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Sonic X
A Chilling Discovery (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "A Chilling Discovery".

[Scene: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Having left Planet Secco, the Blue Typhoon is once again travelling through deep space. Chris is typing on a keypad. Sonic and Cosmo are standing nearby.]
Chris: My new program will let us detect a Chaos Emerald anywhere in the galaxy, no matter where or how far away it may be.
[A compartment for a Chaos Emerald opens.]
Chris: Alright, Sonic, what do you say we try it out?
Sonic: Sure thing.
[Sonic hands the Emerald to Chris, and he inserts it into the slot.]
Chris: OK.
[Chris closes the hatch. Tails types on a keypad.]
Tails: Now, we connect it to the main interface and we'll be on our way!
[A holo-radar appears in the front window.]
Tails: [On intercom] Knuckles, everything OK?

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Engine Room]

Knuckles: So far, so good.
Tails: [Over intercom] Wow!
Knuckles: What's up? You got something?

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Tails: I'm detecting a response already!
[A blip appears near the top left of the radar.]
Cosmo: It's thanks to you, Chris.
Chris: [Shrugs] It's no big deal, really.
Tails: Sure it's a big deal! I've built lots of neat stuff, but I couldn't have come up with something this good overnight.
Chris: [Rubs behind head] Aw, come on, Tails, you're embarrassing me.
Tails: Amy, what's the location?
[Amy types on a keypad.]
Amy: The signal's coming from a place called Planet Breezy.
Tails: That sounds cool. Okay, Planet Breezy, here we come!
Amy: We're on our way!

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Operations Room]

[Knuckles watches as the Master Emerald glows brightly.]
Tails: [Over intercom] Engage Warp Field Driver!

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Outside]

[A yellow cone at the tip of the Typhoon fires a portal in front of the ship.]
Tails: [Over intercom] Warp field's ready! Let's go!
[The Typhoon flies through the portal, causing it to glow in rainbow colors and jump to hyperspace.]

[The opening theme plays]

[Scene Change: Planet Breezy]

[On the surface of the ice planet Breezy, there is a palace covered in ice. Within its walls, there is a control room. In the center of the control room, the red Chaos Emerald is encased in a machine. An ice-themed Metarex named Metarex Crystal watches as the machine supercharges the Chaos Emerald, and laughs.]

[Scene Change: The Crimson Egg - Cockpit]

Dr. Eggman: [Laughs] I'm a genius! Sonic and those time-warping nitwits can't shake me, not with my spanking-new all-space tracking system! No matter what they do or where they go, I'll be right behind them. Throw it into Egg Drive!
Bocoe: Aye-aye, Doctor.
[Bokkun pulls a lever, and soon, a massive egg surrounds the Crimson Egg. The egg splits apart and fades, revealing the Crimson Egg is no longer there.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[The Blue Typhoon emerges from hyperspace above Breezy. The blip on the radar is still flashing.]
Amy: There it is, guys, straight ahead. But it looks like rough weather. The whole planet's in the middle of a terrible snowstorm.
Cosmo: Maybe the Metarex have taken its Planet Egg away.
Tails: That would explain the weird weather they're having.
[Tails pulls up a holo-image of the planet's surface. A blizzard is blowing across the surface of the entire planet.]
Cosmo: Everything looks so cold and lonely...
Chris: Even so, we have to go down there and look for the Emerald. Ready, Sonic?
Sonic: Sure. Let's go!
[The Blue Typhoon descends into Breezy's atmosphere, and the craft extends its landing wings. They begin to feel the turbulent winds caused by the global blizzard. Suddenly a giant Metarex lands on top of the Blue Typhoon. It sports a giant spiked ball for a tail that gives it the name Metarex Gigatail. This causes the ship to shake more than it already is.]
Amy: What is that thing, Chris?
Chris: It's a Metarex.
[Gigatail bashes the Typhoon with its tail. Chris presses a button that launches several missiles at Gigatail, who launches some missiles back. Even though Gigatail is destroyed by the missiles, the Typhoon is also damaged. It starts to go down. Red emergency lights flash.]
Tails: Hang on, guys! I'm gonna have to bring it in for a landing!
[The Blue Typhoon makes an emergency landing on the snowy surface of Breezy.]
Tails: Knuckles, do we have any damage?

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Operations room]

Knuckles: I'm afraid so. Looks like Engines 1 and 3 have been hit. We'll have to fix 'em or we'll never get off the ground.

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Tails: Oh, great...

