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• 3h

I am new to this Fandom. But I am a long time sonic fan.

If Sonic Adventure 3 were to happen what would it be about. Please keep it as close to the original feel and games as possible.
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• 4h

Okay, Chris is kinda annoying. From sonic x

I mean I could handle 1 season, but in all 3 seasons?! That's torture

He pisses me off(I did read guidlinez,you are allowed to say pissed.)

He cries all the time, even with decoe and boceo, which sucks. He cried when shadow first sacrificed himself. Even though he only knew him for like an hour.

He kidnapped sonic,and sonic was fine with it. Chris cries over everything!!!! I mean no. And three seasons of that?👎

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• 5h

Sonic Fighting Game Ideas

Throwing out a question, while doing my story.

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• 9h

Hello! New here! But I have an idea for a future sonic show of game.

Sonic runs even faster than he did. Duh, and he's the husband of any rose, leaving Sally acorn jealous. So jealous that she wants to kill sonic, with the help of eggman mach 2. Tails is still single, but he does have his own planery,which is a place where you can get planes,and you learn how to use them. Knuckles and Rouge have gone further in their romance, working together more often. Big, will be gone fishin😂. Cream will be only a little older,but she helps out with missions. Shadow has made a son of something, and named him project midnight. Team Chaotic went pro, and Vector tries to be more romantic with Vanilla. Espionage will look cooler because he has been a ninja more. He also now has a sensei,which he has needed. And Charmy... Still breaks the 4th wall. Silver and Blaze are travelling together with marine the raccoon, who is now a captian. Eggman mach 2 will be like robo-robotnik. The moral is bringing out the children of sonic the hedgehog and other characters. And relationships will include sonamy, knuxouge. Their probably will be adult humor, considering that Rouge and Knuckles will be... Nevermind,I'll just say 😘. It should be for mature audiences onky. sorry kids

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• 13h

Problem with TSR

Listen, I love Team Sonic Racing from what we've been shown so far, but I have one major problem. Why did they mess up with the teams!? They got Team Sonic and Team Dark right, but what of the other two. Tean Rose has Amy Rose and Big the Cat, but they replaced Cream and Cheese with a car of Chao. Team Vector isn't Team Chaotix, so I give it a slight pass, but why couldn't they add Espio and Charmy Bee? If they really wanted Silver and Blaze in, they could've made a whole new team and reintroduced Marine back into the games.
This part is 50% joke.
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• 15h

Dr. Starline, Rough and Tumble voice actors

How do you think, which voice actor would would perfectly capture personalities of them?

I just want to see your opinions on it.

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• 1d

If someone else sent this before I had NO IDEA

This is one of the best knuckles themes
"Theme of Knuckles" - Sonic Mania Adventures Special Remix
"Theme of Knuckles" - Sonic Mania Adventures Special Remix YouTube
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• 1d


guys but according to you if the dark team should separate and say goodbye I imagine shadow and rouge who say goodbye hugging each other. I know that shadow is not the type to hug but in this case it would embrace rouge since he won't see her anymore and he would thank her for everything he did for him.what do you think?
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• 1d

Who would think a new Sonic game is gonna be like?

I think there is gonna be humans. Additionally, the Chaos Emeralds will have a major role. And I also want Cream the Rabbit to return. Although, the London Symphony Orchestra did a great job on Sonic Forces, the LSO can also record the new Sonic game as well.

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• 1d

A Recurring Theme?

I was wondering about this while listening to a compilation of 16 versions of a "certain theme". What if Sonic had a recurring theme; one that fans would like listening to every now and then?

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind the genre as long as it sounds great.
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• 1d

1994-2016 SONIC at Alton towers part 2

After a while the hotel room and the new ride was available to the public. Although the hotel room was very expensive. It was £.300 or something like that. There was SONIC medals that were givin to people when they go on the SONIC spinball ride. When 2016 started, the SONIC branding was takin off and there was only only thing that existed of SONIC at Alton towers, the hotel room. People were still able to book there. Although it didn't last long. So after that it looked like sonic was never at Alton towers, but people say that they sometimes see the SONIC statue that they had there. Sega have said they wanted SONIC to be in more theme parks. Which I hope happens.
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• 2d

Whats your favourite sonic team?

