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A rose without thorns

The manuscript for A Rose Without Thorns.

A Rose Without Thorns is a subject that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a play in three acts written by Amy Rose, whose characters are based off the members of Team Sonic.[1]



  • Annie Rose – The lovely, charismatic and super-popular female protagonist of the play (based on Amy)[1]
  • Sonar – An ocean-blue, mysterious and egomaniacal stranger (based on Sonic)[1]
  • Shoulders – A big and strong, but hulking and dullard farmhand who is distracted by shiny things (based on Knuckles)[1]
  • Taylor – A naïve and cowering young fox (based on Tails)[1]
  • Twigs – A crazy-eyed, paranoid and feral badger (based on Sticks)[1]


The full scope of the play has not been revealed. However, it appears to center around the protagonist Annie Rose who embarks of a journey of self-discovery alongside the play's cast.[1]


TV series

Season one

A rose without thorns live

A Rose Without Thorns being played.

A Rose Without Thorns was a secret and personal project of Amy's. When Sonic discovered the play's manuscript in Amy's House, he, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks got upset over their portrayals in it, while Amy got upset at them for invading her privacy. As such, the team nearly fell apart as internal hostilities grew. With Amy still upset while the others reconciled, the rest of the team put up A Rose Without Thorns in the Village Center (with Dave the Intern playing Annie and the team playing their counterparts) for Amy as an apology. With the play praised by the audience, Amy forgave her friends.[1]


Act 1

[An empty stool sits under a spotlight as the lovely, charismatic and super-popular Annie Rose appears through the curtain and pours herself a glass of lemonade.]
Annie: 'Twas years since I first met that mysterious stranger, the one with the fur of the color of the ocean.
[Sonar enters, pitter-pattering across the stage in his scarlet loafers.]
Sonar: Hey Annie! I'm gonna play volleyball. I can only play against myself because nobody else can keep up, but you can watch if you like. Heh, what am I saying? Of course you'd like to.
[*thump, thump, thump*. A knock at the door of someone big and strong, but unable to figure out a simple doorknob. Annie saccades to the door and answers, revealing Shoulders, the hulking dullard of a farmhand. Shoulders strives towards Annie, but is distracted by a shiny object. But before Annnie can reply, a naïve young fox named Taylor enters, cowering beneath the legs of Sonar. Just when all hope is lost, enters Twigs, the crazy-eyed, feral badger.]
Twigs: Miss Annie! The roboapocalypse is nigh! I intercepted a transmission from my toaster.

Act 2

[Annie and Sonar are sailing onboard a ship during a storm. Annie is at the helm.]
Sonar: Annie! Let me take the wheel! You'll never make it through this storm!
Annie: A woman can do anything a man can do.

Act 3

[Annie is standing up in front on the stage with Sonar, Shoulders, Taylor and Twigs in the background.]
Annie: And I will sing it from the mountaintops if I have to: this rose has no thorns!
[The end]


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