Welcome to the Sonic News Network Discussion Board (SNN D.B), a place to discuss any and all things 'Sonic the Hedgehog'! This page is the guideline and policy for proper and civil conduct expected for all participants, and whom are expected to abide by. If you are unsure or confused about anything presented here, don't be afraid to consult our administrators or moderators. If you need help, just ask! ==Code of Conduct== As in all forums, chat-rooms, the SNN Discussion Board expects all participants to speak, act and interact in a civil and safe manner to each and everyone in regards to all types of topics. * New and experienced users are expected to inhabit the SNN D.B which includes people from different age groups, countries and social/political alignments. Be courteous and considerate. * Direct personal attacks, racial slurs, discrimination, threats, racism, and profanity are not tolerated in the SNN D.B. As a rule of thumb, if you do not have anything nice to say, then do not say it at all. * Deliberate efforts at trolling or de-railing threads are prohibited. * Be cautious when discussing controversial topics, do so in a polite and respectful manner. Do not berate others for their opinions. If you know you might state something that could cause controversy, then try to keep to yourself. This includes but is not limited to stating personal affiliations and beliefs. When things begin or do go out-of-control, it is expected that an administrator or moderator will request for all participants to drop the subject. * Avoid discussing sexual or profane topics. Inappropriate topics include, but are not limited to: sex, drugs, excessive violence, illegal conducts, and vulgar language. If a link you are posting contains any of the above material or similar, please warn users before sharing it. However, the following topics will not be tolerated even with a warning: Pornography of any graphic nudity. ** Extreme violence and gore. ** Criminal activity. ** Links containing and/or promoting discrimination, racism or threats towards any party. * Mild profanity (damn, crap, piss, hell) will be tolerated as long as both (or all) parties consent to it and is not used in context to direct at anyone personally. Using mild profanity with Users who would prefer specific, or all examples to not be used when speaking to them directly will be seen as a violation of this policy and be dealt with accordingly. If you feel the need to use vulgar language, please censor the word using symbols. Here are examples of strong profanity -- use of these words for any reason, unless used in specific contexts, will first be met with a warning, then a potential ban if usage of these words persists despite any warnings given. ** Abusive profanity, (directed at another person for the purposes of insult) ** Sexual profanity, ** Slurs based on specific identities, (racial, sexual, cultural, profanity referencing specific religions or religious figures etc.) * If you're having emotional or social problems outside of the internet, do not use the SNN D.B to vent. The SNN D.B is not a psychologist. if anything, more trouble will be found discussing such issues here than it will fix. * 'Back-Seat-Moderating' is prohibited in the SNN D.B. Administrators and moderators are appointed for a reason. They are able to identify when the rules are being broken and know how to respond. Enforcing the rules yourself can result in confusion and miscommunication for the moderators and administrators. If you a feel a user who is breaking rules or is going unnoticed, at the top of the page exists a drop-down block which when clicked, will display an option to report the post or thread and/or notify an administrator or moderator if deemed necessary. ==Thread Conduct== * Although it is understood that not all users come from English-speaking backgrounds, The SNN is currently by default, an English Discussion Board and thus, English is to be the only language used in all aspects of the D.B, thread and comment posts included. Any thread or posts which are solely of non-English text or language will be blocked or removed, and the violating user warned. * If an administrator or moderator warns you to stop doing something, then adhere to what they say at immediate notice. Do not disrespect or backtalk to an administrator or moderator as this may lead to further conflict and could potentially result in punishment (a kick or ban). If you feel that an administrator or moderator is unfairly warning you, then contact a different administrator about the situation. * THREADS TITLES COMPLETELY IN ALL-CAPS will be interpreted as attention seeking and is not prohibited on the SNN D.B. Users violating this rule will have their thread or posts blocked or removed, and the user warned. Continual violations of this rule may result in a ban. * Ensure that any new threads created are to be placed into the required category.'Sonic News and Updates' is for threads relating to only newly released or upcoming content of the Sonic Franchise and so forth. 'Editing Projects' is for discussing a critical change or addition related to articles in the wiki. 'Wiki issues/changes' is for discussing or proposing changes to the wiki, and reporting issues that a user is encountering while using the wiki. 