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{{TV Episode
{{TV Episode
|title =A Robot Rebels
|title =A Robot Rebels
|image = [[File:Sonic_x_ep_29_jap_title.jpg|242px]]
|image = [[File:Sonic x ep 29 jap title.jpg|242px]]
|caption = Japanese title card
|caption = Japanese title card
|series = Sonic X
|series = Sonic X

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"A Robot Rebels" (囚われのエミー Toraware no Emī?, lit. "Amy the Captive") is the twenty-ninth episode of the anime series, Sonic X, as well as the third episode of the Chaos Saga. It first aired on 19 October 2003 and 2 October 2004 in Japan and United States respectively.



Japanese Version

English Version

  • Gotta Go Fast - Opening theme (USA and CAN)
  • "Sonic X" - Opening theme (AUS, NZ and UK)
  • Gotta Go Fast (shortened) - Closing theme


Knuckles is pouting about failing his duty of guarding the Master Emerald and that he only has one piece. He thinks he failed his duty, but then sees another vision of the past where the shrine is covered with flames and a worried Tikal looking on. He then realizes that feeling sorry for himself won't help and he continues his search. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails take off in the X Tornado to go after the Egg Carrier to save Amy with Chuck, Cream and Cheese worried but Mr. Tanka and Ella reassured that the heroic duo will be determined to bring Amy home safe and sound. Sonic tells Tails that he shouldn't try to take Eggman on while still recovering, and that he should do it alone. Tails reminds Sonic that the two of them together are a team and it will be easier if they both look together. Meanwhile, Chris and Big are still looking for Froggy, when Chris spots the X Tornado flying overhead and wonders if Tails is okay.

Inside the Egg Carrier (which is hidden underwater), Amy is locked in a dungeon with Lily and calls to Eggman to let her out, but nothing happens. She was upset that Eggman had to spoil a nice gourmet meal she was going to make for Sonic. She then remembers a time chasing after him when she is suddenly attacked by an E-12 Behemoth, but Sonic destroyed it and saved her. She then said to Lily that Sonic would come to save them. Elsewhere on the Egg Carrier, Decoe and Bocoe are arguing with each other on who should test the microphone until Eggman cuts them off. The doctor gives orders to Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon to find Froggy, an unusual frog with a long tail. Without questions, all of the robots leave the Egg Carrier to complete their mission.

Meanwhile, Knuckles finds more pieces of the Master Emerald and is sent back into the past again to Tikal, a group of Chao and the Master Emerald shrine. The Chao lead her to the top of the shrine and show her the seven Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald, and she realizes that the Master Emerald is the controller that unifies the Chaos. Knuckles is then sent back to the present time in front of the shrine. He then puts together the Master Emerald pieces he gathered and the Emerald is almost complete. He notices that there is one piece left. The Master Emerald then shows Knuckles an image of the Egg Carrier. As Knuckles wonders why the Master Emerald shows the image, he suspects that Doctor Eggman is up to his evil schemes as usual.

Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon are still searching for Froggy and they are near where Chris and Big are. Beta, Delta and Epsilon all find frogs which don't appear to represent the frog Eggman wanted. Although Gamma hasn't retrieved a frog yet, he notices Big and Chris have fished out Froggy but Gamma steals Froggy afterwards. Chris and Big follow Gamma on to the Egg Carrier. The robots all displayed their frogs with each claiming that they found the real Froggy until Decoe and Bocoe snaps at them to settle down. When Eggman sees the frogs with no tails he gets enraged at his robots, but then he sees Froggy in Gamma's hand and is delighted that Gamma succeeded. He then tells Decoe and Bocoe to eliminate Beta, Delta and Epsilon, much to the Decoe and Bocoe's dismay. Eggman then tells Gamma to get Lily from Amy. He walks into a room and sees Beta being modified. This somehow upsets him but quickly leaves to resume his mission. When he reaches Amy's cell, Gamma points its gun at Amy and demands Amy to surrender Lily to him. She refuses to give up Lily and asks him why he wants Lily. Gamma simply responds that he must obey the doctor's orders. When Lily flies in front of his eyes, his systems overload. He then shoots at the bars freeing Amy and Lily. Amy notes that Gamma isn't quite like the other robots and thanks him before prompting to leave.

Elsewhere, Sonic and Tails find Knuckles and he joins them on board. A battle then ensues between the Egg Carrier and the X Tornado. Tails then springs a surprise on Eggman and transforms the X Tornado into Battle Armor mode. Eggman then transforms his Egg Carrier into Battle Mode as well. Tails manages to destroy any missiles being fired and brings the X Tornado close enough to land. Sonic tells Tails to bring it in for a smooth landing, but Tails said that they'll have to settle for nice and bumpy as he forgot to put wheels in Battle Mode. Sonic and Knuckles both exclaim, "WHAT?!?!" as the X Tornado crash lands on the Egg Carrier.

Eyecatch Cards

Dubbing changes

  • The following scenes has been cut/edited:

Differences from Sonic Adventure

  1. Knuckles arrived at the Egg Carrier in the episode with Sonic and Tails on the X-Tornado while in Sonic Adventure, he followed Gamma to the Egg Carrier.
  2. Gamma blasted the cell door to create a large enough hole for Amy to escape from. In the game, he merely deactivates the lock.


  • When Gamma steals Froggy from Big when he fishes him out, while Gamma says he found the real one, the strip of white on his chest is red.




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