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• 10/25/2018

Proposal: Administrator Rights for Blueblur1991

HEEEELLLLLOOOO, to all you higher rungs on the ladders of Sonic Wiki! My name is Blueblur1991. You can call me Blur. Why do I call myself that? Because I am a HUGE fan of Sonic! I request to be an admin because of these reasons: One, I can make a difference where some others can’t. Two, if there’s a problem. You can bet I’ll move at Machspeed to get it fixed! Three, just give a guy a chance, man! Four, I’ll make the wiki better than it ever was! And numero five... I NEED SUPPORT! I am currently working on the in-house version of my upcoming movie, Legend Of The Chaos Emeralds, and I kinda need to really get it done by the Thirtieth. As in, Sonic's thirtieth! If you put me on an admin position, I’ll never give up! I help you, and you help me! BLUR FOR ADMIN! Vote. For. Me.

Should I be an Administrator?
  • Yes 25%
  • Maybe 13%
  • No 63%
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• 8/21/2018

Proposal: Bureaucrat Rights for Luma.dash

Hi FANDOM users. I'm Luma.dash, one of the administrators here. And on this thread, I'd like to nominate myself for the user right position of being Bureaucrat. My reasons for this proposal embark from the fact that we have lost many of our bureaucrats; with the said group getting smaller as time goes on and no one is to fill the position of the formers who left. Furthermore, I have established myself as a cooperative and helpful administrator for these two years and my overall five years experience in the wiki. I'm also a knowledgeable person in user rights and one who tracks user activity and notify bureaucrats about it; making me eligible for the position I'm asking for right now. After Journalistic had left the wiki, I was the one who reshaped the wiki again in terms of coding. I constructed a new homepage design, found a new font, asked for Discussions to be enabled here on the wiki and installed several of our fellow developers' gadgets for the platform to be connected to the "wiki" part of SNN. I resumed maintaining highlighting of admin usernames, added a tool to easily rename and update files and added a blacklist to block article titles that had been deemed forbidden for years but without support to enforce the exile. I also made our infoboxes look the way they are now.

In addition to many more features like the "Gadgets" that I added so that anyone can select the scripts they like to get affected by so they can enable/disable them at will for their needs and performance events, I'm also an editor, vandalism fighter and one who helps users when possible. On Discussions, I remove redundant threads, notify users about their behaviour, change categories and have helped to shape the platform's guidelines in addition to the wiki's one.

For a list of my activities, check the below links:
Favikon @getfandom
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• 8/3/2018

Proposal: Content Moderator rights for Super-Hedgehog

Hey there. For quite a while now, I've wanted to nominate Super-Hedgehog to be a Content Moderator. He came to the wiki with a set goal to upload, update, and revise both Sonic images and pages. Since the day he found an HQ version of Dr. Eggman Nega's profile picture, I have had nothing but faith on him.

Super is cooperative, helpful and well organized. When it comes to Discussions, he has well thought out points.

Super having these rights will help him with the images on the wiki much better and it's always nice to have a helping hand that you can trust on the Administrative team.

Without a doubt, I believe Super is deserving of these rights.

If you agree to this nomination, please comment with “Support”. If you do not agree with it, please comment with “Oppose”.

Here are some of his recent contributions:

And here is a link to his contributions page for the rest of his edits:
Sonic Team
Sonic Team Sonic News Network
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• 8/2/2018

Proposal: Administrator rights for Emen383

Hello. I am applying for the administrator position. I have a lot of experience editing Wikis and enforcing rules. I edit Wikipedia a lot, and when my kids were in elementary school, I spent a year working as a lunch/recess monitor. I have the confidence that I can handle the administrator position. Thank you for reading my request.
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• 8/2/2018

Proposal: Administrator rights for SilverPlays97

Good day you good people on Sonic News Network and the wikia community. On this day, I would like to nominate SilverPlays97 for administrator rights.