[Scene Change: The Crimson Egg]

[The Crimson Egg has also landed on Breezy.]
Dr. Eggman: My tracking system indicates Sonic's somewhere on this planet. ... Which means those nasty creatures will be coming soon to try to destroy him.
Decoe: The Metarex?
Dr. Eggman: [Stands Up] And it's very likely we'll come under attack too, unless we play a subtle game of subterfuge.
[Bocoe and Decoe high-five.]
Bocoe and Decoe: We're gonna play a game! We're gonna play a game!
Dr. Eggman: Go on; get busy!
[He tosses shovels to Decoe and Bocoe.]
Bocoe: What game do you play with these?
Dr. Eggman: There's no game! Go out and make sure the ship won't be seen!
[Decoe and Bocoe glance at each other.]
Dr. Eggman: Now get moving!

[Scene Change: The Crimson Egg - Below deck]

[Rouge is using an earpiece to listen to Eggman's conversation. Meanwhile, a depressed Bokkun is hovering down the corridor.]
Dr. Eggman: [Over radio] I want this thing in an igloo by nightfall!
Bocoe and Decoe: [Over radio] Yes, Doctor...
Bokkun: Well, at least Rouge isn't here.
Rouge: [Off-screen] Really? [Laughs]
Bokkun: This isn't my day...
[Rouge flies down from her perch.]
Rouge: If I didn't know better, I might think you're not happy to see me.
Bokkun: [Panics] Oh no, Rouge! Don't think that!
Rouge: Oh, I'm glad. Because I've got another tiny little favor I'd like you to do for me.
[She pulls the locket from her chest.]
Rouge: You will help me, won't you?

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon]

[The gangplank extends, and Sonic, Knuckles, and Cosmo are instantly hit with the frigid winds. A door opens, and Chris appears, wearing a winter coat and carrying winter gear.]
Sonic: Let's get this snow on the road!
[He gives a wink and thumbs-up to Cosmo before taking off. Chris appears in the entryway.]
Chris: It might be--
[Sonic is nearly buried in the deep snow.]
Chris: ...deep. Don't worry. I packed some new snowshoes.
[Sonic pulls a pair of snowshoes from his bag. Sonic uncovers his eyes from the deep snow.]
Sonic: Got any earmuffs?

[Scene Change: Planet Breezy]

[Soon, Sonic, Chris, Knuckles, and Cosmo are wearing their snowshoes. They are looking at one of the planet's trees, which is completely frozen over. Cosmo leans towards the tree.]
Knuckles: What are you doing?
Cosmo: I'm trying to listen.
Sonic: Tryin' to listen to what?
Cosmo: If this tree is still alive, I will hear its life force.
[She closes her eyes and concentrates on listening to the tree.]
Cosmo: I knew we were too late...
Chris: Don't worry, Cosmo. Maybe it'll come to life again next spring.
[Cosmo shakes her head before opening her eyes.]
Cosmo: There won't be a spring.
[Another gust of wind blows by.]
Sonic: If the Metarex had already taken the Planet Egg away, there'd be no reason for 'em to still be hangin' around. Maybe it's because the Egg's still here some place
Cosmo: If that's true, we have to try and find it.
Knuckles: We don't have time.
Cosmo: If we find it, this planet might have a chance to survive. I know we came here for a Chaos Emerald, but couldn't we look for a Planet Egg too?
Knuckles: No way.
Chris: What do you think, Sonic?
Sonic: The Blue Typhoon's damaged.
Chris: [Shrugs] Maybe we can use the X-Tornado. If we look for the Egg, we might find the Emerald.
Sonic: Then I say we do it!
[Sonic and Chris beam.]
Cosmo: Thank you both! This planet will be so grateful to you!
Knuckles: Oh alright! Let's go!

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Hangar.]

[The X-Tornado is being prepared for launch. An elevator moves it up to the runway, and the catapult sets it in place. The X-Tornado takes off. Chris and Cosmo are inside, while Sonic and Knuckles ride on the wings. However, a spy drone is watching them.]

[Scene Change: The Ice Palace]

[Metarex Crystal watches the feed his drone is providing. Several Metarex Troopers stand ready for action.]
Metarex Crystal: Our enemies have arrived.

[Scene Change: An igloo]

Bokkun: Rouge really did it this time. Hot chocolate with sleeping powder.
[Rouge flies over the hut.]
Rouge: I knocked those three out but good. While they're sleeping, I'll be on the lookout for that Chaos Emerald.
[She begins to be buffeted by the strong winds.]
Rouge: Ugh, unless I go snow-blind..

