The Accordion Player is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He works as a street musician in Castle Town, entertaining the citizens with various pieces of accordion music. He appears in the Sonic and Silver Episodes, albeit in different places.


Like most other citizens of Soleanna, the accordion player has been deeply worried about Elise ever since she was kidnapped by Dr. Eggman. When spoken to, he goes into a performance of a song he wrote called "Beautiful Elise". This is a graceful ballad with very simple but charming lyrics:

Oh, beautiful Princess Elise
Princess Elise, Princess Elise
Oh, beautiful Princess Elise
Beautiful beautiful Princess Elise
All of my love and all of my dreams are only for you
Oh, beautiful Princess Elise
Beautiful beautiful Princess Elise

After the song is finished, the accordion player claims that he is planning to write a celebratory song which he will play when Elise makes her return to Soleanna.

Later in the game, in Silver Episode, the accordion player can be seen performing for a small crowd of people. He tells Silver that he will write a song about his adventures once the crisis is over.


  • The accordion player can often be heard playing an accordion version of "My Destiny", the theme song of Elise. In the game's sound test, this is referred to as the "Accordion Song".

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