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Sonic X
A Wild Win (transcript)

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This is the transcript for the Sonic X episode, "A Wild Win".

[The episode starts off with a recap of "Prize Fights".]
Narrator: Last time on Sonic X, to capture Dr. Eggman, the president created a combat contest with a gem of a prize, a Chaos Emerald. As the fatling began the commander-in-chief got clobbered by a knight and other competitors duped it out in a series of kooky clashes. The odds-on favorite was Sonic 'til he found out he had to face off against Amy, but the uncomfortable confrontation was avoided. But Eggman butted into the battle. Now it's down to the final eight fighters. Who'll prevail and pick up the emerald? Find out next on Sonic X.
[The Sonic X opening theme "Gotta Go Fast" or "Sonic X" plays.]

[Scene: The tournament building]

[Knuckles and Chris are now in the ring.]
Knuckles: Keep away from me!
[Chris roars as he charges at Knuckles who leaps out of the way.]
Knuckles: Please, Chris! I don't wanna fight you!
[Scarlet now sits in the announcer's booth, with Tails by her side.]
Scarlet: I don't understand, Tails. Why is Knuckles running away?
Tails: Knuckles probably doesn't want to fight 'cause he's afraid that Chris is gonna get hurt.
[Chris continues lunging repeatedly at Knuckles, who continues dodging.]
Chris: Let's go, Knuckles!
Knuckles: No!
Crowd: (Why won't Knuckles fight?)
Chris: Quit running away!
Knuckles: I won't! Cut it out!
Chris: Come on and fight me!
Knuckles: I'm not gonna fight you!
Chris: Hey!
Scarlet: That Chris Thorndyke certainly is brave.
Tails: Especially when the other guy's running away.
[Chris finally pauses.]
Chris: Why don't you just forfeit so I can win?
Knuckles: Okay... but look who's in the next round!
[Chris looks at the tournament bracket.]
Chris: [Worried] I'd have to fight Amy or Rouge?! [To himself] Rouge would do anything to win that Chaos Emerald, and if Amy gets mad enough, she'll knock me out of the stadium! There's no way to win!
[Chris gulps, then suddenly feigns injury.]
Chris: My appendix! Get me a doctor!
[Elmer raises Knuckles' hand in victory.]
Elmer: Knuckles moves on!
[Chris and Chuck are standing together outside the ring.]
Chuck: I think you made a very wise move, Chris.
Chris: [Nods] Yeah.
Nelson: I see you have your mom's acting talent.
[Chris rubs behind his head. E-77 Lucky and Mr. Stewart are next in the ring. Scarlet approaches Mr. Stewart with a microphone.]
Scarlet: Mr. Stewart, how would you rate your opponent?... Ah! Franklin! What are you doing here?
[Mr. Stewart freaks out.]
Mr. Stewart: I just look like me!
[He runs out of the ring and past a security guard.]
Mr. Stewart: Ooh, my cover's been blown!
[Elmer lifts Lucky into the air by its arm in victory. Mr. Tanaka walks into the ring to face Emerl. He is wearing cultural clothing and is carrying a long wooden stick.]
Mr. Tanaka: Brake yourself, my little friend! I am going to stick it to you!
[He leaps into the air with his wooden sword, and attempts to slam it upon Emerl, but the robot copies his skill and catches the other end of the stick.]
Mr. Tanaka: Oh no...
[Emerl wrenches the sword out of Tanaka's grasp and leaps into the air.]
Mr. Tanaka: I think I'm on the wrong end of that stick...
[The wooden sword stops right above Tanaka's cowering head.]
Mr. Tanaka: I give up.
Cream: Yay Emerl!
Cheese: Chao, chao!
[Amy picks up her hammer.]
Amy: Let's go!
[She leaps into the air.]
Rouge: This oughta be interesting.
[She also leaps into the air. Amy slams her hammer right in front of Rouge, but the bat dodges and delivers a kick to Amy, which is dodged. Chuck blinks in surprise.]
Chris: I'd really be going to the hospital if I'd messed with one of them.
[Rouge and Amy go head to head again, and Amy's hammer is thrown from her grasp. It lands in front of Chris and Chuck. Amy is left panting.]
Rouge: [Smugly] This just proves a hammer's no match for a bat.
[Amy vents her extreme frustration as Rouge leaves.]
Scarlet: We're down to the final four now. Emerl versus Lucky, and Knuckles against Rouge.

