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Sonic X
A New Start (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "A New Start".

Dr. Eggman: Attention, I have an important announce that I'm sure that you'll hate. [Laughs] Your favorite thing has returned your king of calamity, the awesome Dr. Eggman. I am delighted to inform you that this planet will soon be under my power! It is pointless to try and resist me. Surrender immediately, or you will all be destroyed!
[Ricky, Cucky and Rocky running away.]
Decoe: If Sonic was back in this world, we would have seen him by now.
Bokkun: We're wasting our time! He must've inspired me like that other planet better.
Dr. Eggman: I'm positive Sonic followed me here. He would never let his archenemy get away.
Bocoe: I am not sure, Doctor. Perhaps Sonic got bored fighting with you.
Decoe: Working with him is even more worse.
Bokkun: Let's just get this over with!
Dr. Eggman: [Growls] Now hear this! This is your last warning! Submit to my rule or I'll wipe up this whole world! You hear that, Sonic?! SONIC!!

[The Sonic X theme song, "Gotta Go Fast" plays.]

Amy: Ah! Just the way I like it.
Cream: We're really happy you visited us, Amy.
Cheese: Chao! Chao!
Vanilla: So, have you thought about that offer we made the other day, would you like to come live here?
Amy: [Closes her eyes] Thanks by the invitation, but I can't accept.
Cream: Why? We really want you to stay here, we really care about you!
Vanilla: Please, Cream.
Amy: I know. I'm really glad I have a friend like to you, but you don't have to worry about me. It's been lonely without Sonic around, but I know he'll come back.
Dr. Eggman: I am back, and badder than ever! [Amy gets annoyed] I've come to publicize my dastardly designs for building the Eggman Empire! I'm all set to spread misery and mayhem around the globe! You better quit your foot-dragging and race to the rescue Sonic, otherwise this world is gonna face the music! Yeah!
Decoe: How embarrassing!
Bokkun: What dance is this?
Decoe: I think it is called 'The Jerk'.
[The vibrations throughout the Grand Egg Imperial.]
Bocoe: What was that?
Decoe: I think something hit us!
Bocoe: Hey, who is the wise guy that hammered our home?
Dr. Eggman: There's something about that hammer that looks awfully familiar.
Decoe: Amy! Why did you hit us? We were not bothering you!
Amy: Don't you have any idea what time it is?! Turn down the volume or I'll knock that flying loudspeaker out of the sky!!
Dr. Eggman: [Growls] Just because your boyfriend's not here, don't take it out on me!
Decoe: That is right.
Bocoe: You should not blame Dr. Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: It certainly isn't my fault he hasn't shown up!
Bokkun: I'll bet ya even that Sonic stayed back on that other planet was because he couldn't stand being with you anymore!
[Flames appear in Amy as she grows furious. Cream, Cheese and Vanilla close the door and the window, while they look at Amy.]
Amy: [Growls]
Cream: Amy's a hothead, but now she's hot all over.
Decoe: Talk about fired up.
Bocoe: She'll cook our goose.
Decoe: [Look at Eggman while and get nervous] Perhaps, we should say we are sorry.
Dr. Eggman: [Growls] She's the one who's gonna be sorry if she messes with me. He He. You better cool off, cupcake. We've got your hammer up here, so you can't touch us!
[Amy makes another Piko Piko Hammer appear in her hand.]
Bocoe and Decoe: [Screams] Another one!
Bokkun: She has more hammers than a hardware store!
Dr. Eggman: Don't strike me just because you struck out with Sonic!
Amy: Aaahh! You creep!
Dr. Eggman: Where's your boyfriend?!
Bokkun: Don't tease her. She's mad enough already!
Decoe: That's because Sonic dumped her!
Amy: I was not... dumped!
Dr. Eggman: Oh, yeah?! Then how come Sonic's hiding from you on another planet?!
[Amy throws another Piko Piko Hammer to the Grand Egg Imperial.]
Knuckles: Amy's not too happy.
Rouge: She's been like that since we came back.
Knuckles: I know why. She misses having Sonic around to hang out with.
Rouge: Yeah. This planet can get pretty lonely. I wonder why Sonic still hasn't shown up yet. What do you think?
Knuckles: Who knows. Sonic's unpredictable.
Rouge: I'm sure he's on his way. Unless, he hit a time warp during the transfer to this world. If that happened he many not here for weeks, or months, or even years.
