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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
'90s Boulevard

Neon signs tint the city's nightscape, fodder for a prismatic meteor burst!

— In-game description

'90s Boulevard is a track in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It appears to be based on the vibrant days of the 1990s, and it takes place during the night, as opposed to '80s Boulevard. The track also makes references to past Sega video game franchieses, such as NiGHTS and Samba da Amigo.


SRZG90s boulevard.jpg

The track starts off in again a location looking somewhat like Times Square, New York, as '80s Boulevard started off in such a way. There is a split that divides the street into two lanes, the one to the right leading to a ramp near a NiGHTS billboard used as a wall-route shortcut, and the other leading to a grassy area with police cars. If one chooses a Gear with grinding or air riding capabilities, then this may be the path to choose. But if a Bike or Wheel user chooses to go right before the split into two lanes, then the character will enter through an alley filled with trash cans, which can be used to replenish Gravity Points. The path will then lead to a 100-Ring Capsule, following a ride up a building. After the player passes the building, there is a hall in which the player can change gravity to land on it. If one chooses not to take this path, however, then the player may use the bottom route to either ride a grind rail or use the ramp and take a dash panel-filled area. The path with the grind rail leads to a billboard with an image of the game series, House of the Dead. Both paths use dash panels that lead to a ramp, which leads down to the start/finish line. If one has enough gravity points, however, then they may use the billboards to conduct a meteor burst, allowing for faster transportation.


Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
1 Find the quickest route and reach the goal in under 1:03 minutes! Wave

Normal: 1:03-0:57

Super: 0:56-0:50

Extreme: <0:50

2 Reach the goal with at least 90 Rings! Jet

Normal: 90-149 Rings

Super: 150-189 Rings

Extreme: 190 or more Rings

3 Score at least 28 points by performing cool tricks! Jet

Normal: 28-37 points

Super: 38-47 points

Extreme: 48 or more points

4 Perform at least 10 air rides before reaching the goal! Wave

Normal: 10-17 air rides

Super: 18-24 air rides

Extreme: 25 or more air rides

5 Earn 400 points performing gravity dives as you do one lap around the course! Storm

Normal: 400-599 points

Super: 600-799 points

Extreme: 800 or more points

6 Collect time items and reach the goal before time runs out! Storm

Normal: 0:01-0:09

Super: 0:10-0:24

Extreme: 0:25 or more

7 Land attacks on Eggman and his crew and reach the goal in under 1:20 minutes Jet

Normal: 3 attacks

Super: 4 attacks

Extreme: 5 or more attacks


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Blast Town N/A 3:49



  • If one were to keep using gravity dive and go to the left path in the split street, then reach the NiGHTS shortcut, then one may be able to complete the stage under a much faster time.
  • One of the Attack shortcuts in this course has the character grabbing on to a helicopter as the helicopter takes off and flies around through the course. This may be a reference to Speed Highway from Sonic Adventure, in which Sonic, at one point of the stage, grabbed onto a helicopter and the helicopter whisks Sonic to a different location of the stage.

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