[Scene Change: The mountains]

[Bocoe and Decoe are running from a group of tanks.]
Decoe: I need a break!
Bocoe: Do not stop! They are gaining on us!
[Eggman joins them, followed by Sonic.]
Sonic: You won't get away!
Dr. Eggman: If you want to keep up with me, you'd better take flying lessons!

[Scene Change: The tournament building]

Scarlet: The semifinals begin with a showdown between robotic rivals.
[Emerl does nothing as Lucky prances in front of him, waves, and then falls over.]
Scarlet: Uh-oh! It looks like Lucky's grandstanding has used up his power supply.
Elmer: Emerl is the winner!
Cream: That means Emerl's made it to the final round!
[She and Cheese cheer. Knuckles and Rouge stare each other down for a while.]
Rouge: [To herself] Knuckles is a heavy hitter. When it comes to brainpower, he's a real lightweight. I'll have to figure out some way to outsmart him. That's the only way of getting my hands on that gorgeous Emerald. ... I've got it! [Aloud] Hey, Knuckles. Maybe you and I oughta settle this little thing in private.
Knuckles: In private?
Rouge: [Nods] Just you and me.
[The spectators look on in confusion as a black tent is set up in the middle of the arena. Knuckles and Rouge are inside.]
Knuckles: I can't see a thing in here! Rouge, how am I supposed to fight?
Rouge: Like this!
[She kicks and strikes Knuckles repeatedly.]
Scarlet: We don't have any way of knowing who's winning the match right now, but it sounds like Knuckles and Rouge are in a slug fest. Who do you think is winning, Tails?
Tails: Bats have sonar ability to sense things in the dark, so I'm pretty sure that Rouge has the edge here.
Rouge: Haha! Sweet dreams, Knuckles!
[There is silence. Who would leave the tent first? The answer is revealed as Rouge exits the tent. She is bruised, but victorious.]
Rouge: Things get intense in tents, but I'm still standin'.
[She leaves.]
Scarlet: Rouge the Bat is on her way to the finals!
[Rouge collapses on the ground.]
Tails: Huh? Hey, wait!
[The tent is listed into the air, revealing Knuckles is still standing.]
Knuckles: I guess I stood up to her.
Scarlet: Knuckles is moving on to the final round!
[The audience applauds.]

[Scene Change: The mountains]

[Sonic continues his pursuit of Eggman.]
Dr. Eggman: Go away! You're like a wad of bubblegum I sat on and no matter how hard I try to shake you off, you stick to my tail!
Sonic: I'm not gonna let you get away! I don't know what plan is brewin' in that messed-up mind of yours, but I won't rest 'til I stop ya!
Dr. Eggman: Oh yeah? Well, my latest and greatest scheme is so brilliantly planned in every detail that not even a loose cannon like you could blast it apart!
Sonic: Sure, that's what you always say, Doc.
[The Eggmobile stops.]
Dr. Eggman: You think you're funny, don't you? Well, this time, I'm gonna crack you up once and for all!
[Eggman turns the Eggmobile around to face Sonic.]
Sonic: Okay Eggman, it's game time!
[Sonic leaps into the air and destroys the Eggmobile, sending Eggman flying.]
Dr. Eggman: Aaaahhhh!
[Sonic lands on the ground and crosses his arms.]
Sonic: Well... looks like I hit a grand slam!
[He watches Eggman sailing further and further away.]