Knuckles: Time warps are trickier than you realize. All kinds of crazy things can happen if you get stuck in one. [Sarcastically] Of course, you're just a jewel thief, so you wouldn't know. You don't have a clue... [Gets hit in the head by Rouge] Ahhh! What did you do that for?!
Rouge: Hmph! Because I don't like your attitude! [Imitate Knuckles] "You're just a jewel thief, so you wouldn't know." [Growls] Instead of being so nasty all the time, maybe you could try being nice to me once in a while, and then maybe I wouldn't find you so unlikable! As it is now, you are as sour as a truckload a lemon.
Knuckles: [Closes his head to Rouge] Then don't hang out with me!
Rouge: [Brings her head closer to Knuckles] I WON'T! Once I'm gone, you'll be completely miserable, mister!
Knuckles: Actually, it'll be a huge relief not to have to deal with your baddie behavior, but [Open his left eye and looks at Rouge] I'm sure you'll come flying back.
[Rouge using Screw Kick at Knuckles]
Knuckles: Ah!
[Knuckles gets knocked through a boulder. Knuckles gets up.]
Knuckles: That does it! It's been a real kick having you around, but you'd better behave yourself or I'll have to give you the boot.
[Rouge's eye twitches]
Rouge: I'm gonna keep pounding away 'till I got you tenderized.
Knuckles: Uh?
Rouge: From now on, you're gonna respect me! [Rouge beats up Knuckles off-screen] It's time you learned some manners!
Knuckles: Ow.
Rouge: You'll better start being polite or else!
Tails: I'm grouchy when I don't get my sleep. I'll teach you not to wake me up, Eggman.
Dr. Eggman: I won't rest until I track down Sonic, and nobody else will either, So if you want to get back to sleep, then help me find that hedgehog!
Tails: [Takes off his nightcap and his nightmask] I'm never helping you!
Bokkun: He's challenging us.
Decoe: Shall we charge up the cannons, Doctor? We can blast him out of the sky!
Dr. Eggman: Good idea!
[Amy throws another Piko Piko Hammer into the Grand Egg Imperial, sending vibrations throughout the vessel again.]
Dr. Eggman: Hold on! We're not ready to fight you yet! Let's lead him into a trap.
[The Grand Egg Imperial moves away and the Tornado 2 chases it.]
Dr. Eggman: Follow me, Tails!
Tails: Okay, but don't try anything funny!
Dr. Eggman: Who, me?!
Amy: Get Back here! I'm not finished with you, Eggman!
[Amy puts down her Piko Piko Hammer.]
Amy: Ugh! [Huffs]
[Cream opens the door.]
Cream: Why don't you come back inside, Amy? Your tea is getting cold.
Cheese: Chao! Chao! Chao!
Dr. Eggman: We'll hide from him behind these clouds, then we can ambush that pest!
[The Tornado 2 shoots the Grand Egg Imperial.]
Dr. Eggman: Tails didn't even wait for us to double-cross him!
Decoe: That twerp is already one step ahead of you!
Dr. Eggman: All right! I'll just have to up the ante by triple-crossing him!
Bocoe: Oh, Doctor! He's coming at us again!
Dr. Eggman: Fire!
[The Grand Egg Imperial shoots, but the Tornado 2 dodges its attacks.]
Tails: Guess he's got me. I better get out of here... fast! [Pulls the lever]
[The Tornado 2 starts to transform.]
Tails: Hey, what's going on?
Chuck: Tails, this is Chuck. Since you just pulled the transformation lever, I assume you're in danger right now. Don't worry. This new shield is made of a special material that can withstand almost any assault. When I heard you were leaving, I decided to give you a secret gift. I made sure you were away from the lab and made some modifications to the X Tornado. I'm not as clever an engineer as you, but I don't think I did too badly for an old timer. Anyway, I did my best and I hope your gift comes in handy
Tails: Thanks, Chuck.
Chuck: X Tornado: transform!
[The Tornado 2 transforms into the Hyper Tornado.]
Chuck: Now is the Hyper Tornado! Good luck, Tails!
Tails: Eggman, look out!
Dr. Eggman: What is that?
Bocoe: Tails transformed his plane.
Decoe: It looks completely different now.
Bokkun: And more dangerous.
[The Hyper Tornado fires an electric current and electrocutes Eggman and his robots.]
Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun: [Screams]
Tails: Missiles away!
[The Hyper Tornado fires missiles and hits Eggman and his robots.]
Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun: [Screams]
Tails: Fire plasma blast!
[The Hyper Tornado fires a plasma ball and burns down Eggman and his robots.]
Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun: [Screams]
