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Sonic Underground
A Hedgehog's Home is Her Castle (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "A Hedgehog's Home is Her Castle".

[The Sonic Underground theme song plays]
Aleena (narrating): In these troubled times, the hardest lesson my children will ever have to learn is to trust.
Manic: One... two... three... What the...? [gasps] [a cloaked figure passes by] Mom? [chases after her] Mom? Wait! [emerges from a tunnel and pauses] Why didn't she stop?
Sleet: Welcome back, Your Majesty. Did he get it?
Dingo: He got it!
Sleet and Dingo: [malicious laugh]
Sonia: My own castle? Wow!
Manic: I didn't even know we had a cousin Albert. Why'd he leave it just to you?
Sonia: Because he didn't know about you two.
Sonic: [chuckles] 'Cos nobody else would take the drafty old thing. Who wants a dumb old castle anyway?
Sonia: I do. We can use it as a headquarters. Hm.
Sonic: Oh yeah! It's so convenient(!) Only a jillion miles from here.
Manic: Yo, maybe we'll find out more about Mom!
Sonic: Ah, probably no chili dogs there either.
Sonia: Fine! You stay here. We'll go check it out.
Sonic: Oh man! I gotta have a dog! [sees a sign] "Eat at Bruno's chili dog stand"? "Listen for the happy whistle"?
Sonic: [gasps] YES! [rushes to the chili dog stand] Three footlongs with the works, pal! I need fuel for where I'm going.
Dingo: Where you going, Sonic?
Sonic: You got a sister?
Dingo: Nope. Just chili dogs.
Sonic: Count yourself lucky, pal. Sisters are royal... hmm... Hey! How'd you know my name?!
Dingo: Huh? [attempts to grab Sonic] Hah!
Sonic: Argh!
Dingo: Sleet! Help!
Sonic: The old double team, huh? Well, hate to be rude, dude, but I'm outta here!
Sleet: After him!
Sonic: [yawns] It's a good thing I'm bored, or they'd be eatin' my dust. [a cannon is aimed at him] Ho-hum. The laser cannon again. Ohh, I'm sooo scared...(!) [zooms around dodging shots] I don't think so, Sleazo and Dingbat!
Sleet: This time I'm going to get you, hedgehog!
Dingo: Yeah! Me too!
Sonic: Okay. Time to play a little hardball! [jumps onto the vehicle] Hellooo? Anyone home?
Sleet and Dingo: Huh? [Sonic beats their heads] Oof, oof! Where did you-?
Sonic: Aren't you forgettin' somethin', bucketheads?
Dingo: Oh yeah?
Sleet: What?
Sonic: That wall!
Dingo: Huh? [sees the wall] Aargh!
Sleet and Dingo: Ahhhh!
Sleet: Hello... Oof!
Dingo: Ugh! [groans]
Sonic: Another chase for always usin' seatbelts.
Sonia: There's the castle! Isn't it beautiful?
Manic: If it has a bathroom, it is!
Sonia: Oh, this is so exciting! I've always wanted my own castle. Haven't you?
Manic: I would be happy with my own room. [Sonia drives up to the entrance] Whoa. Gives me the creeps.
Sonia: Hmm. Not exactly what I expected. Well, it has... potential.
Bellok: Yowww! Ooh... Whoo... Welcome. I've been expecting you.
Manic and Sonia: [gasps]
Bellok: I am Bellok, the castle caretaker. This is Hooter. Welcome... to Worst Castle!
Manic: At least the name fits.
Bellok: Your room, Miss.
Sonia: Thank you, Bellok. [gasps]
Manic and Sonia: Argh!
Manic: Oh, look! More potential(!)
Sonia: Nah, it just needs a little spring cleaning.
Manic: Yeah, along with summer, winter and fall.
Bellok: And your room, sir. [rats run from the room] Huh?!
Manic and Sonia: [both scream]
Manic: Okay, that's it, I'm outta here.
Sonia: All right. I admit it's a bit on the creepy side. But-
Manic: Puh-leeze don't say it has potential!
Sonia: Look, let's just give it a chance! And maybe it'll look better in the morning.
Manic: Whoa, whoa, dude! You wanna sleep? Here?!
Sonia: Manic Hedgehog, don't tell me you're afraid!
Manic: Afraid? [coughs] Me? [coughs] I'll show you "afraid".
Sonia: MANIC!
Manic: What, what, what?!
Sonia: I think I just saw Mother.
Sonia: I'm telling you, I saw her!