[Scene Change: The tournament building]

Announcer: And now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the final match! The winner will take home a Chaos Emerald! In this corner, we have the world's toughest fist fighter, Knuckles! And in this corner, we have the master of computerized combat, Emerl!
Cream: Go show everybody you're number one, Emerl!
Cheese: Chao, chao!
Scarlet: With fighters this closely matched, I'd say we're in for the most grueling bout of the tournament.
[Knuckles and Emerl charge at each other. Emerl avoids several punches, jabs, and kicks from Knuckles. The robot then attempts to use Rougs Screw Kick on Knuckles, who dodges and pins his arms.]
Cream: Come on, Emerl!
[Emerl then executes Sonic's spin dash, taking Knuckles with him.]
Knuckles: Hey! Knock it off!
Chris: Emerl copied that from Sonic!
[Emerl then spins into the air with Knuckles before driving him into the ground. The robot then impacts Knuckles' head before landing several hits on the echidna.]
Chris: Knuckles is totally outmatched, Grandpa!
Rouge: Looks like Knucklehead won't be winning the Chaos Emerald either.
[Knuckles continues to take a beating.]
Cream: Poor Knuckles is hurt. He could use a hankie.
Cheese: Chao...
Cream: Here!
[She pulls out a handkerchief and tosses it into the ring.]
Elmer: That's it! Knuckles gives up! Our winner is Emerl!
Cream: No! He thought my hankie was a white flag!
[She races towards the ring.]
Cream: Please wait, sir! There's been a mistake! I was trying to help Knuckles! He didn't quit the match, honest!
[She and Cheese approach Knuckles.]
Knuckles: But I did quit.
[The towel lands on Cheese, who tries to get it off.]
Cream: I feel a lot better now because I know you didn't lose the match because of me.
[Knuckles stands up and offers his hand to Emerl for a shake.]
Knuckles: Not bad, Emerl. We'll have to have another match when I'm not feeling so beat.
Rouge: I deserve some credit because I'm the one who wore Knuckles out.
[Emerl accepts the handshake. The crowd erupts in cheers. It is now sunset, and Scarlet, the President, and Christina are now in the ring.]
Scarlet: Now it's time to present the grand prize to our champion.
[Cream, Cheese, Vanilla, and Emerl are just off the stage.]
Cream: That's you, Emerl. Go up and get your Chaos Emerald! Bet everybody will cheer for you and you can take a bow!
[Emerl walks onto the stage.]
Scarlet: Let's hear it for Emerl!
[The President extends his hand to Emerl.]
President: Congratulations, Emerl. That was great.
[Emerl accepts the handshake.]
President: [To Christina] Bring the award.
[Christina picks up the Chaos Emerald.]
Scarlet: The Chaos Emerald that the President is presenting to our winner is the most valuable prize ever awarded in a sporting competition.
[The President now holds the Emerald.]
President: Emerl, as we build a fighting force to combat Dr. Eggman, your victory is an inspiration to all our fighting robots.
[He extends the Emerald to Emerl. Emerl accepts the Emerald.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's base]

Dr. Eggman: [To Decoe and Bocoe] I could've snatched that Chaos Emerald if it wasn't for you two leadheads!
Bocoe: Why is it our fault?
Decoe: Why do we always end up losing the blame game?
Dr. Eggman: Speaking of games...
[Eggman turns on the TV, and is shocked to see that Emerl won.]

[Scene Change: The tournament building]