'Animation and Film' is for topics relating various animated series' and films within the franchise, and 'Comics discussions' is for topics related to the comics side of the franchise. While 'General' is for topics related to the main series. * Spamming or creation of duplicate threads are prohibited. Multiple posts in one day are highly discouraged, and it may be considered as spamming.Two is a good rough standard to go by per day, but if posting too many per day, especially if they're similar posts like video links, some of your posts may be deleted. * Threads made purely to solicit up-votes are prohibited. * User rights requests are for users who want the community's approval to be given special tools that enable them to moderate the wiki. Any requests or nominations that are being posted in these threads must be placed in the 'User Rights' category, or they will be deleted. ==User Account Conduct== * Sock-puppetry - The creating one or more alternate accounts that a user may use to create confusion, deception, or disruption. Such alternate accounts are known as 'sock-puppets', and are forbidden on this wiki. Scenarios include: ** Block evasion - If a user created a new account in order to evade a block, or a ban, the sock-puppet account would be banned indefinitely and, depending on the situation, the perpetrator's main account may have the already existing block extended. Note that this also applies to deliberately using different IP addresses to evade a block. ** False consensus - The creation of an alternative account to skew or disrupt discussions involving voting, or to impersonate another user or administration personnel is also prohibited and can result in the permanent ban of the sock-puppet account, and the main account receiving a block. * Circumventing policies - All violations of the policy apply to the editor, not just the account. The normal punishments for any offenses committed with a sock-puppet account will be applied to the main account in addition to the indefinite ban of the sock-puppet account. Regardless of the circumstances, the general rule is one editor, one account. Although a user may want move to a new account, but the other account will be blocked and thus rendered unusable. In these cases, the user should make it clear to site administration personnel. ==Don't game the system== * To 'game the system' is to use policies in bad faith in an attempt to disrupt the flow of discussion and editing. The process of 'gaming the system' is accomplished by attempting to find within polices a justification or reason to perform abusive actions. Finding a supposed justification or reason is often done by warping policies out of context, "reading in between the lines", stating that the policy doesn't say something just because it doesn't explicitly, or taking things far too literally. Also attempting to fraudulently cite a policy on another user is gaming the system, a policy should only be cited if a user is in clear violation of it. ===Examples=== * "You cannot revert/block me! My [vandalism] to the Shadow the Hedgehog article of him being edgy a.f is in good faith because he truly is edgy a.f!" ** The user here would still be blocked for vandalism, regardless of the article vandalized. * "I told [this other user] to f*** off, because no one likes him. I ignored SNN Wikia and D.B policy/guidelines because the Wiki would be better off without him." ** The user here would still be warned/blocked for abuse against another user. *Taking policies out of context on purpose. ** "Per the 'All-Editors-Are-Equal' rule, I should be made an administrator, as otherwise, I am not equal." This and similar arguments not valid arguments, as they are taking a policy out of context. * "Redlining the policy" - Purposely staying just out of a policy's reach in order to disrupt without punishment. **This would eventually be caught on to and a punishment will be issued. *Attempting to get away with something because it isn't written down in policy. Not every iteration of disruptive/non-constructive behavior needs to be written down in policy. If you know something you do will have adverse effects and/or is not constructive at all, then don't do it. =='Scope' and 'Weight'== The SNN D.B is a place dedicated to discussing things specifically about the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' franchise. Although many things such as topics and ideas regarding this franchise are up for discussion, the SNN D.B is set with a 'scope' of what is expected to be discussed, and the way to judge these threads if they contain sufficient 'weight' to exist on the board. ===Scope=== * At its most general coverage, the scope of the SNN D.B is to include threads which are used to discuss: ** Official Sonic or Sonic related news, opinions and official articles in regards to new, present or old releases (games, comic books, toys, TV Shows, characters, real-life people, real-life events etc.), ** Changes in franchise operation (eg. end of Archie Comics, establishment of IDW etc.) ** Review, opinion or commentary on official franchise content, publisher/franchise conduct or official announcements of upcoming installments. ** Related questions or community suggestions (eg. 'should I get Sonic Mania for Playstation/XBOX/PC/Switch and if so, what would the benefit be if I chose 'x' over 'y') or similar topics. ** Surveying or polling the user or community on opinions based on content mentioned in the above four points. ** User Administration/Moderation rights requests/nominations. ===Weight=== Although a thread may contain content considered within the 'Scope' of the SNN D.B, all users need to be informed of what they should or should not do when creating a thread to ensure it is not a thread of 'undue-weight' and of no value to the SNN D.B. A thread at its most minimum requirements of that with 'due-weight' must at least have a MINIMUM OF ONE of the following: * A thread of information of clear and understandable context OR * An Opinion piece OR * A Commentary/Statement piece OR * A Review piece OR * A Question OR * A News article/announcement If a thread does not contain ANY of at least ONE of the aforementioned qualities, it is to be blocked, the poster informed/warned and eventually deleted. ==What the SNN D.B is not...