-Matic with a ball and chain attached. Robotnik swings as Sonic but Sonic catches the ball and hands it to Robotnik. Sonic uses scotch tape to wrap up the Egg-O-Matic and puts a piece of tape over Robotnik's eyes. Robotnik takes the tape off to see the Egg-O-Matic is headed straight into a cliff face. Sonic jumps out of the way just in time, lands on top of the cliff and covers his ears as Robotnik crashes.]

[The camera cuts to the cliff face with Robotnik hanging by his shirt on a stick. A vulture lands on his head and leaves a nest with two eggs in it. The eggs hatch and the two chicks bite Robotnick's nose. Robotnik shoos the chicks away and falls down. The ending card pans onto the screen with Sonic in front of the "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" logo.]

Sonic: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, it's fast and furious. I'm fast [pulls up Robotnik in a medical bed] and he's furious. [pushes Robotnik away with a thud] Gotta juice! Betcha can't catch me, [speeds off and the logo of the show is created from his smoke] at least not until the fall of 93'!

[The screen starts to circle fade and Sonic posses in the circle with is classic finger-wag pose.]

[The camera cuts to a roadway in the forest with Sonic walking towards it. Sonic stops and looks both ways with the camera panning in each direction he looks. Once he see there is no one coming, he runs across.]

Tails: Hey Sonic wait for me! [starts to cross the road]

[A truck speeds towards Tails]

Tails: Gahhhh! [is pulled away from the truck by Sonic] I know, I know, don't tell me.
Sonic: [drops Tails] So how about you tell me?
Tails: Never cross the street without looking both ways first.
Sonic: You got it pall! [shakes Tails' hand]

[The camera cuts to Sonic with the "Sonic Says" logo around him]

Sonic: And that goes for the rest of you out there. I don't want any of my pals ending up as road pizza! [strikes a finger-wag pose]

[The camera cuts to black]