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Sonic X
A Wild Win (transcript)

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This is the transcript for the Sonic X episode, "A Wild Win".

[The episode starts off with a recap of "Prize Fights".]
Narrator: Last time on Sonic X, to capture Dr. Eggman, the president created a combat contest with a gem of a prize, a Chaos Emerald. As the fatling began the commander-in-chief got clobbered by a knight and other competitors duped it out in a series of kooky clashes. The odds-on favorite was Sonic 'til he found out he had to face off against Amy, but the uncomfortable confrontation was avoided. But Eggman butted into the battle. Now it's down to the final eight fighters. Who'll prevail and pick up the emerald? Find out next on Sonic X.
[The Sonic X opening theme "Gotta Go Fast" or "Sonic X" plays.]

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