[Scene Change: The Ice Palace - Outside]

[The X-Tornado approaches the ice palace.]
Knuckles: There they are.
Sonic: We're ready for 'em!
[Hovering directly in front of them are several dozen Metarex Troopers.]
Chris: Let's go!
[The X-Tornado launches a Power Ring. Sonic leaps up and catches it.]
Sonic: Got it!
[He uses his ring energy to barrel through the Metarex Troopers. Knuckles also leaps off the wing and punches several troopers. The X-Tornado also attacks with an array of lasers and missiles, destroying even more Metarex Troopers. Knuckles and Sonic land back on the wing.]
Sonic: Don't let 'em get away, Chris!
Chris: I won't.
[The remaining Metarex Troopers fall back. Suddenly there are multiple huge explosions behind them.]
Chris: I think we're in big trouble!
[A massive avalanche closes in on the X-Tornado.]
Chris: Oh no!
[Suddenly the Blue Typhoon moves in front of the avalanche and embeds itself in the ground, absorbing it. Tails, Amy, and Cream are in the cockpit. The snow then slides off the ship.]
Tails: Back to the repair shop...
Amy: Hey, look.
[They see the ice palace.]
Amy: Wow.
Cream: It's unbelievable.
Cheese: Cha-chao!
[Meanwhile, Sonic and Knuckles leap off the X-Tornado. However, Sonic slips and falls on the ice. Knuckles slides to a stop next to him. They look up to see hundreds of new Metarex Troopers moving out of the ice palace towards them.]
Chris: Sonic! Use this!
[The X-Tornado launches a hover-board down to Sonic, who leaps onto it and speeds through the army of Metarex Troopers.]
Knuckles: Wouldn't happen to have one of those things for me, would ya?
Chris: Sorry, Knuckles, I only had time to make one!
Knuckles: Yeah, well that's--
[He stands up, but suddenly slips again. Sonic barrels through more Metarex Troopers as the X-Tornado lowers its altitude so Knuckles can climb back on.]
Knuckles: [Grumbling] I don't get any respect. No respect at all!
[He looks down at the growing pile of destroyed Metarex Troopers.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Tails: [Over radio] According to the scanner, the Chaos Emerald's in the center of that ice palace.

[Scene Change: Planet Breezy]

Chris: Roger, but first things first. Hang on, Knuckles!
[The X-Tornado speeds through a chasm sideways. Cosmo closes her eyes, not bearing to look. Meanwhile, Sonic speeds through ramps, surrounded by Metarex Troopers. Sonic leaps his board off a ramp. As Metarex Troopers fire missiles at him, Sonic leaps off his board, Homing-attacks them, and lands expertly back on his board. Meanwhile, several more Metarex Troopers fly in front of the X-Tornado as it flies through the chasm. He grabs one and swings it by the tail, destroying all the others, before throwing it against the chasm wall.]
Cosmo: How will we ever defeat them all when there are so many of them?
Chris: Good question.
[Meanwhile, Rouge is flying directly above the ice palace.]
Rouge: My, my, my. All that sparklin' ice makes that place look like a 24-carat castle.
[A Metarex Trooper quietly floats up behind her and grabs her arms, surprising her.]
Rouge: Get lost!
[She Screw Kicks the trooper to pieces. Meanwhile, Sonic and Chris reunite and fly towards the ice palace.]

[Scene Change: The Ice Palace]

[She Screw Kicks the trooper to pieces. Meanwhile, Sonic and Chris reunite and fly towards the ice palace.]

[Scene Change: Planet Breezy]

[Sonic and the X-Tornado soon reach a spiral ramp. Sonic spins his board like a buzz-saw that gets rid of some of the Metarex Troopers that appear while the X-Tornado blast the others. Chris fires some missiles that destroys part of a tower on the ice palace. Sonic flies through the hole and lands in the control room.]

[Scene Change: The Ice Palace - inside]

[Once inside, Sonic sees the Chaos Emerald.]
Sonic: Well, there it is...
[Knuckles punches a new hole in the wall, allowing him, Cosmo, and Chris to enter as well.]
Chris: Sonic, can you get it out of there?
Sonic: I'll try.
[Rouge looks down through the hole in the ceiling. Knuckles dons his shovel claws.]
Knuckles: Leave this to me!
[He tries to attack the ice, but bounces backwards instead.]
Knuckles: That ice is harder than a diamond!
Metarex Crystal: [Off-screen] Of course it is. If it were not, we would be at the mercy of thieves like you.
Knuckles: Come out where we can see you!
Metarex Crystal: [Off-screen] Very well. Keep your eyes on the Emerald.
[The Chaos Emerald begins to glow, and Metarex Crystal teleports into view inside the ice case.]
Knuckles: You don't scare me!
[He tries to attack the ice again, but still nothing happens. Not even Sonic's spin attack works on the ice.]
Metarex Crystal: Now I will destroy you!
[He picks up the Emerald and uses its power to melt the room.]
Chris: It's getting power from the Emerald!
[They flee just as Metarex Crystal and the Chaos Emerald vanish.]
Chris: Run!
[The ice ceiling collapses and falls where they just were. Rouge flies out of the way so that her cover is not blown..]
Rouge: Rats.
[That part of the ice palace collapses. Crystal shows up again and pounds the ground with his hand, creating a giant crack. Chris and Cosmo nearly fall in, but Knuckles catches Cosmo, and Sonic catches Chris. The Blue Typhoon descends.]
Tails: [Over Loudspeaker] Hang in there, guys!
[But Crystal breathes its icy breath, encasing the entire Typhoon in ice.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Amy: Our cannon's frozen solid.