== ===...a general gaming discussion forum=== Although the SNN D.B may have news and announcements on recent developments in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, it is by no means a place where we discuss on all forms of topics in gaming. The SNN is NOT Reddit or any other game-native forum. These sites and exist for the purpose of providing forum discussions of all things gaming or otherwise, or a forum for a specific media franchise of which Sonic the Hedgehog is not necessarily apart of. The SNN D.B is here to discuss everything Sonic the Hedgehog, and thus, only Sonic the Hedgehog-related topics will be allowed. advertising/promotional site=== The SNN D.B is not a tool for advertising or promotional site. It is a forum to discuss all-things Sonic the Hedgehog. Illicit advertising or promotion is prohibited. Promotion or advertisement of past, present or future Sonic the Hedgehog franchise installments are allowed, so long as the topic to be discussed is the content within it, however. ===...Youtube=== The SNN D.B is not a video hosting site like Youtube or Twitch. Videos from Youtube, Twitch or any other video hosting site must be kept away from thread unless it is within the reasonable context and boundary of justification of the D.B 'Scope' and 'Weight' (eg. SEGA recently released an official advertisement trailer for an upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog franchise media, the video can be posted here to allow participants of the fandom to provide their opinions or commentary on the matter). Any other Youtube/Twitch videos which fail to fall into the defined 'Scope' and 'Weight' of the D.B however, can be instead be placed and kept in the uploader's own personal user-page or blog posts instead. If it is of benefit of the SNN, it may be allowed to even be placed within the SNN's main articles. ===...Imgur=== The SNN D.B is not an image hosting website and as such, threads should not be made for the sake of posting random images, or Sonic-related images lacking any valuable context whatsoever (see 'Scope and Weight') ===...Facebook=== Self explanatory, the SNN is not a place dedicated for you to document your entire life for everyone to see. ===...DeviantArt=== Although it is understandable that many users or participants have a talent or hobby interest in art, The SNN's D.B is not an art hosting website. Fan-art, or any other art, in particular, should be kept instead on the poster's own personal user-page or blog post. Some image and art from official sources can be allowed to be posted for view so long as it falls within the 'Scope' and 'Weight' of the D.B to serve a viable discussion (eg. "SEGA has just introduced a new character in IDW Publishing's Sonic the Hedgehog comic book title who looks like this [image of character here], what are your opinions of this addition/design of this character?") Ditto as above, only this time there are no exceptions. Promotion of fan fiction ideas is prohibited on the D.B ===...ThePirateBay=== Also self explainatory - no exceptions. Any and all illegal conducts and activities, as well as promotions to illegal conducts or activities are prohibited on the SNN D.B. support=== While the SNN's D.B is a forum to discuss all things Sonic-the-Hedgehog related, it is not a dedicated tech-support website like "Tom's Hardware" to provide proper technical support to troubleshoot any issues a users may have (eg. in regards to a Sonic game). Users may still be able to seek some answers, recommendations or suggestions from other users who may be more knowledgeable and/or have suffered similar technical issues in the past. Be warned, however, that the SNN's D.B lacks any form of quality control over such matters, and if any unwanted or negative results are obtained, SNN and its respective D.B are not liable to take responsibility for it. This is more of a recommendation, not a rule to follow. ===...always correct=== Unlike the SNN's official Wiki, the D.B is not a place for official information. It is highly NOT recommend to use any of SNN's D.B threads or comments as a source reference material or citation for the sake of journalism, genuine information or news reporting. It is difficult to distinguish between, fact, fiction, rumor, sarcasm, opinion or hearsay as the D.B's contains all of the above. The SNN and it's respective D.B is hosted and run by fans, for fans. No user here are (barring the rare) workers or employees for any of the franchise developers, publishers or their subsidiaries or affiliated companies. ===...a battlefield=== Forums and other community discussions are not the place to hold personal grudges, conflicts, or even prejudice. Battling it out with another user or a group of users is not only not acceptable, but neither of you will win. Solve any disputes with civility and rationality, and avoid letting them take center stage for everyone else to bear witness. ===...a blog=== The SNN D.B is not a blog. The SNN as a whole may have blog functions as a part of the website, but D.B is purely an online forum to discuss all things Sonic the Hedgehog. ==Help?== Notice something that doesn't seem right? Or do you just have a question? Contact the local administrators of this wiki or Fandom staff through "Give feedback" on your app's Settings screen, or via
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