Since becoming an Content Moderator here on SNN, SilverPlays97 has continued serving SNN to the best of his abilities. He has been devoting himself to the painstaking tasks of repairing broken file links, merging talk pages, renaming inappropriately named files, verifying the individuality of certain articles, adding categories to uncategorized images, and much more. Now we believe is the time for him to be promoted once more.

SilverPlays97 has demonstrated much maturity and steadfastness in dealing with the more delicate edits, like those involving alterations of another user's userpage. He only does what is needed, and nothing else; he leaves almost no traces of his "meddling", showcasing both restraint and respect for other's work.

What SilverPlays97 has demonstrated above all else since last time however, is a dedication to SNN, and an impressive attendance average. These days, there are not many users on SNN that come here on a regular basis in order to do a daily task or fix problems just because. By making SilverPlays97 an administrator, we will promote someone who will be around when SNN needs the help of someone with higher power and will fix whatever problem is ailing SNN as soon as possible.

If you agree to this nomination, please comment with “Support”. If you do not agree with it, please comment with “Oppose”.

Here are some of his recent contributions:

And here is a link to his contributions page for the rest of his edits:
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• 3/28/2018

Proposal: Content Moderator rights for SilverPlays97

Hello everyone! Today, I’d like to nominate SilverPlays97 for Content Moderator rights.

I know for sure that he’s been an incredibly helpful user recently, and from what I can tell, this has been true for several years. As I’m more familiar with his recent work, he has been working on the rather large task of categorizing and renaming the wiki’s images to fit with the site policies, as well as tagging images for deletion when needed. He has also been categorizing a large number of the various articles for Sonic-based comics by year, archiving talk pages, adding to and maintaining the categories on other articles, and even completing scripts for things like Sonic Battle's stories.

In all honesty, I think that his work is limited by his current toolset, and that he deserves to have Content Moderator rights in order to be able to carry out his editing with ease. As a side note, he previously held thread moderator and rollback rights on this wiki (before they were eventually removed for inactivity), which I think qualifies him as a responsible user.

If you agree to this nomination, please reply with “Support”. If you do not agree with it, please comment “Oppose”.

Here are some of his recent contributions:
And here is a link to his contributions page for the rest of his edits:
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• 3/23/2018

Sonic and sonic oc
53 new photos by Jordan Lawrencethehedgehogexe
53 new photos by Jordan Lawrencethehedgehogexe Google Photos
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• 3/8/2018

Proposal: Content Moderator rights for Veralann

Good day people. B-krat Ultrasonic is here because I believe SNN user and community central admin Veralann deserves to be promoted to content moderator.

Since beginning taking an active interest in the affairs of SNN since the beginning of February 2018, thus user has ranked up over 1.600 edits! That is an impressive amount of activity that is a rarity these days. Furthermore, he was proven to be exceptionally dedicated to making SNN the best as it can be. Not only has he made informative articles like the "Trophy", but he has also cleaned up Sonic News Networks's horribly messy "Glitches" article, rewritten each and every of the "Challenge Act" articles (and written up the missing ones), and added infoboxes to all the human characters in Sonic '06. he has even gone out of his way and made levels for each of the tracks in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, something that did not occur to any of us. All of these are tasks of which none other on SNN have proven dedicated enough to take up arms against and finish. These acts alone shows a very firm, active and dedicated user.

Even with when taking on immense taskes, Veralann also takes time to skim over the various smaller articles and rewrite/add where needed, even if it means looking over entire categories of articles, like the Sonic '06 enemies. Also, since he is in charge of the community central wiki, he can take charge of SNN's pages and files in the same way.

All in all, what we have here is the type of dedicated user SNN has not seen in a long time. As such, it would only be fitting to give him these rights so he can expand his resources and help SNN even more. If you agree to this nomination, please add a comment where you say "Support". If you disagree, please add "Oppose".

Below is a small summary of his contributions:

6 39
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• 2/9/2018

Proposal: Discussions Moderator rights for NotLessOrEqual

Due to the clearly unchecked and almost seemingly un-moderated Discussion Boarding recently turning into a cesspool of malicious, advertising or outright unrelated posts to the wikia and the franchise it represents.

