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Sonic X
A Date to Forget (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "A Date to Forget".

[Scene: Eggman's old, destroyed base.]

Bokkun: [Off-screen] Hey, Emerl... Wake up!
[The shot is taken from the viewpoint of a mechanical being as it opens its eyes and sees Bokkun looking at it. However, its view is blurry. It is revealed that they are inside Eggman's old base, and Bokkun is speaking to a robot that is sitting on the floor with a few wires attached to its head.]
Bokkun: I said wake up!! You can hear me, can't ya? Turn yourself on! What's the matter with ya?! Did your brain short circuit? Come on, get up! We've got an important mission to carry out, and there's no time to lose!
[The robot's dim blue eyes glow slightly, and it nods.]
Bokkun: Huh? Huh? [The robot stands up.]
Bokkun: Good. I hope your batteries are all charged up, 'cause we're gonna have a really busy day.
[Spots of light appear in the robot’s eyes.]
Bokkun: I'm in charge of this operation, so you have to obey all my commands, okay?
[The robot’s eyes sparkle again and it nods. Bokkun hovers above the ground in excitement.]
Bokkun: Alright, Emerl! Let's go!
[Bokkun flies over to a garage door. The robot breaks free of its wire restraints and follows Bokkun. Bokkun giggles and presses a button that opens the garage door, flooding the room with bright sunlight.]
Bokkun: We're gonna give Sonic a real bash today! Forward march!
[Bokkun laughs as they leave the base together.]

[Scene Change: Station Square.]

[Various people are running around the park. Some of them are wearing Sonic-themed shirts. Scarlet Garcia is on the scene.]
Scarlet: City Park has been overrun -- overrun by fitness fans obsessed with running. This new craze is all thanks to Sonic the Hedgehog. His heroics are inspiring thousands of people to put on their jogging shoes and run for fun.
[She speaks to one of the runners, a man wearing a sweatshirt with a picture of Sonic smiling and giving a thumbs up on it.]
Scarlet: Why did you decide to take up running, sir?
[The man wipes his sweat.]
Man: Uh, I don't know. Sonic has such a great time racing around, I thought I'd try.

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Living room]

[The TV is tuned to the news station. Cream and Cheese are playing with toy blocks, and Chrs is reading. Vanilla is also present.]
Scarlet: School officials and athletic coaches report that their track programs are more popular than ever, and new records are being set daily. Experts in sports psychology by the sudden turn of events-
Amy: Sonic!
[Suddenly an angry Amy storms into the room, causing the others to cower back.]
Chris: Hi, Amy
Cream: What's wrong?
[Amy leaps up onto the table.]
Amy: Alright. Where are you hiding, Sonic? You better come out now!
[Chris cautiously approaches Amy.]
Chris: He's not here.
[Amy puts Chris in a headlock and brings her hammer out.]
Amy: You can't fool me, I know you're hiding and Chris is covering for you, so come on out, Sonic!
[Chris becomes sweaty.]
Chris: I'm not covering for him. Sonic was here earlier, but he left, and he didn't say where he was going.
Cream: Chris is telling the truth, Amy!
Cheese: Chao!
[Amy kneels on the table in front of Chris.]
Amy: I'd better find him right away, or there's gonna be big trouble.
Chris: Why? What's wrong?
Cream: Is a monster attacking the city again?
Amy: No, it's worse.
[She growls, causing Cream and Cheese to hug each other in fear.]
Cream: I'm sorry, Amy, I didn't mean to make you angry!
Cheese: Chao chao!
Chris: Take it easy. Just tell us what's going on and maybe we can help.
[A red aura appears around Amy.]
Amy: Nobody can help! Sonic had a date with me and he never showed up! [A lighting bolt strikes behind her.] Aaaaaaahh!
Chris: Is that all?
Amy: [Menacingly] Oh, so you think I'm overreacting.
Chris: Well, just a little...
Amy: That's easy for you to say! It took him forever to ask me out! [She sits down on the table and beings kicking her feet in frustration.] I was so excited I went out and bought brand-new shoes!
[The camera shows a close-up shot of her new shoes, which sparkle.]
Amy: And a new hair ribbon!
[The camera shows a close-up shot of her new hair ribbon, which has a flower on it.]
Cream: You look really nice, Amy!
Amy: It doesn't matter how I look because Sonic stood me up!
[Amy sobs and buries her face in her hands. Chris pats her back.]
Chris: I'm sure there's a good reason Sonic missed your date.
Amy: Oh, yeah? Like what? [crying]
Chris: Well... Maybe he... I know! He had to stop Eggman from destroying the planet!
[Amy looks up.]
Amy: I thought Dr. Eggman was in prison.
[Chris covers his mouth.]
Chris: Yeah, I forgot.
Amy: Just like Sonic forgot our date.
Chris: Maybe he is coming, but he's running late.
[Just then, the doorbell rings.]
Amy: He's here!
[She races to the door, running so fast she kicks up a large dust cloud, causing Chris, Cream, and Cheese to begin coughing.]
Amy: Sonic!
[As Chris, Cream, and Cheese cough on the smoke in Amy's wake, she throws open the door.]
Amy: I'm ready...
[But alas, it is not Sonic who stands there, but Sam Speed instead.]
Sam: Hey, is Sonic around, Amy? I just put a new engine in my car and he said he'd race me.
[Amy blinks in surprise.]
Sam: I can't wait! My new engine runs on high-octane rocket fuel! It's got more horsepower than you can find in a rodeo. With this baby under the hood, I'll be taking a victory lap before Sonic leaves the starting line!
[Chris, Cream, and Cheese have joined Amy at the door.]
Chris: Hi, Uncle Sam.
Sam: I hope Sonic's not getting cold feet. When I called in this morning, he said he dodn't have anything else to do today.
[This sparks anger in Amy once again. Chris holds onto Cream as a blue fiery aura appears around Amy.]
Sam: What's wrong? You looked steamed.
Amy: Sonic has a date with ME!