Dr. Eggman: You've wasted your time you little pest! Because in a few minutes your plane will be history!
Decoe: We have the perfect weapon, Doctor.
Dr. Eggman: I'll turn tables on Tails. Let's do a little fox-hunting with our brand new interceptor missile.
Decoe: Roger. All systems are go. Begin missile launch sequence now! [A missile is fired and it homes directly at Tails]
Tails: It's coming quick, but I can trick it. [Tails evades, but the missile is still after him] If I can't outsmart that thing, I'll outmaneuver it. [Turns the Hyper Tornado directly at the Grand Egg Imperial] Here goes! So long! [Evades Grand Egg Imperial at the last second, but the missile is still after him]
Dr. Eggman: [Laughs] I finally invented the perfect weapon. No matter how much you try, you'll never shake that missile from your tail, Tails.
Bocoe: This missile is programmed to attack only your plane.
Bokkun: [Laughs] It has a personal touch.
Bocoe: You have really outdone yourself, Doctor.
Decoe: You deserve credit for creative cruelty.
[Eggman feels humbled]
Tails: It's no use! I can't get away!
Dr. Eggman: I think Tails has learn his lesson. You can go ahead and recall the missiles.
Decoe: [Whimpers] But how Doctor?
Dr. Eggman: Just in the recall button.
Decoe: There is no recall button.
Dr. Eggman: You didn't install one!? Thanks to you, Tails really is going to be destroyed! With Sonic gone, I can't afford to lose another enemy.
Decoe: Sorry, doctor.
Bocoe: These is nothing we can do to save him now.
Tails: This is it...
[A bright light appears, engulfing the Hyper Tornado. The light is Super Sonic. Tails bursts into tears. Super Sonic charges at the missile, destroying it. He lands on the Grand Egg Imperial. Eggman and Co. are amazed.]
Super Sonic: Hi, Eggman. What's up?
Dr. Eggman: [Chuckles] Ah, you're finally here!
Super Sonic: [Chuckles] You won't be conquering this world either.
Dr. Eggman: That's what you think, Super Sap. If you try to stand in my way, I'll crush you like a bug!
[In a blink of an eye, Super Sonic destroys the Grand Egg Imperial. Eggman screams as only the Egg Mobile, Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun are all that remain. Super Sonic flies away.]
Tails: Boy, it's good to have my buddy back.
Bokkun: I can't believe it! Sonic beat us without breaking a sweat.
Decoe: Why did he have to come back?
Bocoe: We'll never take over this world with Sonic hanging around.
Decoe: Excuse me doctor, but why do have a smile on your face?
Bokkun: You should be miserable. Sonic totally destroyed us.
Dr. Eggman: It's not whether you win or lose. It's how you plot your revenge.
Bokkun: We'll get even with him! [Everyone laughs]
[Rouge and Knuckles are still fighting, both exhausted.]
Rouge: So, do you give up yet?
Knuckles: Are you kidding. I'm just warming up. [Sees Super Sonic flying overhead] That's him!
Rouge: Well, what do you know? I guess neither of us knows very well how those time warps work.
Knuckles: [Laughs] You look awful!
Rouge: Oh yeah? [Knocks Knuckles down]
Knuckles: Stop! That tickles!
Rouge: Didn't I warn you to behave?
Knuckles: Alright! Alright!
[Amy is at Cream's house with Cream sleeping on her lap. She looks from the window and sees Super Sonic flying. She comes out and runs after him. Super Sonic lands in front of Amy's house and returns to normal. Amy arrives as dawn breaks. She pants.]
Sonic: Hey!
Amy: Well... What took you so long? I was worried. I wondered if you were ever going to come back. It scared me to think that... I was never gonna see you again. Day after day I waited for you to come, but you never did. I didn't know where you were. I couldn't stand not knowing. I told myself I should give up hoping. I was convinced that you'd forgotten about me. I thought you were gone forever. [Sniffles] But then I realized that you would never abandon me, and I decided that I would wait for you. Even if it took the rest of my life to see you again. Now you're here. [Falls down on her knees] I'm so glad to have you finally back, Sonic, it's such a wonderful feeling. I don't think I've ever been as happy as I am right now. [Cries] Don't you ever leave me again, Sonic the Hedgehog. [Cries quietly]
Sonic: Don't you worry Amy, I never will!
[Amy hugs Sonic, with tears of joy. Sonic takes the hug, with a mix of joy and awkwardness.]