[Spotlights shine on Emerl.]
President: On behalf of the whole nation, I congratulate Emerl!
[Emerl absorbs the Chaos Emerald, causing his eyes to change to red. He then spins into the air and starts destroying the battle stage, causing the people to flee.]
Cream: Emerl, is there something that made you angry? Why are you attacking everybody?
[The dust clears, and Emerl stands there, facing down Rouge, Knuckles, and Sonic as they approach him. He copies all three of their abilities at once, then Home Attacks Sonic and Rouge, and Screw Kicks Knuckles. Emerl's rampage continues.]
Cream: Stop before it's too late!
[But Emerl does not listen and spins towards Vanilla.]
Sonic: I'll save ya!
[He scoops Vanilla out of the way just in time.]
Cream: Emerl, that's it. I can't be your friend.
[Amy races in brandishing her hammer.]
Amy: I'll knock Emerl out so we can open up his control panel and see why he's malfunctioning!
[Emerl copes her skill and uses a metal pole to parry Amy's attacks. He knocks the hammer out of Amy's grasp, simultaneously knocking her to to the ground.]
Amy: Sonic, come help me!!
[Sonic leaps into the air, but Emerl breaks the metal pole over him.]
Cream: Emerl, this isn't a game! You've gotta stop right now or somebody is gonna get hurt!
[Emerl's hand spins like a drill, and he flies towards Cream.]
Sonic: Cream, look out!
[Sonic carries Cream out of the way of Emerl's attack.]
Sonic: Are you okay, Cream?
Cream: I am.
[Emerl leaps out of the stadium.]