[Scene Change: Planet Breezy]

[The X-Tornado's missiles do no damage to Crystal.]
Chris: The rockets didn't faze him.
[Sonic rides his board up the now-giant Metarex Crystal's body as Chris launches two Power Rings to him.]
Sonic: Heads up, Sonic!
[Sonic spins toward Metarex Crystal, but Metarex Crystal extends an ice spike out of his left hand towards Sonic. Sonic drills through the spike, but lands in Metarex Crystal's hand. Metarex Crystal grabs him.]
Cosmo: We've got to do something to save him!
[She presses a button that fires a beam, then immediately regrets it.]
Cosmo: I'm sorry, Chris! I've just hit the laser beam!
[The beam cuts Crystal's hand off, and Sonic leaps back onto the X-Tornado.]
Chris: Great job, Cosmo. You're a real lifesaver! The laser beam sliced right through the ice. [To Knuckles] Knuckles, we're heading for the engine room.

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Everyone is back on the Blue Typhoon.]
Tails: We're almost ready, Chris. You see, all we have to do is get Knuckles to power up the laser cannon and we'll be good to go.
Knuckles: [Over radio] Let's do it!
[A pair of large laser blasters extend out of the top of the Typhoon.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Master Emerald room]

Knuckles: The seven Chaos Emeralds are the servers. Our hearts intensify their power.

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[A monitor shows the charge level of the Master Emerald.]
Chris: 60... 70... 80... 90...
[The laser cannons crackle with raw energy.]
Chris: Energy charging sequence complete!
Tails: Fire!
[The laser cannons fire.]
Metarex Crystal: Your weapons are of no use against me!
[He extends an ice spike out of his remaining hand to block the giant beam, but not only is the spike melted, but so is his hand, arm and entire body. Metarex Spike is beaten and relinquishes the Planet Egg, which sinks into the planet. Cosmo smiles. Soon, everyone is outside the craft. Much of the snow has melted.]
Knuckles: I found it!
[Knuckles is bending over the red Chaos Emerald. Just as he is about to pick it up, Rouge snatches it, leaving behind three "Thank You" cards like the one she left at the National Museum on Earth.]
Rouge: Thanks for doin' the dirty work! I owe you one, Knuckie.
Knuckles: You bring that back here!
Amy: Gah! She just stole the Chaos Emerald!
Knuckles: [Sarcastic] Thanks very much for the update!
Sonic: Hey, Knuckles. Take a look at this.
[Right near Cosmo are brand new plants growing in the ground.]
Cosmo: The grass - it's growing!
Chris: Spring came after all. And before you know it, this place will be just as green and beautiful as it was before.
Sonic: Sure! Happy, Cosmo?
Cosmo: [Nods] Yes!

[Scene Change: The Crimson Egg - Cockpit]

Dr. Eggman: How dare you let them get away! I ought to dismantle you snoozing losers!
Decoe: Don't blame us, Doctor! You were snoozing too!
Bocoe: We all fell asleep after Bokkun brought us hot chocolate. That's interesting.
Bokkun: Whaah! It wasn't me who put sleeping powder in your cocoa!
Decoe, Bocoe and Eggman: Whaaat?
Bokkun: [Waves hands] Aahh, I meant marshmallows! [To himself] I'm not a very good traitor...
[Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe are left puzzled.]

[Scene Change: The Crimson Egg - Below deck]

[Rouge is bathing in a tub. She examines her skin.]
Rouge: That nasty snow-globe was so windy and wintry, even my gloves have got goose pimples. Oh well.
[She giggles and pulls out the Emerald she stole.]
Rouge: Now I've got this hot little baby to keep me warm. Positively perfect. Just get a load of that shine!
[The Emerald suddenly stops glowing.]
Rouge: Wait a minute...This is a...

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Tails: ...fake! After I took a good look at the response data, I noticed something I hadn't seen the first time. The components of the Emerald was off so slightly even the scanners didn't pick it up.
Chris: I've reprogrammed them, Tails. Next time they'll only respond to real Emeralds. What I can't figure out was what that Metarex was doing with a fake Emerald.
Tails: Maybe the fake Emerald was a decoy the Metarex used to throw us off the track.
Knuckles: [Grins] Wait'll Rouge finds out she filched a phony! [Laughs]

[Scene Change: The Crimson Egg - Below deck]

Rouge: They think they can fool me do they? We'll see about that!
[She crushes the fake Chaos Emerald in her hand.]
Rouge: I'll make them pay for this! I promise, I'll make them pay!
[The Crimson Egg flies away. The episode ends and the credits roll.]