The Accelerator[1] (ワープシステム[2] Wāpushi Sutemu?, lit. "Warp System") is a gimmick that appears in Sonic R. It is a high-tech wonder machine that can propel the user forward at unbelievable speeds by giving up an amount of Rings.


The Accelerators are machines composed of two parts. Set on the ground, the Accelerators have a square gray plate with a lighter gray circle in the middle, darker gray arrows in the center and yellow and black hazard stripes on the sides. Hovering above this plate, the Accelerators have a block in the shape of a isosceles trapezoid with yellow and black hazard stripes on the upper parts, three blue round lights on the front, and a sign above which has "GO!" written on it in green letters.


Accelerator Dash Sonic R v2

Sonic send running by the Accelerator.

One Accelerator can be found on the tracks of each race course in Sonic R. When the player runs over the panel of the Accelerator, the playable character will be pushed forward, automatically moving down the track at speeds far greater than their maximum. When doing that, the playable character leaves a rainbow-colored trail. Using the Accelerator, however, means that the player will lose up to fifty Rings (holding any less means the player will lose all their Rings). The more Rings the player is holding, the further the distance the Accelerator will send the playable character.

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