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The screen for 2P Play.

2P Play, or 2P Play Mode[1] is the multiplayer mode in Sonic Heroes where two players can play together and compete in one stage in a variety of modes. These modes are usually focused on some of the gameplay mechanics of the game. As such, two controllers must be connected to the console in order to access this mode.

After selecting one of the modes, both players will then be able to select one of the available teams; however, both players cannot use the same team. Finally the first player can select which of the modes' three stages they would like to play, or select "ALL", which both players play all of the stages listed. In this case, the player that wins two of the stages first wins the mode overall.

List of Modes

Action Race

Main article: Action Race

The objective of Action Race is to reach the Goal Ring before your opponent does.


Main article: Battle

In this mode, both players' teams battle against each other to force each other off the edge of the Stage.

Special Stage

Both players compete to race through a Special Stage to pursue the fleeing Chaos Emerald. The objective of the player in Special Stage is to reach the Chaos Emerald before the other does.

Ring Race

Main article: Ring Race

In this mode, the player simply must collect more Rings than the other within a certain period of time.

Bobsled Race

Main article: Bobsled Race

In this mode, both players control a team each riding on a Bobsled. The player must complete three laps of the stage before the other player can do so in order to win. 

Quick Race

Main article: Quick Race

The objective is identical to that of Action Race except both players start at opposite ends of an identical course with one Goal Ring in the middle.  

Expert Race

Main article: Expert Race

The objective is identical to that of Action Race and Quick Race. The stages in this mode though are considerably longer than the Stages in the aforementioned modes.


  1. Sonic Heroes (PlayStation 2) North American instruction manual, p. 29.

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