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2 Nights 2 Remember is the second live album by Crush 40. It contains four new studio recorded songs while the rest are live versions from their "2 Nights 2 Remember" Live Concert in Tokyo 2014.[1] The album contains songs from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, as well as songs from their past albums.

Track listing

  1. 2 Nights 2 Remember
  2. Big Mouth
  3. Light of the Day
  4. Down & Dirty
  5. Dangerous Ground [Live 2N2R]
  6. Into The Wind [Live 2N2R]
  7. Free [Live 2N2R]
  8. 2 Nights 2 Remember [Live 2N2R]
  9. Down & Dirty [Live 2N2R]
  10. With Me [Live 2N2R]
  11. Live Life [Live 2N2R]
  12. Knight of the Wind [2N2R]
  13. Watch Me Fly... [Live 2N2R]
  14. Revvin' Up [Live 2N2R]
  15. Never Turn Back [Live 2N2R]
  16. Sonic Youth [Live 2N2R]
  17. What I'm Made of... [Live 2N2R]