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The Act Ring[1][2] (アクトリング[3] Akutoringu?) is a gimmick that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a type of Giant Rings which can take the player into Acts.


Act Rings are slightly smaller than Giant Rings. They float in midair and have a black center with a number from one to three inside them.


In Sonic Advance 3, three Acts Rings can be found inside each Zone Map in the game. In gameplay, the playable characters can make use of the Act Rings by simply touching them. Upon doing that, they will disappear briefly, and the player will begin the Act of that Zone that corresponds to the number in the Act Ring. The player can make use of the Act Rings at any time. Also, upon completing an Act, a small golden crown will appear above its corresponding Act Ring.


In Chaos Angel's Zone Map is a unique Act Ring. This Act Ring is designed like a metallic gray ring segmented into four equally-sized segments with a red hologram of the Eggman Empire decal in its center. When used, this Act Ring will takes the player to Altar Emerald.


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