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Outside]

[As Amy mindlessly doodles on the hood of Sam's car, Chris explains the situation to his uncle.]
Chris: She's upset because Sonic missed their date.
Sam: Well, that's a bummer. Looks like Sonic made two different appointments and stood both of us up.
Chris: That doesn't sound like Sonic.
Amy: I'm sure that Sonic doesn't care about me. That's why Sonic didn't show up for our date.
Cream: Amy...
Sam: Sonic's a busy guy. I bet it takes lots of patience to date him, not to mention a pair of really excellent running shoes to keep up with him. [Laughs]
Chris: [Annoyed] Uncle Sam!
Amy: I know!
[She backflips into the car's passenger seat.]
Amy: Since Sonic bailed on both of us, we'll go out together.
Chris: You two?
Amy: [To Sam] Come on; we'd better get going before the whole day is shot.
[Sam smirks before climbing into the driver's seat.]
Sam: Alright. Amy, let's show Sonic we don't need him to have fun.
Chris: Hold on, Uncle Sam...
Sam: Don't worry. We won't be long. Last year I set a world record for speed dating.
[The car takes off.]
Chris: This is crazy.
Cream: Poor Amy. She's been waiting to go out with Sonic for a long time.
[Chris wraps his arms around the back of his head.]
Chris: Yeah. Guess Sonic doesn't take dating as seriously as she does.
Cream: I think that's awful!
[She heads back inside.]
Chris: Hey, wait! Don't get mad at me! Get mad at Sonic!

[Scene Change: Countryside]

Amy: Sonic is the most self-centered guy I've ever met.
Sam: Ahh... This wind is really refreshing.
Amy: He's always running off on adventures without telling anybody, and I end up alone.
Sam: This new engine is great, and it get awesome mileage too!
Amy: Even If I could keep up with Sonic, he's not the kind of guy who can settle down or even stand still for long.
[There are curves in the road ahead.]
Sam: Whoa, S-turns! Wait'll you see how this baby handles!
Amy: [Annoyed] You haven't heard a word I said!
Sam: Hang on, here goes!
Amy: Huh?
[Sam skillfully navigates his car around the curves.]
Sam: Why waste time on Sonic if you can't catch him? After all, in life, you only get one lap around the track.
Amy: I don't know for sure that it can't work out with Sonic.
Sam: I still say you tell him to hit the road, but I guess he already did. [Laughs]
Amy: Let's drop this subject and figure out where we're gonna go.
Sam: You just name it.
Amy: [Angrily] The beach!
Sam: It's kinda far...
Amy: Well Sonic doesn't like water so we won't run into him there!
Sam: You win, Princess. If you want to hide out from Sonic at the beach, then we'll coast to the coast.
Amy: All right. Thank you. One more thing: let's agree not to talk about Sonic, okay?
Sam: The hedgehog is now history.

