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Sonic X
A Cosmic Call (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "A Cosmic Call".

[Scene: The space above Earth]

[Super Sonic is zipping around through space. Several small light shine before fading. Sonic emerges amidst the wreckage of several destroyed robots. He pants from the exertion.]
Super Sonic: [To himself] He's tougher than I thought. I'd better finish this.
[He looks up to his adversary floating nearby - Dark Oak, leader of the Metarex. He uncrosses his arms and brings out a large golden sword. Super Sonic and Dark Oak charge towards each other, colliding in a bright light. Super Sonic is thrown backwards. He pants as Dark Oak floats down, his cape rippling.]
Dark Oak: Your defeat is certain. Give me the Chaos Emeralds, and I will spare your life.
[Super Sonic spreads out his hands and lets the seven Chaos Emeralds orbit him.]
Super Sonic: Chaos Control!
[Dark Oak watches as Super Sonic uses Chaos Control to scatter the Emeralds across the universe. Without the power of the Emeralds, Sonic plummets to Earth below. Dark Oak looks down at a sparking injury he had received in his conflict with Sonic.]
Dark Oak: Sonic has only delayed my triumph. Those emeralds will be mine.
[Dark Oak then begins to broadcast a message through the entire galaxy.]
Dark Oak: Alert my forces across the galaxy. Begin my search for the Chaos Emeralds at once. Do not rest until you bring them all to me.
[Several red eyes flash behind Dark Oak, who flies away from Mobius. He contacts the rest of his army.]
Dark Oak: Remove the Planet Egg.
[Dark Oak disappears in a red twinkle as something descends towards Mobius. As Sonic falls, he reverts back to his normal form.]

[The opening theme plays]

[Scene Change: Green Hill, night]

[Amy and Cream are with Tails as he is stargazing. He has a camera ready to record. A picnic is also set up.]
Cream: How much longer do we have to wait, Tails?
Tails: I'm not exactly sure, Cream. Not too long.
Amy: This would be so romantic if Sonic were here to see it with me! Soon the whole sky will be filled with shooting stars!
[Tails looks up from the camera.]
Tails: According to the astronomers, we'll only get a meteor shower this humongous once every five hundred years or so. We're really lucky to be here.
[He looks back through the camera.]
Cream: I certainly wouldn't want to wait that long to see it again, would you?
Cheese: Chao!
Amy: We should all make a wish!
[Tails looks up, confused.]
Tails: Why should we do that?
Cream: Chris told us when you make a wish whenever you see a shooting star, it'll come true, remember, Tails?
Tails: Yeah. It's too bad Chris and Chuck aren't here to see this with us.
Cream: I miss them. I wish we could go back to their world for a visit.
[Just then everyone looks up as a shooting star flies past. Tails looks back through the camera.]
Cream and Amy: Ah!
Tails: It's starting!
[More shooting stars fly by.]
Cream: They look like fireworks!
Tails: I'm sure glad I brought a camera.
[Just then one of the shooting stars heads towards them.]
Amy: That sure is a weird looking meteor.
Cream: If I didn't know better, I'd say it's heading straight for us!
[Tails looks up. The three duck down as the object sails right over them. It explodes in the distance. Smoke billows from the impact zone as Tails, Amy, Cream, and Cheese run there.]
Amy: That's no shooting star.
[The three run over. The object is indeed not a shooting star, but a crashed spaceship. A young alien girl is unconscious nearby, clearly thrown from the ship. Tails holds her up. She begins to stir.]
Tails: She needs help.
Amy: Your house is the closest one around here, Cream. I think we should take her there.
Cream: We'll go tell Mother you're coming!
[Cream flaps her ears, and she and Cheese take off.]
Tails: [To himself] I wonder who she is, and where she came from...
[Tails looks up at the shooting stars.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's base]

[Within the walls of Eggman's new tower base, Sonic is unconscious in a bed. A bright light is shining on him from above. He slowly opens his eyes and looks around.]
Dr. Eggman: [Off-screen] It's about time.
[Sonic turns to see Eggman sitting in a seat nearby. Eggman turns to him.]
Sonic: Eggman... what happened?
Dr. Eggman: I've been sitting here for the better part of a week waiting for you to wake up and tell me.
[In a flashback, Eggman and Bokkun are jogging together.]
Dr. Eggman: [As Narrator] I was out jogging to maintain my perfect physique when I spotted something.
[They stop when they see an injured and unconscious Sonic on the beach.]
Dr. Eggman: [As Narrator] You were in pretty bad shape, Sonic. You were battered like a fish stick
[The flashback ends.]
Dr. Eggman: It was a tough decision. I didn't know whether to save you, or wait for the tide to come in! [Laughs]
Bocoe: You were in terrible shape, Sonic. Dr. Eggman saved your life.
Decoe: [Rubs behind his head] If he hadn't, he wouldn't have anybody to pick on.
[Bokkun floats down to Sonic's bed with a mug.]
Bokkun: So how'd you end up passed out on the beach, anyway?
Sonic: I was fighting somebody.
[He jumps up, splashing the drink onto Bokkun's face. Sonic shrugs.]
Sonic: Hey, sorry, but I can't say any more!
[He dashes away, causing Bokkun to spin round.]
Dr. Eggman: You're leaving?
[Sonic rushes back to Eggman.]
Sonic: See you later, Eggman.
[Sonic rushes away.]
Decoe: Hey! You owe us, Sonic!
Bocoe: You run fast, but when it comes to paying your debts, you sure are a slow-poke!
Decoe: Yeah!
Bocoe: What a deadbeat! Guhh!
Bokkun: Sonic, you ingrate!
Bocoe: That is the last time we help you!
Decoe: Yeah! Patients like you make me sick!
[Unbeknownst to Eggman, Rouge has been spying on him this whole time.]