It seems many of the moderators here specialize for focus on specific niche tasks, and a majority of them do their job very well, some too well (UltraSonic9000) but non of them are dedicating a majority of their time and effort to clean up the discussion board in particular. only on some occasions here and there. In addition, the Discussion Board guideline doesn't seem up to scratch enough and needs more information/more specific.

In short, it seems we need a street-cleaner to mop up that road.

Although I may not be as active as the likes of UltraSonic9000 or as knowledgeable as the likes of Luma.Dash I have added many significant contributions and changes not only to Wikia articles of SNN, but also how it functions as a whole and raising standards for both users and visitors alike.

After 2016, the policy and guidelines of the main Wikia were left neglected and required update, of which surprisingly I manage to fill up with gap EVEN WITHOUT the scripted permission of me holding the 'moderator' title, of which afterwards gained approval.

In addition, I also introduced and filled out the guidelines on how to create specific pages, many of which were originally left as red links, seemingly that all the other mods and top-brass people were busy doing other tasks and have neglected it.

In short me, a regular user, was given a blank check and left to a responsibility normally reserved for moderators. Of which I demonstrated to accomplish my job.

The music track and sound tab and template was also of my machination commonly being used today.

I was also the one who initiated the concept of the Ken Penders Legal Cases page as a hopefully all-in-one article to encompass all existing information of Archie Comic's downfall so audiences wont have to run out of breath scouting the entire internet to find information, or piece them together.'_legal_cases

I was also the one who designed the Wikia page and template during the Sonic-Forces special event of which then I handed over to Luma.Dash to properly integrate it.

Although my amount of contributions are small in number, each of them had a significant impact on the way this Wikia has run, as well as its standards for how it is operated for the past 2 Years.

I am requesting this out of necessity, not want. If no one else is bothered to dedicate their full time to it, then I will.
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• 8/16/2017

Proposal: Administrator Rights for Myself123

Hello everyone, DeCool here. Today I want to nominate Myself123 for Admin Rights. Myself is a dedicated and hardworking individual that has been on the wiki a lot longer than most of us here, having up to over 30, 000 edits. He abides by the rules exceptionally well and has reverted vandalism more times many, many times.

Myself was already an Administrator and even a Bereaucrat before. Reasoning for him abandoning this role was simply because of a site disagreement concerning how the Bereaucrats should work. And as it soon became evident the new system did not work out too well, we had to dimiss it and return to normal. But even so, Myself was not nominated again and I am here to fix that.

Overall, Myself is a great editor and I believe he should obtain these rights once again.

Below, I shall add links of his work on the wiki, along with his two other nominations. Please either state if you want to "Support" or "Oppose". Any further queries about nominations can be sought at the "Requests for User Rights" page that I'll link down below.
Requests for User Rights/Myself 123 (Administrator)
Requests for User Rights/Myself 123 (Administrator) Sonic News Network
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• 7/28/2017

Proposal Discussions Moderator Rights For MyOrangeTails

This is my second apply for Discussions Moderator rights. I wasn't planning on doing another one but fellow user UltraSonic9000, gave me the courage to do so.

With the current roll i have as a user i have much limitations to what i can and can not do. With the Discussions Moderator's permissions i can do much more. Close threads rather than waiting an administrator to do, opening threads when i believe there's not a reason for closing them, deleting spam threads rather than tracking down Administrators on social media to send them the spam thread, approving coments on threads, blogs and lastly moderating the chat room.

I have an experience of 2 months and 13 days with 639 edits and 1497 Discussion Posts. I try to act mature and serious when needed but i make a lot of jokes to keep me happy and more importantly make you guys happy. I am very social and i have talked with all the most active users on the wiki. I am active in the discussions platform more than half a day and i keep up with blogs and other chat things as well.

My attitude is good. I don't swear and I'm little to no times rude.

I fully understand the role I'm applying for and my responsibilities. Which are to help people on discussions, blogs, chat,removing spam threads, spam blogs, closing and reopening threads and lastly and lastly moderate the chat room.