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Emerl has caused much havoc throughout the city. Chris, Chuck, Cream, and Cheese watch from the roof of one of the buildings.]
Cream: Why is he acting this way?
Chuck: My guess is that the Chaos Emerald suddenly caused Emerl's memory to reprogram itself, but I don't have any idea how or why it happened.
Chris: Can't we just fix Emerl and change him back to the way he was before?
[Chuck looks down.]
Chuck: That would be very tough.
[Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe enter in the Eggmobile.]
Decoe: Wow, it looks like Emerl was a big hit in this neighborhood!
Bocoe: He is a real blockbuster.
Dr. Eggman: Emerl was designed to destroy. He was built a long time ago as a combat robot, and when he got that Chaos Emerald, its trememdous evergy activated his original programming, and changed him from a nice docile robot into a mean machine.
[Eggman chuckles. Sonic watches as Emerl approaches him before he stops. Sonic rubs under his nose as Knuckles lands nearby.]
Knuckles: I'm ready to fight you again. Only this time I'm adding a little twist!
[Knuckles runs towards Emerl and turns into a living drill. Emerl does the same, and they clash, doing nothing. Several clashes later bring no fruitful results.]
Chuck: Emerl's copying ability gives him a huge advantage. Knuckles' fighting skills don't matter. Emerl can match him blow for blow. When Knuckles attacks with all his might, he gets attacked with the same force. It's almost like he's fighting against himself!
Sonic: He can't win.
[Rouge lands next to him.]
Rouge: Give it up and give us a shot, Knuckles!
[Emerl repeatedly pummels Knuckles.]
Knuckles: I still have a chance!
Sonic: Yeah, a chance at winding up at the hospital.
Rouge: Let us handle this!
Knuckles: I am not a quitter!
Amy: I'll stop that robot!
[Amy and Rouge stare each other down, but Emerl spins right past Amy.]
Sonic: Amy!
[Sonic picks up Amy and carries her out of harm's way.]
Amy: You saved me again, Sonic!
[He drops her off and dashes away.]
Amy: Not that I needed saving!
[She seeks comfort from her mother as Emerl buzzes Rouge, Knuckles, and Sonic.]
Sonic: [To himself] That robot must have some weakness...
Tails: I'm gonna take Emerl apart!
Amy: Let me have a crack at him first, Tails!
[They accidentally collide with each other as Emerl leaps out of the way, They are sprawled on the ground.]
Tails: Sorry...
Amy: That's okay...
[Rouge attempts a Screw Kick, but Emerl’s own Screw Kick overpowers hers. The robot also clashed with Knuckles and Sonic, leaving the three Mobians panting.]
Sonic: Well, now what?
Knuckles: Maybe if all three of us fight it at once...
Rouge: It's our only chance.
[They begin to pursue Emerl.]
Sonic: I'll cut him off!
Rouge: Then we strike.
Knuckles: Right!
Cream: I'm scared, Mama...
Cheese: Chao...
Tails: I hope the know what they're doing, Chuck. I don't trust that Emerl.
Chuck: That robot's extremely clever.
Chris: Where do you think Emerl's running to, Grandpa? ...Hey, I bet I know! He's leading Sonic straight to the sea!
[Up ahead is the ocean. Sonic, Knuckles, and Rouge chase Emerl across the beach, but the robot spin dashes to throw them aside.]
Rouge: Sorry boys, I can't keep up with ya.
Sonic: Uh-oh!
[He sees the waves crashing as he and Knuckles continue their fight against Emerl. Chris, Chuck, Tails, Amy, Cream, and Cheese run in.]
Chris: I bet Emerl led him to the sea 'cause Sonic doesn't like water.
[Cream looks worried at that aspect. Sonic very nearly falls into the ocean.]
Chris: Sonic, be careful!
Cream: Let's go, Cheese!
[Cheese clings to Cream, and the young rabbit flaps her ears and flies underneath Sonic to catch him as he finally falls.]
Sonic: Thanks, Cream.
Cream: I know how much you hate to get wet.
[A drill attack from Emerl causes Knuckles to fall as well.]
Cream: Knuckles!
[Sonic grabs hold of Knuckles, and Cream lands. Emerl stands there.]
Cream: [Firmly] Emerl! You just wrecked the city. And you attacked my mother and my friends. I want to help you, Emerl, but only if you promise not to hurt anybody else.
[Emerl's eyes slowly change back to blue.]
Cream: Do you?
Cheese: Chao, chao!
[But Emerl sparks, and his eyes change back to red. Sonic rushes towards Cream.]
Sonic: Noooo!
[Just as Emerl is about to use Knuckles' punch on Cream, Sonic steps between them and takes the blow.]
Sonic: That was real close one. Ooh... He's almost as tough as me...
[He passes out from the injury. Cheese cries out a battle cry and delivers several strikes to Emerl. Emerl attempts to copy Cheese's ability, but is kicked back by Cream.]
Chris: Whoa, they're tough.
Knuckles: How could they hurt Emerl?
Rouge: They're just a couple of squirts, but they've got the robot swamped.
[Cream and Cheese deliver another blow to Emerl together, sending him sprawling through the air.]
Chuck: Emerl can only copy the skills of one opponent at a time. If you work together, he'll be overwhelmed.
Knuckles: That might work. [To Rouge] What do you say?
Rouge: I'll try anything to knock off that knockoff.
Sonic: No.
[Knuckles and Rouge see that Sonic has regained consciousness.]
Knuckles: Why not? Rouge and I can take him easy if we attack him together.
[Sonic opens one eye.]
Sonic: Yeah, I know. But I think we should let Cream and Cheese handle this.
[Cream and Cheese fly through the air.]
Cream: Now, let's go!
[Cheese clings to Cream, and they barrel towards Emerl.]
Cream: [To herself] Emerl... I wish I didn't have to do this...
[She has a flashback of when she first met Emerl. The flashbacks continue. Emerl and Cream waiting for Chris near the school.]
Cream: [Flashback] Hi, Chris!
[Chris, Cream, Cheese, and Emerl racing for Mr. Stewart's car. Emerl walking with Helen. Cream and Cheese laughing in Mr. Stewart's car. Still Cream continues her flight, even with the flashbacks still coming. As the flashbacks end, Cream prepares to give Emerl the ultimate kick. He recalls his last memory of Cream. He recalls the tears in her eyes, and his now blue eyes begin to leak oil as he sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Cream hugs Cheese as he cries into her chest.]
Cream: [also tearing up] Don't cry, Cheese... We had to do it...
[Water is sent billowing into the air as Emerl explodes, raining water everywhere. Cream and Cheese gasp in shock before their expressions become devastated again at the realization that the robot is finally, and permanently, gone.]
Cream: Goodbye, Emerl!
[A rainbow is formed in the sky as a result of the water. Everyone else looks on sadly in silence.]