Whats? My favourite is Sonic team!
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• 2d

Sorting characters by personality traits

A few months ago I compiled a list of recurring characters and described each one by six different personality traits. These are from WWE 2K19, another game I'm currently playing at the moment. I thought "why not compare these to each Sonic character?" These are:







Here's my example based on Sonic: I think he is Loyal and Respectful, especially to his best friend, Tails. Towards Eggman he is Egotistical because he likes to taunt at him; plus he is Perseverant and Bold because he is so confident about his ability to thwart Eggman's plans. Sonic is also Aggressive as seen in one of the Sonic Lost World cutscenes where he immediately knocks Eggman's conch against Tails' demand.

How would you describe each character? Do you agree or disagree with my opinion on Sonic? Are some characters split in between? Discuss.

Also, with Team Sonic Racing soon to be released, the personality traits of some characters might change depending on how the script will be written.

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• 2d

A question on flame shields

I know that Flame Shields can protect against fire-based attacks and hazards but how does it fair against ice-based attacks and hazards? Given fire melts ice, will it be just as protective against ice as it is with fire? As in perhaps never get frozen by walking into freezing traps or weapons.

Or will the shield simply disperse like it would with any non-fire damage?

I know I should probably know this myself but I never really properly test the conditions.

Flame Shield
Flame Shield Sonic News Network
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• 2d

Could the Sonic Movie trailer show up at the kids choice awards 2019

So I'm wondering that is it possible that the sonic movie trailer will show up at the 2019 nickelodeon kids choice awards.

I had talk about this in my Sonic SXSW 2019 was a Disappointment post were I believe its possible that we could see the sonic movie trailer show up at the kids' choice awards 2019 like its a guess but who knows for sure.

But anyway there is just a few more days left for the kids choice awards and lets just have hopes that we might get a trailer for the sonic movie but also lets hope Sonic's final movie design will be perfect rather then creepy and bad.

So anyway just let me know if you think we might see the sonic movie trailer at the kids choice awards 2019 in the comments below.

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• 2d

Female Ultimate Life Form

What happens if Shadow the Hedgehog gets a clone/female version of himself similar to "Laura Kinney/X-23" (clone version) of "Logan/Wolverine" from the X-Men?

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• 2d
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• 2d
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• 2d

1994-2016 SONIC at Alton towers part 1

Alton towers is a amusement park that still lives today. Around 1994 a few new attractions were at Alton towers. One of them was toy land tours. If your were a fan of SONIC or games in general, then you would be surprise. Near the end of the ride, a SONIC statue would operate a SONIC controller while moving his head left to right also tapping his foot, there would be rings 9n the ceiling, and a remixed green hill song playing in the background. Nobody ever inspected this to happen. The statue was still working by 1998 but Sonic's head wouldn't move at all by 2001. Although the foot would still tap occasionally. Then the entire ride was replaced by a Charlie and the chocolate factory ride. The statue is nowhere to be seen to this date. Alton towers did make a toy land tours soundtrack that had the remixed SONIC music on it. Around November in 2009, people said they heard Alton towers staff talking about a SONIC spinball ride. In January 2010, sega and Alton towers have colaberated again. This time with a ride called SONIC spinball, SONIC Merch, and a SONIC hotel room. I'll make this a 2 part thread, I'll post the next half tomorrow.
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• 2d

What would you like to see on the wiki's YouTube channel?

Hey all! As you probably know, I made a YouTube channel for the wiki a little while back. Currently, I've been posting videos of stages from the Sonic series, in order to provide videos for stages that don't have one, have an archive of videos that won't be affected if someone else deletes their channel, etc. I've been working toward other content as well, but I'm curious to know what exactly you guys would want.

So, if you could have /any/ content you wanted, be it news, interviews, or something completely different, what would it be? Please note that I'm not promising anything in particular, but more just getting some ideas/feedback.

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