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Nazo vs sleekadom who will win
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Is shadow faster than sonic
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Water and Ice-type characters

Are there any Sonic-characters who can control water and ice powers? Or there will be for future Sonic games?

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• 16h

Which character should get their own game?

They should really make a game with one of them.

Which one?
  • Amy
  • Silver
  • Team Chaotix
  • Rouge
  • Scourge
  • Freedom Fighters
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• 22h

What do you want for the future?

What do you want for the next SONIC game?
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New sonic cartoon

I think every one had heard about the new sonic cartoon and had seen this post on Instagram...
I'm actually excited about it... But in the same time I'm worried that this cartoon be more like sonic mania adventures... SMA is cool but I'm modern sonic fan so i need more modern sonic cartoon... I mean we already have SMA... to me I just want modern sonic cartoon you think it is gonna be a Classic sonic cartoon or modern sonic?
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Sonic Adventure

They should make Sonic Adventure 3
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• 2d

What if they made Sonic Heroes 2

The could have all the teams, plus a DLC for team Eggman=Eggman, Metal, and

Zavok. And they should include team Babylon=Jet, Wave, and Storm! They shou,d also have DLC for a thing where you can free play. Or just unlock free play after clearing a story. All teams should also have Their own special stage, to unlock items needed to progress your story.

Should they make Sonic heroes 2?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Mhm..
  • Just make Sonic forces 2!
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• 2d
Team Sonic Racing OST - Frozen Junkyard
Team Sonic Racing OST - Frozen Junkyard YouTube
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• 2d

A classic sonic franchise

Do you think mania opened up a new franchise
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• 2d

Sonic characters in smash

Should there be more characters in smash
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• 2d

Sonic characters

Which one is your favorite from the sonic series
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• 3d

Infinite vs mephiles who will win
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• 3d

Silver video game

Should they make a silver game
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