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20 Years of Sonic Music is a CD compilation published by Wave Master. It was included in the Sonic Generations Collector's Edition, which was only available in Europe and Australia.

It features the background music tracks from the first Zone of various Sonic the Hedgehog games between 1994 to 2010.

Track list

  1. "Sega Call"
  2. "Angel Island - Act 1"
  3. "Mushroom Hill - Act 1"
  4. "Splash Hill - Act 1"
  5. "Palm Tree Panic - Present"
  6. "Toxic Caves"
  7. "Green Grove - Act 1"
  8. "Midnight Greenhouse"
  9. "Lovers"
  10. "Can You Feel the Sunshine?"
  11. "Right There, Right On"
  12. "Plant Kingdom - Act 1"
  13. "Blue Azure World... for Emerald Coast"
  14. "Escape from the City... for City Escape"
  15. "Seaside Hill"
  16. "Theme of Metal City"
  17. "Quick Trip To Paradise"
  18. "Westopolis"
  19. "Let the Speed Mend It"
  20. "Camelot Castle"
  21. "The Water's Edge"
  22. "Windmill Isle - Day"
  23. "Tropical Resort - Act 1"

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Main article | Script | Staff | Beta elements | Gallery