[Scene Change: Cream's house]

[The alien girl is dreaming. In her dream, she is running from something. The wall explodes near her. A large Metarex creature can be seen. Its eyes glow red, and it turns to her.]
Metarex Creature: Cosmo! Run away!
[The girl, named Cosmo, is scared for her life. Fortunately, it is all a dream, and her eyes snap open.]
Vanilla: [Off-screen] Look; she's waking up.
[Vanilla, Tails, Cream, and Amy are looking at her in concern. Cosmo attempts to sit up.]
Vanilla: There my dear, don't try to get up.
[Cosmo turns to them.]
Amy: You were in a big crash. You're really lucky that you didn't have any serious injuries.
Cream: Maybe you could tell us your name and where you and your ship came here from.
[Cosmo slowly nods, covers her mouth, then shakes her head.]
Cosmo: I can't.
Cream: [Confused] You mean... you can't remember?
Cosmo: I can, but I... can't tell you.
[The others show surprise.]
Tails: Why?
Cosmo: I'm looking for somebody on this planet named Sonic the Hedgehog. It's very important that I speak with him as soon as possible before it's too late.
[Amy taps her foot in jealousy.]
Tails: You can talk to us. We'll help you if we can. What's the matter?
[Cosmo looks down, ashamed.]
Cosmo: I can't tell you.
Amy: [Angrily] Well, I have a right to know what this is all about!
Cosmo: Huh?
Amy: [Angrily] Sonic's my boyfriend, and you better not be trying to move in on him!
[Cream places her hand on Amy's chest in an attempt to calm her down.]
Cream: Amy, she didn't come here to date him!
[Cosmo blinks in surprise.]
Tails: We're friends with Sonic, so maybe we can help.
Cosmo: Friends?
Tails: My name's Miles Prower, but everybody calls me by my nickname Tails.
Cream: I'm Cream. We're very happy to meet--
Amy: [Still Upset] And my name's Amy Rose! You aren't gonna be here long, are you?!
[Cosmo slowly nods. Tails scratches his head in confusion. Suddenly they hear a noise from outside. Tails, Amy, and Cream move over to the window.]
Cream: What's that?
[The clouds gather, and a dark figure descends into the Earth's atmosphere.]
Tails: It's something big...
Vanilla: [Off-screen] You should stay in bed.
[They turn around to see Vanilla helping a shaky Cosmo to stand and walk to the window. The dark figure is more prominent now. It appears to be made of metal. A fearful Cosmo appears to recognize it.]
Cosmo: It's another Metarex...

[Scene Change: Angel Island]