[Scene Change: Earth]

[Six years have passed on Earth. Chris Thorndyke, who is now eighteen years old, is working on a portal in a large workshop. A wheelchair pulls up behind her.]
Helen: Chris. It's time.
[Chris looks up from his code.]
Chris: Oh, yeah.
[He leaps up out of his chair.]
Chris: That's right. We're supposed to meet Danny and Frances for lunch today. Let's go!
Helen: Whoa, easy, Chris! I know you're always late.
[Chris pushes Helen's wheelchair out of the Thorndyke Science and Technology building. Soon, they are driving away in a red car. Helen is driving.]
Chris: Why don't you let me drive for a change?
Helen: No way. Chuck designed this car especially for me, remember? And besides, riding while you drive is too... nerve-wracking.
Chris: What does that mean?
Helen: I'm a much better driver, and never even got a parking ticket, which is more than I can say for you.
Chris: It's not my fault somebody turned that one-way sign around.

[Scene Change: A cafe]

[Soon, Chris, Helen, Danny, and Frances are gathered in a cafe.]
Frances: So, who's gonna test out your machine, Chris?
Danny: Why don't you send me, Chris? I'm not afraid to be the first one to give it a try.
Chris: It's not ready yet. My machine's totally useless until I can figure out how to cause Chaos Control.
Helen: But as soon as he does, we'll all be able to go to Sonic's world together.
Frances: Sounds dangerous to me.
Danny: Yeah, if Chris messes it up, we could all be toast.
Chris: Well, you don't have to come with me then.
[The others laugh.]
Danny: Hard to believe it's been six years already.
Helen: [Nods] It went fast.
Frances: Yeah, almost at Sonic speed.
Chris: [To himself] Sonic...

[Scene Change: Six years ago]

[A Chaos Emerald is shown.]
Chris: You collected the Chaos Emeralds.
[The seven Chaos Emeralds begin orbiting Sonic on that night Chris' parents found him.]
Chris: Now I see. You don't need the machine that Tails and Grandpa built. You can cause Chaos Control yourself.
[A tear runs down his cheek.]
Chris: You were able to gather 'em all in a flash... because you're so fast. Even though I've been tough to deal with lately, you never gave up on me, Sonic. Thank you.
Sonic: Chris!
[Chris looks up as Sonic picks up Chris.]
Sonic: I'm gonna go really fast. Hang on!
[Chris' eyes widen. There is a flashback of Chris persuading Shadow to listen to Maria, followed by his being pushed backward and fainting. Also, Super Shadow casts off his limiters, and Sonic gives them to Chris. Another flashback shows Chris trapped inside the E-99 Eggsterminator. He breaks free and yanks out the Chaos Emeralds from their sockets. Later on, his healing and encounter with Super Sonic are shown. Sonic continues to carry Chris at the speed of sound. Yet another flashback shows Chris' rescue and first meeting with Sonic. Even Sonic is crying now. As the world goes dark, the tears are the last thing on the screen before it goes completely black.]
Chris: Soniiic!