[Scene Change: Prison]

[Eggman, Bocoe, and Decoe, dressed in jail suits, are eating prison food.]
Dr. Eggman: Prison food is the pits!
Decoe: This looks more like sewage than soup!
Bocoe: It is lucky for us that we have no taste circuits.
[Eggman taps his spoon on the rim of his bowl.]
Dr. Eggman: I'm hungry! Bring me more!
[Decoe and Bocoe do the same.]
Decoe: We demand refills now!
Bocoe: Hurry up, waiter!
[A prison guard comes along.]
Prison Guard: Can it, or I'll throw you in solitary! Dinner time is over!
[The prisoners grasp the bars of their cell.]
Dr. Eggman: Don't you realize a genius like me needs more food than the average person? My superior brain burns up millions of calories!
Decoe: This kind of treatment is inhuman!
Bocoe: And it is bad for robots, too!
Prison Guard: Knock it off! This is a prison, not a four-star restaurant!
[But the prisoners rattle the bars of their cell.]
Prison Guard: Here! Now pipe down!
[He places the two buckets of food in front of the cell and walks away. They begin serving themselves.]
Dr. Eggman: Slop some of that slop in my bowl!
[Soon they are eating more food.]
Bocoe: One more meal like this and I am going to self-destruct.
Decoe: I wish we were back at the base. I am dying for a drink of motor oil.
Bocoe: We cannot take much more of this. When are we gonna get out of here, Doctor?
Dr. Eggman: [Quietly] Relax. We'll be checking out of this dump any minute.

[Scene Change: Shipping yard]

Dr. Eggman: If everything goes according to plan, our breakout team is about to give Sonic the runaround.
[Sonic is running through the shipping yard. He is forced to stop as a tank explodes out of one of the warehouses. A laughing Bokkun stands atop the tank.]
Bokkun: What a coincidence, running into you!
[It is revealed that the robot is hooked up inside the tank. Its eyes glow red.]
Bokkun: I have an idea! Let's play a game! A shell game!
[Sonic jumps over the tank approaching him. The tank's cannon points at Sonic.]
Bokkun: Fire!
[The cannon fire a shell at Sonic, who leans back to avoid it. Sonic limbos underneath two more shells. He seems to be enjoying himself - until Sonic finds himself staring up the tank’s barrel. Bokkun giggles.]
Bokkun: Get him!
[The cannon fires, prompting Bokkun to cover his ears. When he looks up, he sees a smoldering hole in the ground.]
Bokkun: Alright!
[But he sees Sonic casually relaxing on the side of the tank. He soon takes off running as the tank pursues him. Bokkun fires shell after shell at Sonic, who dodges them easily.]
Bokkun: Hold it, hedgehog! ... Yeah! Keep firing! Hahahaha!

[Scene Change: Countryside]

[Amy and Sam find themselves surrounded in their car by a flock of bleating sheep.]
Amy: Oh great. ... Didn't you tell me you knew a shortcut to the beach?
Sam: Heheh, sure, but I didn't say I was taking it, did I?
Amy: I bet you're lost, aren't you!
Sam: Hey, I never get lost. I just can't figure out where I am sometimes.
[Sam laughs, and the sheep continue bleating.]
Amy: This date's a disaster!