[Knuckles is sleeping in front of the Master Emerald. He wakes up and sees the metallic monster, known as Metarex Carrer, descending into the forest below. Unlocking its arms, it dwarfs the entire forest.]
Knuckles: This looks like... trouble.
[Its giant red eye begins glowing.]
Metarex Carrer: Preparing area for Planet Egg Removal.
[The horns on its head begin glowing, and red lightning streaks across the forest, destroying the whole forest.]
Knuckles: If that thing isn't stopped, it's gonna burn up every tree in the forest!
[The entire forest is on fire.]
Knuckles: Hey! Knock it off, ya firebug!
[Knuckles leaps down from the island and attempts to punch the Metarex Carrer, which ends up completely unharmed. The Metarex Carrer sweeps the echidna away with its left hand. Knuckles flies a long distance away, and lands on his feet. Just then, several rockets speed through, and strike the Metarex Carrer, doing no damage. Knuckles looks up to see the X-Tornado. It appears to be slightly recolored.]
Tails: Knuckles!
Knuckles: Alright. Maybe we can stop him together.
[It is revealed that Cosmo is also on the X-Tornado.]
Tails: This doesn't look good.
[The Metarex Carrer continues to destroy the forest. Knuckles charges and tries to attack it again.]
Knuckles: Looks like our only choice is to keep pounding away!
Tails: [To Cosmo] We're going on the attack. Are you ready?
Cosmo: Yes.
[As Tails turns the X-Tornado towards the Metarex Carrer, Amy, Cream, and Cheese approach. They are saddened when they see the forest being repeatedly struck with lightning.]
Cream: The whole forest's on fire...
Amy: This can't be a coincidence.
[The X-Tornado loops around The Metarex Carrer.]
Amy: I have a feeling that girl may know why this is happening. I wish there was a way to convince her to talk to us.
[The moment is tense. Cosmo watches as Knuckles leaps towards The Metarex Carrer, but it sweeps him away. The X-Tornado blasts The Metarex Carrer, doing no damage.]
Tails: Our lasers have no effect.
Cosmo: You need to use much stronger attacks if you're ever going to beat a Metarex.
Tails: Do you know why it came here, or why it's destroying all the trees?
Cosmo: Its mission... is to find the life force of this planet and steal it away.
[Just then Sonic blazes past the X-Tornado, slamming into the Metarex Carrer with incredible force and knocking it over.]
Cream and Amy: It's Sonic!
Cheese: Chao!
[Tails and Cosmo also spot Sonic.]
Tails: He's back!
[In her excitement, Cosmo leaps up, and bangs her head on the X-Tornado's canopy.]
Tails: Are... you okay?
Cosmo: Yes.
[She looks up.]
Cosmo: So that's Sonic. Our final hope.
[The Metarex Carrer promptly stands up again, but it is still smoking from the damage Sonic has done to it.]
Sonic: You're the one who's goin' down in flames now!
[He smugly rubs his nose.]

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Chris is looking at a computer while eating a burger. He looks at the computer more closely.]
Chris: Hey, I know. Maybe if I increase the energy to the transport circuit...
[He quickly recodes parts of the program.]
Chris: [Excitedly] That's it! Alright! It's finally time to try this out.
[He stands up and walks over to a large portal he has built.]
Chris: My machine's like the one Grandpa and Tails built to send Sonic and the others back home, but it doesn't need Chaos Emeralds. If it works, I'll finally see Sonic again!
[He turns to a picture near the window. It is a family photo of a younger Chris, Sonic, Tails, and Amy. Just then a gust of wind blows the picture off the window sill. It falls, and the glass protecting the picture breaks. Chris picks up the picture.]
Chris: I'm coming...
[He takes a long look at the photo.]

[Scene Change: The forest]

