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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
'80s Boulevard

Race amid cars and rails in the lawless city born of the black hole's wake.

— In-game description

80s Boulevard is an unlockable track in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It takes place in a 1980's busy, bustling city covered in references to various Sega franchises around that period and their successors.


The track starts in a street whose design is similar to Times Square in New York. As the player progresses throughout the course, the track then branches into a four-way crossing crowded with buses (which can be used to induce Meteor Bursts while using Gravity Dive). It then transitions to a subway station where one can either take the opportunity to ride on top of a subway train or take the stairs, where Grind Sections are located.


Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
1 Find the shortest route and reach the goal within 1 minute! Amy
  • Normal: 1:00:00-0:55:01
  • Super: 0:55:00-0:52:01
  • Extreme:<0:52:01
2 Reach the goal with at least 125 Rings! Knuckles
  • Normal: 125-149 Rings
  • Super: 150-174 Rings
  • Extreme: 175 or more Rings
3 Score at least 15 points by performing cool tricks! Sonic
  • Normal: 15-18 points
  • Super: 19-25 points
  • Extreme: 26 or more points
4 Perform at least 5 grinds before reaching the goal! Sonic
  • Normal: 5-6 grinds
  • Super: 7-8 grinds
  • Extreme: 9 or more grinds
5 Earn 600 points performing gravity dives as you do one lap around the course! Sonic
  • Normal: 600-799 points
  • Super: 800-899 points
  • Extreme: 900 or more points
6 Chase the runaway car and destroy it within 50 seconds! Knuckles
  • Normal: 0:50:00-0:40:01
  • Super: 0:40:00-0:25:01
  • Extreme: <0:25:01
7 Use gravity action to smash at least 28 cars! Tails
  • Normal: 28-33 points
  • Super: 34-39 points
  • Extreme: 40 or more points

References to Sega games

There are many references to Sega's various game franchises and even Sega itself, which include:

  • NiGHTS
  • Samba de Amigo
  • Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Phantasy Star
  • Crazy Taxi
  • Alex Kidd
  • Other Sega characters and games during that period

The track also includes references to consoles themselves, which include:


  • The traffic on this track grant the lowest amount of GP when meteor bursted. When GP is set to "High", they usually only give around 30 GP.
  • If one happens to run out of gravity points while on top of the moving subway train, the train moves, but the player does not.
  • Above the giant claw machine, after the four-way intersection, you can find Sonic Channel artwork of Sonic.
  • The underground subway is called "Sonic Station" if you look at the signs in the subway tunnel.
  • One of the missions has Knuckles chasing after a runaway taxi cab. This is most likely a reference to Crazy Taxi.
  • A hundred Ring Capsule is located on the wall running section, after the first ramp.
  • In a certain barricaded alley (a path reachable using a Bike or Wheel Gear), several posters showing Dr. Eggman and Elise from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) can be found.




Name Artist Length Music Track
Blast Town N/A 3:49


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