If some of you people dont understand how user rights work you can read this article here you help you.

Write "Support" Or "Oppose" down below.
Requests for User Rights
Requests for User Rights Sonic News Network
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• 7/7/2017


Please help me to become admin because for as long as I've had this app, I've been on it. So I need you guys to help me become admin!
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• 6/12/2017

Proposal: Admin Rights for DeCool99

Since his early beginnings, User:DeCool99 has been an active and dedicated user on Sonic News Network. Soon after joining, he not only quickly understood SNN's guidelines in a short time, but also helped establishing a new format to the Archie Comics articles that gave rise to a more consistent and used format. Also, when there were holes in our content, he was quick to fill it out or update it. Furthermore, he has an eagerness and willingness to listen and learn that has shaped him into one of the most reliable figures on SNN.

His skills have since expanded and can now cover almost any area, all while sticking to the guidelines we have formed over time. Editing skills aside, he is also a social and very friendly person who cares for the wikia and its users. Most noticeably, he can bear over with even the most overbearing, nagging or emotional users without losing his cool or focus; during the demotion chaos of one of our former Administrators, DeCool99 stood out by reminding us all in a calm manner of the kind of people we really were and that we were going too far. Those are qualities that truly defines an admin. He also reverts vandalism, report abusive users and welcomes other users opinions and requests.

Surmised, I can say without uncertainty that DeCool99 is more than suitable for the role of an admin, and having him on the admin team will provide SNN with a consistent watchman that will keep the wikia safe and clean, and guide both new and old users in the best possible way.

Below is a small summary of his contributions: (might take a little time to find)

More to see on the list of his contributions:
Contributions/DeCool99 Sonic News Network
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• 6/5/2017

Proposal: Content Moderator Rights for DanikV

User:DanikV has established himself as an invaluable user among our experienced crowd of users here in the wiki. He uploads barrages of images for stages and ensures that our galleries have the best couples of images for games like SA2 and STH as best of his capabilities. He fills up our newest games with the latest screenshots of recent trailers along with his contributions to the soundtracks of several games.

But the biggest effort he has demonstrated so far, is his art talents which has really helped us to establish our new favicon, wordmark and the Discussion theme. He also reverts vandalism, report abusive users and welcomes other users opinions and requests.

So, in short, I'd really like to add him to the Content Moderation team so that managing files will be a very easy job for him, to upgrade his skills further and helps us revert vandalism faster. Below is a small summary of his contributions:
More to see on the list of his contributions:
Favikon Sonic News Network
3 18
• 5/28/2017

Proposal: Discussions Moderator Rights for MyOrangeTails

It is known that we as Sonic News Network have enough admins and bureaucrats. But there is a section of User Rights that no one fills and that are the Discussions Moderators.
I want to request for Discussion Moderator Rights because discussions are a part that is not moderated the right way and it is used a lot. Discussions are moderated by admins and that wastes their time from improving other things in the wiki like helping users, checking users, interacting with users, improving articles and deleting articles.
I believe i am the right person for this job because i am very active in the discussions 15 hours a day at least. I reply to almost every thread and I want to try to help users more than i can now in the current state. If i consider something spam but i'm not sure i won't delete the thread right away i will try to get the opinions of as many admins as i can and then decide according to the admins opinions.
About my Dedication to the wiki i think i Am good. Eventhough i am not a super old member of The Sonic News Network Wiki, i managed in the 24 days
that i'm here 441 edits and 100 discussion posts. Also there is not a SINGLE day that i didn't contribute to the wiki.
In terms of following the rules i haven't broken any rule. I never even used the world d*mn uncensored.
With this position i will be able to fill the responsibilities that admins try to fill. The admins will be able to take a break from moderating the discussions all the time and do the things they are intended to while i will be able to help users in the discussions, reply to threads and delete threads that are spam or that just break the rules.
The wiki may not have so much threats in recent months but we need people to fill all positions so we can be ready when something occures and i encourage more people to apply for discussions moderators. I will try my best and eventhough threats aren't very common i won't sit back and relax, i will be always ready for everything.