[Scene Change: General Store]

[A dusty and enraged Amy storms into the general storm, startling an old man inside.]
Amy: I need a map.
[The old man stands up.]
Old Man: Sure thing. Looks to me you could use a bath too.
Amy: I know.
[As Amy tries to pat the worst of the dust off of her, Sam appears in the doorway.]
Sam: I guess I should've put the top down when we went down that dirt road.
Amy: We're not taking any more shortcuts. I'm buying a map and I'm gonna figure out the best route to get to the beach.
Sam: Ah, what have we here?
[He removes the leaf and blows it away.]
Amy: How can you be so easygoing? Don't you even care that we're lost?
Sam: It doesn't matter to me where I end up, as long as I have fun gettin' there.
[Amy blinks in surprise.]
Amy: That sounds like something Sonic would say...
[The old man approaches them. He has a bag and a map in his hand.]
Old Man: Sonic. You just said the magic word, miss. You don't happen to know Sonic, do ya?
Amy: Of course I know him! Sonic and I are extremely close. [Blushes]
Sam: Except when they have a date.
[Infuriated at the memory, she stomps on Sam's foot, causing him to cry out in pain and hobble outside.]
Old Man: I owe your friend Sonic more than I could ever repay.
Amy: Why? What did Sonic do for you?

[Scene Change: Ranch - Flashback]

[Bobbie Joe is clinging to the back of a runaway horse, with his grandfather chasing and falling behind.]
Bobbie: Help! I can't stop the horse!
[He falls to his knees and gasps for air.]
Bobbie: Help me, Grandpa!
Old Man: Now what'll I do?
[Sonic races in and stops right in front of the horse, causing it to buck. He then grabs Bobbie...]
Sonic: Gotcha!
[...and returns him to his grandfather. They hug.]
Old Man: Bobbie Joe!
Bobbie: Grandpa!
[Sonic pats Bobbie. Sonic gives a thumbs-up as the flashback ends.]

[Scene Change: General Store]

Amy: Sonic came to the rescue again.
Old Man: The welcome mat will always be out on my front porch for Sonic the Hedgehog. And any friend of Sonic's a friend of mine. Here, take it, and some candy too, with my compliments.
[He hands the map and bag to Amy. She waves as they drive away.]
Amy: Bye-bye! Thanks for everything!
Old Man: Bye! Tell Sonic I said hey!

[Scene Change: Countryside]

Sam: You know, I just remembered something. Sonic and I are supposed to have our race tonight, not today.
Amy: Then Sonic only stood me up.
Sam: I forget sometimes. I guess when you move as fast as I do, it's hard for your memory to keep up with you. [Laughs]
Amy: I wish I could forget Sonic.

[Scene Change: Shipping yard]

[Sonic is still on the run from Bokkun's tank.]
Bokkun: Get ready for the tele-blast! Fire!
[He fires a barrage of Television Bombs at Sonic, who avoids them and runs up the wall of a warehouse before leaping off towards Bokkun.]
Sonic: Look out below!
Bokkun: Don't hurt me!
[Sonic bends the tank's cannon and jumps towards for Bokkun, only for Bokkun to reveal a pair of hands emerging from the tank which grabs Sonic and tosses him into a pile of wooden crates.]
Bokkun: Yeah!
[As Sonic recovers, the tank approaches towards Sonic with its hands clasped together to pound which destroys the pile of crates Sonic who barely jumps away in time.]
Bokkun: Let's give Sonic a "hand"!
[The tank's hands extend towards Sonic. As they reach him, the hedgehog leaps onto them and rides them back to the sender. The hands try to grab Sonic, but they twist with each other, causing the tank to fall on its side. Bokkun is thrown clear of the tank.]
Sonic: Thanks to you, I'm running late for my date with Amy!
[He kicks the side of the tank, and a TV extends out of it. It crackles before exploding, taking the tank with it. Bokkun flies away from the smoke.]
Bokkun: I fooled you! While you were runnin' away from me, another robot was breaking Dr. Eggman out of prison!
[Bokkun starts to fly away, but Sonic chucks a part of the tank at him, causing him to fall to the ground. Sonic emerges from the smoke.]
Sonic: Another robot?
[Sonic looks inside the ruins of the tank. The robot is no longer there.]

