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Sonic X
A Fearless Friend/Transcript

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This transcript is for the Sonic X episode, "A Fearless Friend".

Narrator: Last time on Sonic X: In a last ditch effort to save the galaxy, Sonic and Company decided to use the mighty Master Emerald to attack the Metarex The giant gem shattered, but Sonic sped through space and the blast created an opening for our heroes. Just as Sonic rushed to confront Dark Oak, he found himself in a stick situation. Amy quickly flew in to free him, but was also trapped. Now as Dark Oak begins his final transformation, Sonic must find a way to win against the odds. Can he and his friends rally to stop the Metarex and their maniacal mission? Find out on Sonic X!
[The Sonic X Opening theme song "Gotta Go Fast" or "Sonic X" plays.]

[Scene: Space, Earthia's ship.]

[A flashback occurs after the opening as Earthia's ship travels through space.]

[Scene Change: Earthia's ship, interior.]

[The scene transitions to a room of the ship housing Earthia in the form of a giant tree. The camera zooms out showing Starla, Daisy, Chrysanthemum and Galaxina who is cradling baby Cosmo in her hands.]
Starla: So this is the only baby that can grow from the seeds Galaxina?
Galaxina: Yes. None of the other seeds had any signs of life
Daisy: If this keeps up, our clan won't last for long. What should we do?
Chrysanthemum: [Starla, Daisy and Galaxina look up to her] Earthia has been able to hang on for so long due to the fake planet egg, but as time goes on, I see she's definitely getting weaker. [Camera zooms to baby Cosmo] That's her last child.
[Baby Cosmo wails in fear.]
Galaxina: [Joyfully] Don't cry dear. I almost forgot we haven't given her a name yet
Earthia: Cosmo. Cosmo
[The quartet gaze up to Earthia as the camera pans upwards to the tree.]
Earthia: She's the last of my offspring and the last hope for the galaxy. Guard and protect her.
[The scene changes back to Earthia's ship moving through space]
Earthia: Our future depends on it.
[The scene changes back to the room housing Earthia. The camera zooms in towards to a calm Baby Cosmo.]
Galaxina: Did you hear mother? Your a very special baby

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