Tails: Heads up, Sonic!
[The X-Tornado launches a Power Ring to Sonic, who catches it.]
Sonic: Thanks, Tails!
[Sonic executes a ring-powered spin towards the Metarex Carrer, but the giant Metarex's armor causes Sonic to bounce off. The Metarex Carrer then opens several compartments in its chest, and several claws approach Sonic, who dodges them. Knuckles flies towards the Metarex Carrer, but he is punched back by one of its claws. He lands roughly next to Sonic, bruised and battered.]
Knuckles: It's... pretty tough.
[Sonic looks up at the Metarex Carrer.]
Sonic: Yeah, but we can beat him, buddy.
Knuckles: [Stands up] Got a plan.
Sonic: Double team him. Let's go!
[Sonic races back into battle, followed by Knuckles. In the X-Tornado, Cosmo looks down at Sonic.]
Cosmo: I thought Sonic would move much more quickly than he does.
[Tails notices that Sonic is moving at a slower pace.]
Tails: Something's not right. Sonic is not moving as fast as he usually does.
[The Metarex Carrer supercharges its horns, and unleashes red lightning around Sonic and Knuckles. The X-Tornado fires more missiles at the Metarex Carrer, but to no avail.]
Tails: This is impossible. No matter how hard we hit that thing, it keeps going!
Knuckles: You'll have to use the Chaos Emeralds to stop this thing. I'll distract it with a frontal attack so you can move in and finish it off.
Sonic: I'd like to, but I don't happen to have the Chaos Emeralds with me right now.
[Knuckles shows a mixture of confusion and shock.]
Knuckles: Wh... where are they?
Sonic: [Rubs head] Well, I kinda got into this fight out in space, and the bad guy was gonna take 'em from me, so I sent 'em away.
Knuckles: [Blinks] You finally had all seven Chaos Emeralds together... and you threw them away?
Sonic: Exactly.
Knuckles: [Angrily while grabbing Sonic] Are you crazy?! What are we gonna do?!
Sonic: I guess we're gonna have to find 'em again!
[They continue to squabble. The Metarex Carrer punches both of them away with its claw. Amy and Cream run to the edge of a cliff.]
Amy: Oh no!
Cream: Are you OK?
[Another claw heads towards Amy, Cream and Cheese.]
Amy: Look out!
[Amy tackles Cream to the ground as the claw soars right over their heads.]
Cheese: [Frantically] Chao-chao-chao-chao!
[A bright blue light suddenly emerges out of the ground in front of the Metarex Carrer. Smoke rises from the area.]
Metarex Carrer: Proceeding with Planet Egg Removal.
[The ground begins to open up where the light is coming from.]
Cosmo: Oh no!
[Amy and Cream shield their eyes as the light becomes even brighter. As it dies down, there is a smoldering crater where it once was. A glowing stone rises from the crater and begins to float upwards.]
Knuckles: What in the world is that?
[Tails and Cosmo also discover the stone.]
Cosmo: He's found the Planet Egg...
Tails: What's the Planet Egg?
[A shot of the gemstone, called a Planet Egg, is shown.]
Cosmo: It's the life force that sustains your world.
[As a result of the Planet Egg's removal, the ground begins to become parched, and the trees begin dying.]
Cosmo: The Planet Egg is what gives your world the power to support life. Without it, every living thing here will soon perish.
[The sky changes from red to blue as the shocked Mobians look on. The Metarex Carrer takes hold of the Planet Egg.]
Metarex Carrer: Procedure Complete. Lift Off!
[The Metarex Carrer begins to levitate.]
Sonic: Hold it!
[He spins into the air, but one of The Metarex Carrer's claws shocks him, causing him to fall back to the ground.]
Knuckles: I got ya.
[He dives toward Sonic and catches him at the last possible moment. Amy and Cream run in to check on Sonic. The Metarex Carrer turns round and takes off into the air.]
Tails: I'll stop that thing!
[The Metarex Carrer folds up its claws and blasts into space. Tails begins to feel the turbulence of the upper atmosphere of Mobius.]
Tails: I can't go any higher 'cause this plane wasn't designed to travel into space!
[He looks back to see that Cosmo looks dizzy, with spirals in her eyes.]
Tails: Are you alright, Cosmo?
Cosmo: I'm just... a little... dizzy...
[Cosmo shakes her head to alleviate the dizziness.]
Tails: I'm sorry. I just wish I got the Planet Egg back.
[Cosmo reaches up to the canopy.]
Cosmo: Could you... open this for a moment, please?
[Tails turns to look.]
Cosmo: You can open it while you're flying, can't you?
Tails: Yeah, but I'm not sure it's a good idea to do it at this altitude.
Cosmo: Please, Tails.
Tails: Okay, if you really want me to...
[Tails opens the canopy, and they feel the wind blowing through them.]
Tails: There you go-- Whaah!
[Cosmo leaps out of the Tornado and dives towards the ground below. Meanwhile, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, and Cheese are concerned about Sonic.]
Knuckles: You didn't put up much of a fight against that thing, Sonic. Are you sure you're feeling okay?
Amy: You don't seem like your old self.
Sonic: It's been a long day, so I guess I'm a little tired.
[Just then Cosmo floats to the ground in front of them. Dusting herself off, she turns to Sonic.]
Cosmo: My name is Cosmo. I've come a long way to see you. I need to speak with you, Sonic.
Sonic: O-Okay.
Cosmo: I have sought you out because I know you have the power to control the Chaos Emeralds. I have come here because you are the one who can rescue the galaxy.
Sonic: I am?
[Meanwhile, Tails notices something on Angel Island.]
Tails: What's that?
[The Master Emerald is pulsating with light. The camera cuts to the rest of the group.]
Tails: [Off-screen] Guys! It's happening!
[The group turns to see Tails, having landed, running towards them.]
Knuckles: What's happening?
[The Master Emerald continues glowing in bursts.]
Chris: [Voice-over] Dear Mom and Dad and everybody... I'm sorry to leave without saying goodbye.

[Scene Change: Chris' lab]

[A letter can be seen next to a computer.]
Chris: I knew if I said anything, you'd try and stop me from traveling to Sonic's world.
[Chris is standing in front of his powered-up portal.]
Chris: It's very important to me, so I hope you'll understand. Don't worry. I'll be fine. And... I'll be back. I'll miss you all. Mom, and Dad, Grandpa, Danny, Frances... and Helen. I love you. --Chris P.S.: I'll tell Sonic and the others you said hello.
[The portal consumes Chris, then vanishes.]

[Scene Change: Angel Island]

[Everyone is now gathered around the Master Emerald. They watch as it pulses irregularly. Just then a figure can be seen within the Emerald. Everyone becomes surprised as the figure becomes more prominent.]
Knuckles and Sonic: Hey, that's Chris!
Chris: [To himself] It... worked! I... did it! I actually did it!
[He sees Sonic.]
Chris: Sonic!
[Suddenly Chris falls to the ground. He catches himself, but sees in horror that his lab coat is now too big for him. He cries out as the Master Emerald's glow dies down. He is now back in his twelve-year-old body. The episode ends and the credits roll.]