If you don't understand how the User Rights process works or just need a bit of a freshening, be sure to check out "Sonic News Network:Requests For User Rights.
To vote just leave either "Support" or "Oppose".
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• 5/26/2017

Proposal: Bureaucrat Rights for Ultrasonic9000

As you may or may not know, our bureaucrat BlueSpeeder has decided to retire from Sonic News Network. It is always sad to see those with User Rights go, especially someone who has been here for as long as BlueSpeeder has. Still, he is leaving on his own terms, and I for one respect that. Still, his departure has left a vacant spot among the more present bureaucrats, which I wish to be filled out.

I want to request for bureaucrat rights to fulfill the daily duties that are required on Sonic News Network when other bureaucrats are not present. This is because in the current times, not many of our bureaucrats can appear as regularly as they do. I am, however, certain that I can maintain a consistent appearance on SNN for at least a while.

In terms of my dedication to Sonic News Network, I can state with certain confidence that I more than qualified: I make constructive edits often, advice other users in the ways of the wikia, and I am active in the dealings of the wikia's matters and users, both inside and outside of the mainspace, as seen below:

With this position, I can fill out the responsibilities that have been left behind over time by departing users and help expand Sonic News Network in ways I could not do before.

To better understand of how the User Rights process work, feel free to check out "Sonic News Network:Requests for User Rights".

When casting votes, please leave either a "Support" or "Oppose" quotation in your reply.
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• 4/17/2017

Proposal: Demote Journalistic of his Administrative rights

User:Journalistic has shown an utter disrespect of the Sonic News Network and its users. The greatest example being the closure of multiple forums (even Site Discussions) seemingly for his own amusement, and he is likely to remove this thread as well (so drastic measures may be required). This is unprofessional and very deterring to users trying to use this site.
A quuck glance at his user profile will show you he has no interest in upholding his admin duties, which is reflected in his insults to the wiki as a whole and his clear intent to do as he pleases.
He has been warned about this behaviour before, only to be met more of the same with added projection and tantrums. He is treating the wiki as his personal playground and it needs to stop.
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• 12/27/2016

Proposal: Admin Rights for SilverVDarkSilver

Ok now I know what you administrators are probably thinking, "Why the heck should we let this guy be administrator if he has been a member of the wiki for 1 day?!" Yeah I thought that too but let me explain why I would be a great admin. 1. I love Sonic and everything Sonic. 2. As admin I would like to make the 2nd Ultimate Sonic Charcater Tournament possible (if you want more details about the tournament please chat with me in a chatroom.) 3. I am a really nice guy and I do not swear so I am a good guy to have around a community. 4. I would be good at making sure the rules are followed nd I would contribute to articles to the best of my ability. So just because I just joined, it doesn't mean I can't do good for the wiki. Thank you for your consideration.
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• 12/8/2016

Proposal: Content Moderator Rights for CSR843

Hello. I would like to nominate CSR843 for Content Moderator rights. CSR843 has been a fairly active member for three years now, and his faithfulness and dedication to the finer details of SNN has been proven genuine in that time. Surmised, I have not met anyone more qualified for this position.
CSR843 works mainly with categorization and sorting of images, so his work is not always visible, but his proficiency with it is no less than amazing. In but the span of days, he managed to categorize the majority of the images for Category:Sonic the Hedgehog covers, and in the past he has managed to locate countless duplicates of images here on SNN. It is especially in the latter case that I think that the rights of a Content Moderator will benefit him greatly as he can only set images up for deletion and not delete them himself. As most of his contributions prove, such rights would make a difference for SNN.
2 15
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• 10/31/2016

Proposal: Administrator Rights for ModrenSonic

I nominate ModrenSonic for administrator rights. ModrenSonic has been an active contributor for over five years now, and has been a chat moderator for the majority of his time here on the wiki. He's one of the few remaining veteran editors that has not been made into an administrator. I believe that his experience, activity, and contributions qualify him for the position of administrator on the Sonic News Network.
4 19