Manic: Well, there's nothin' here, no way out. I guess we should just try coppin' some Zs.
Sonia: [gasps] Huh? [flames burn in the mirror] [gasps]
Manic: Who-wh-who's there?!
[A growl is heard as a shadow appears]
Manic: [gasps] [runs to his room] Urgh! [strains] [the door opens and squashes him against the wall] Oof! [sighs]
[Another growl]
Manic: Ahhh!
Sonic: Sup, bro?
Manic: Sonic! Oh, what are you doin' here?!
Sonic: Got some new sneaks. Thought I'd test 'em out. Anti-grav. Way cool! [runs onto the ceiling] [imitates cheering with his breath] Thank you! Thank you!
Manic: [screams]
Sonic: A little twitchy, aren't ya?
Manic: I'm cool. This place just has bad vibes, that's all.
Sonic: Yeah, this dump is a real dump. Where's Sonia?
Sonia: Manic? [sees Sonic] Well, well, what are you doing here?
Sonic: Thought you might need some help.
Sonia: Right. You got bored, didn't you? There's no danger here, and on top of that, I saw Mother!
Sonic: Oh yeah? Where?!
Sonia: Down there. But we already- [Sonic storms out] Sonic, wait! So typical.
Sonic: Huh? Mom?! If you're here, come on out! It's your favorite kid, Sonic! Your most handsome, most talented son! Sonic! [hears something] Mom? Is that you? [heads into another room] [gasps] Mom?
Bellok: May I be of assistance, sir?
Sonic: Argh! [screams and rushes onto the ceiling] Never come up behind me like that! Who are you, anyways?
Bellok: Bellok, sir. The castle caretaker. And you are...? [Sonic rapidly spins him round] Whoa, eeh! Whoa, dizzy! Getting very dizzy here! Eeh!
Sonic: Where have you been, pal?! I'm Sonic the priority-one hedgehog!
Bellok: May I show you to your room, sir?
Sonic: I'm waiting for you to say "walk this way". Are you gonna, Bellok?
Bellok: Hmm? Sir?
Sonic: Oh, forget it. Just tell me where my room is.
Bellok: Use that stairway. Go to the tenth floor, turn right, go to the next corridor and turn left, then up the second stairway on your right, go three flights, turn left and go past-
Sonic: Hold it, hold it! I'll find it myself!
Bellok: As you wish, sir.
Sonic: Clue me in, Mom! Why do you wanna hang out in a dump like this? [hears a creaking sound] Huh? [a rope snaps and a chandelier falls] Ahh! [gasps] Incoming! [escapes the impact] Man! That was cuttin' it just a little close. And speakin' of cuttin', [picks up the rope] it's been cut! Definitely not cool.
Sonia: Mother? [gasps]
Sonic: Manic? You in here? [sees a torch] Hm?
Manic: Sonic! Down here!
Sonic: Where are you?
Manic: The chair! Sit in the chair!
Sonic: The chair? [the chair flips back as he sits on it] Whoa! [screams]
Manic: [gasps]
Sonic: [screams but lands safely] Oh man, great ride! Where are we?
Manic: Some kinda dungeon. Yo, check this out! Pretty creepy, huh?
Sonic: Yeah, but no biggie. Come on, let's blow this dump and go find Sonia.
Manic: What do you think?
Sonic: I think it could use a little downbeat, bro.
Manic: I could do that. Piece of cake!
Sonic: Go for it! [Manic's drumming causes debris to fall] Whoa! [a huge boulder hurtles towards him] Aaargh! Ah! [jumps out of the way] Whoa! Hold it, hold it! I'll do it. You gave me an opening. [blasts the door down with his guitar] And that's all I need. Get ready to bail! Hang on, bro! We've got places to go and sisters to find. [heads with Manic to Sonia's room and knocks] Sonia! It's us! Open up!
Manic: Where'd she go?
Sonic: Good question. [Bellok creeps around the corner] Hey!
Bellok: [gasps]
Sonic: Get that door open, bro. Be back in a Sonic second.
Manic: Sonia?
Bellok: [pants] [gasps]
Sonic: You got ten seconds to tell me what's goin' on, or you gotta... [gets out his guitar] listen to a little rock 'n' roll.
Bellok: Rock and what?!
Sonic: You really don't get out much, do you? Now you gonna talk?
Bellok: I have nothing to say, sir.
Sonic: Nothin' to say, huh? Okay, pal. You asked for it!
Bellok: No! No, please! This is torture!
Sonic: You start talkin', I stop playin'!