[Scene Change: Cafe]

[While Sam is inside the cafe, Amy is sitting on the hood of the car.]
Amy: I guess I should just face facts. Sonic is always gonna be on the run. I guess the two of us just aren't meant to be.
[Sam returns with two ice cream cones. He hands one to Amy.]
Sam: Here.
Amy: Thank you.
[They begin eating.]
Amy: You're like Sonic, aren't you?
Sam: I wish. When Sonic wants to hit the road, all he needs are his feet. Unfortunately, I can't travel very fast without a car.
[Amy pats Sam's car.]
Amy: No car in the world can keep up with Sonic when he's running at full speed.
Sam: Yeah, you're right.
Amy: Then why race him?
Sam: Hey, you still have to try.
[Amy looks down.]
Amy: Yeah, that's the same way I feel.
[Suddenly a giant vehicle known as the Bomb Tank speeds down the road. Sam and Amy soon speed after it. Amy is standing in her seat.]
Sam: [On radio] Roger. I'll stay on its tail. [Off radio] Headquarters thinks that machine's headed for the jail where Eggman's locked up!
Amy: That thing'll break in so Eggman can break out! If we let that thing get into the city, Eggman'll be on the loose again. We've gotta stop it somehow, Sam!
Sam: You're right, but my car is mo match for an armored beast like that.
Amy: If you catch him, I'll stop him!
Sam: OK. Hang on tight!
[Sam presses a few buttons.]
Sam: I changed to Racing Mode!
[Amy sits down as the vehicle changes shape. The wheels move closer together. Amy's seat is moved behind Sam's. An exhaust appears, and wings extend out of the sides of the car.]
Sam: Now let's chase that mean machine down and run it off the road!
[Sam now wears his helmet, and Amy sports safety goggles. The added speed allows them to gain on the Bomb Tank, but is still not quite enough.]
Amy: We're losing it!
Sam: Don't worry! I know a shortcut!
[He drives off-road, and soon re-enters the road some distance ahead of the Bomb Tank. Amy stands again as they speed towards the tank head-on.]
Amy: Steady, Sam!
[Amy has her hammer at the ready.]
Sam: You only have one swing, Amy.
Amy: That's all I need.
[Sam presses a button, and Amy readies her hammer as they approach the Bomb Tank. As they pass, Amy swings the hammer. It become embedded in the Bomb Tank, and it slows to a stop. Amy watches as the Bomb Tank crackles and explodes.]
Amy: We did it!
Sam: Great work, Amy!
[They feel the wind rushing at them.]
Sam: Isn't this a great feeling? We're almost at Sonic's speed.
[He gives a thumbs-up as Amy enjoys the sensation.]
Amy: Sonic, now I understand why you love to run!

[Scene Change: Eggman's prison]

[Bokkun is now in the prison with the others. He grins sheepishly as the others glare at him.]
Bokkun: Don't be angry at me. It isn't my fault you're still in jail. Honest!
[He lets loose the waterworks.]

[Scene Change: Beach]

[Amy and Sam are enjoying the sunset at the beach.]
Amy: When we were racing down that road, I felt so alive. It was incredible!
Sam: You could go even faster. You should try supersonic speed.
Amy: Maybe someday.
Sam: You know... This turned out to be one of the best dates I've ever had.
Amy: This is beautiful. And getting here was sort of fun.
[Amy and Sam glance at each other.]
Amy: Thank you, Sam. If it wasn't for you, I’d have spent all day feeling sad.
Sam: The day’s not over yet. You could still be in for a surprise.
[They look up to see Sonic standing there.]
Sonic: Hey there! Sorry I'm late!
[Amy leaps off the car and runs towards Sonic laughing with her arms out.]
Amy: Sonic, you do care about me!
[Amy laughs and is about to hug Sonic, but he sidesteps, causing her to hug the air and fall forward on the ground.]
Amy: Oh! Whoa! Oof!
Sonic: I'm ready to race, Sam.
Sam: My car has a new engine. It'll blast right past ya!
Sonic: We'll see about that.
Sonic and Sam: Heh-heh!
[Sam leaps into his car as Amy starts to get up.]
Sonic: Ready when you are!
Sam: Get set... Go!
[Amy watches the two take off into the sunset.]
Amy: [Gritted teeth] Those two guys... [Shouting] This was definitely the worst date ever!

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Outside]

[Cream is taking a walk with Cheese.]
Cream: It's getting late, Cheese. We'd better go inside or Ella will get worried. I hope she's cooking us a big dinner tonight because all that playing made me hungry.
[Cream becomes aware of a movement in the bushes.]
Cream: Hey, look...
Cheese: Chao...
[She peeks in to see the robot. Its eyes are back to its normal shade of blue. The episode ends.]