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An Act of Chivalry in progress.

Acts of Chivalry[1] is a type of gameplay mechanic that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. When performing an act of chivalry, the player trades a number of Rings for an collectable item with the townspeople, given the player completes a quick time interaction.


Acts of Chivalry can performed during specific Missions in Sonic and the Black Knight. Here, the player can interact with certain townspeople to initiate an Act of Chivalry. An on-screen prompt, which is a yellow rectangular box containing a speech bubble, will appear over such townspeople. If it is possible to perform an Act of Chivalry with that member of the townspeople at the time, the prompt will look normal. If it is not possible, a red "X" will appear over the prompt.

To perform an Act of Chivalry, the player must have at least twenty Rings and then press Wii-Button-Z.png near the member of the townspeople. This will trigger a quick time interaction where the player must press a series of the corresponding buttons on the screen before the time (which is displayed by a green gauge) runs out. If successful, the player's twenty Rings will be traded for an item. If not successful, the player will not lose Rings, but will not obtain an item either. Also, attacking the member of the townspeople that can be interacted with for an Act of Chivalry will prevent interaction with that member for the duration of the Mission.

If the player is currently using Knight Style and has obtained the Skill "Crest of the King", they can bypass the quick time interaction and instantly interact with the townspeople by touching them.



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