Bellok: Ahh! Arghhhh! No more! No more! I will talk! I will tell you everything!
Sonic: I'm all ears.
Bellok: I was born in this small village, not far from-
Sonic: No no no, what's goin' on now?
Bellok: Please, I did not want to help him but he... he threatened to eat Hooter!
Sonic: Who threatened, er, Hooter?
Bellok: His name is Sleet. He's on his way here right now with Dingo and his SWATbot battalion! Oh, please! Please don't let him get Hooter!
Sonic: Ease up, dude. I'll cover ya. Now how long before Sleet gets here?
Bellok: Less than an hour, sir!
Manic: Sonia? [smoke engulfs him] Sonia!
Sonic: No way!
Manic: Way! I'm telling you, Sonic. She's in there!
Sonic: 'Sup with the mirror, pal?
Bellok: A portal to different places. But Queen Aleena told me it is very difficult to find your way around. Hooter will back me up!
Manic: Whoa! You met our mother?
Bellok: Oh, yes. She is very fond of Hooter. But perhaps we should discuss this another time. [indicates the mirror] Your sister?
Sonic: Sleet and Dingbat'll be here in thirty minutes. If I'm not back before then, give a yell.
Manic: [gasps]
Sonic: Sonia! Where are ya?
Sonia: Sonic, wait!
Sonic: Are you okay?
Sonia: I'm fine. I thought I saw Mother and followed her in here, but she's disappeared again! Oh, Sonic. I'm lost.
Sonic: No prob, sis! Hop on.
Sonia: And you know the way out of the mirror?
Sonic: Trust me.
Sonia: You're absolutely sure?!
Sonic: Is Robuttnik round? Exit's that way. [Sonia climbs on his back] Hold onto your lunch, sis. We're outta here!
Sonic and Sonia: Ugh! [sigh]
Sonic: [chuckles weakly]
Sonia: Is Robuttnik round? Mr. "I'm sure of it"?!
Sonic: Now what?
Sonia: We walk slowly until we find the way out.
Sonic: Walk? Slowly? "Slow" goes against my nature.
Sonia: Okay, okay, fine. You speed around and bounce off the walls. I'll walk slowly.
Sonic: Okay, okay, I'll give walking slowly a shot. [makes intermittent dashes forward and then Sonia stops] What?
Sonia: It's her! It's Mother!
Sonic: I'll get her.
Sonia: Sonic, wait!
Sonic: Oww!
Sonia: I believe my point is made.
Aleena: I love you, my little Manic. The mirror is your way out. Remember: the mirror.
Manic: Sonia, Sonic?!
Sonia: Did Mother come through here?
Manic: Mother? I didn't see anyone. Someone touched... [gasps]
Bellok: [pants] Hide me! They're here!
Sleet: Where's that little weasel, Bellok? He was supposed to meet us!
Bellok: Don't let them hurt my Hooter, please!
Sonic: Chill, dude. I've got a plan. How many trapdoors in this joint?
Bellok: One in every room.
Sonic: Per-fecto! Let's do it to it!
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: One! Two! Three!
["Let's Do It To It" plays]
Sleet: I want every unit here, now!
Sonia: This is serious business.
Manic: Well, it's been nice knowin' you all.
Sonic: Ah, it's not that bad. [gasps] [missiles head their way] Cancel that! Incoming!
Manic and Sonia: [both scream]
Sonia: Yup. Serious.
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: Argh!
Sonic: Come on, everybody! Hang on and we'll blast right past them!
Sonia: [coughs] No, Sonic! We'll never make it past all of them! [coughs]
Manic: The mirror... That's it! We have to go in the mirror!
Sonic: Are you crazy?!
Sonia: Manic, if the mirror breaks, we could be stuck in there forever!
Manic: Whoa! But Mom told me in my dream!
Sonic: A dream? Now there's something I can trust.
Bellok: Come, Hooter! We must go!
Sonia: Sonic, we don't have a choice. If we stay here, we're goners!
Sonic: Good point! Let's do it!
Manic: Huh? Mother?
Sonic: Wait, Manic! Don't!
Manic: Oww! [sighs]
Sonic: You gotta go slow in here, bud.
Sonia: Oh, brother.
Sonic: What's happening?
Manic: I can't move!
[Everyone yells, screams and groans as the portal warps them.]
Sonia: Wow!
Sonic: Gotta hand it to you, Manic. That was one mondo dream!
Manic: I dreamed she touched me. It felt so real.
Sonia: Maybe it was real.
Bellok: Yes. I believe it was real.
[The credits roll]