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Classic Sonic themed pinball game.

777 Slots Pinball (also known as Sonic Pinball) is a minigame in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. It is one of the two pinball games located in Casinopolis, the other being the NiGHTS-themed game Card & Pinball.

It is a Classic Sonic-themed pinball game with a slot machine fixed into its center.


The game plays like a regular pinball game with Sonic (in constant Spin Attack) as the ball. The objective is to collect as many Rings as possible. The players launch Sonic with the plunger and use the flippers to keep Sonic from falling down the drain. The players have three "balls" which they will lose if Sonic falls down the drain. If the players lose all balls with less than 100 Rings, they will fall into the garbage and sewers of Casinopolis. If the players score more than 100 Rings, they will end up in front of the vault to deposit them.

In order to use the slot machine in the center, the player must launch Sonic to the gate on the top of the playfield. Once in, the slots will spin. Pressing the jump button will stop each of the slots one by one. It is possible to score a row either horizontal or diagonally:

Formation Title Description
Ring Bonus SA.pngRing Bonus SA.pngRing Bonus SA.png Ring 3K The player will be rewarded with 15 Rings and 30 second multiplier.
Sonic Bonus SA.pngSonic Bonus SA.pngSonic Bonus SA.png Speed Star The player will be rewarded with 50 Rings and 99 second multiplier.
Tails Bonus SA.pngTails Bonus SA.pngTails Bonus SA.png T-Kickback The player will be rewarded with 15 Rings, while this also blocks the hole between flippers for 45 seconds until it opens again.
K.T.E. Bonus SA.pngK.T.E. Bonus SA.pngK.T.E. Bonus SA.png Shining "K" The player will be rewarded with 30 Rings and 80 second multiplier.
Amy Bonus.pngAmy Bonus.pngAmy Bonus.png Blue Rose The player will be rewarded with 50 Rings and 60 second multiplier.
Eggman Bonus SA.pngEggman Bonus SA.pngEggman Bonus SA.png Final Eggman The player will lose 100 Rings. This also makes the pipe of slot machine blocked for about 60 seconds.

When striking the cyan-glowing switches, special gates will open up which Sonic can roll into and out of the playfield to get various prizes through a series of timed jumps and rolling. These prizes include Ring power-ups and lives.

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