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Adrianna is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). She is an archaeologist and a historian with a passion for studying ancient civilizations. Currently, she is researching the ruins of Soleanna for hints about the Scepter of Darkness, an old treasure created during the Solaris Project that was designed to seal Mephiles the Dark. She feels confident that the Scepter is located in Castle Town, but has not found any evidence other than a number of old texts.


Adrianna thanking Shadow and introducing herself.

In Shadow's story, Adrianna gives Shadow his fourteenth Town Mission. Her attempts to research Soleanna's ruins for the Scepter of Darkness have seemingly disturbed Solaris, as she has provoked a group of Iblis creatures into attacking her; they are presumably trying to prevent her from harming Mephiles. Shadow's task is to save Adrianna from the monsters by defeating them all before they kill her.

During her research, Adrianna came across some archaic texts that describe a prophecy about the breaking of the Scepter of Darkness and the re-emergence of Mephiles. The texts read as follows: "When black flame lights the Candle of Darkness and priest's prayers are answered, the dark seal will be no more, and so shall emerge the power." These words have Adrianna completely stumped, as she is unable to decipher the meaning behind the "candle of darkness", the "priest's prayers" and the "black flame".

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