"Lazy Days" es el tema principal de Big the Cat en Sonic Adventure. Es interpretado por Ted Poley.


Oh, it's a windy and sunny day
And I can hear the faint sound of distant waves
The past weeks have been going by so fast
It's all the same, the bright sky and shining sun
I have a feeling it's gonna be a fun day

Oh, it's a windy and sunny day
The many summers and many great games
Guess it's another trouble-free day
Our playground's so huge, we don't know where it ends
Feels energetic and groovy
Everything's cool, it's excellent

Everyday's a new beginning, yeah!
We don't know who we're gonna meet today
The more I want, the less that I can get
Keep walking for a new tomorrow
But I guess that I'm so happy now
Gonna set my heart free
Now I've got nothing to worry me
Come on, let's just get up go, go, go, go!

Hey big guy
Hey little guy
Can you tell me who came first
Sorry, but I don't know
We are simply natural
Okay, all you have to do is sit up, look left, right, up, and down

Hey big guy
Hey little guy
Can you tell me what's inside
Sorry, but I don't know
We are simply natural
We present you with a gift
Welcome to our Paradise

What'd you think about the incident?
You always take me for granted
I am asking you as a first step
You answer first 'cause I asked you first

You and I are friends for all of time
Tell me how you feel
But you know I can't resist that smiley face
Happy happy
Muy amable!

Hey big guy
Hey little guy
Can you tell me who came first
Sorry, but I don't know
We are simply natural
Okay, all you have to do is sit up, look left, right, up, and down

Hey big guy
Hey little guy
Can you tell me what's inside
Sorry, but I don't know
We are simply natural
We present you with a gift
Welcome to our special Paradise
Where it all comes down to just one little thing, love


Sonic Adventure DX Music LAZY DAYS

Sonic Adventure DX Music LAZY DAYS


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