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• 4h

Who is the strongest sonic character

Mine is shadic if he does exist in the sonic franchise
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• 9h

Sonic Boom Episode Cabin Fever Discussion

Yeah Amy did have a good reason to be mad at her friends for reading her journal but perhaps she could have written the characters in her play in a less over the top way.

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• 11h

URGENT QUESTION!!! Did Tails die in Sonic 2?

I have no time or patience for "Spoiler-Free Answers." I need a clear-cut answer as soon as inhumanly possible. DID HE OR DID HE NOT SURVIVE?!
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• 1d

Hedgehog Ice Cream

If there was a ice cream flavor based off a Sonic character, what would you name it?

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• 2d

Sonic game for over 16 or 18

How would you react if sega released a sonic game for over 16 years or 18 years...
It will have more violence (don't know how should a sonic character be that bad.. Just imagine)
It would have strong words🤷🏽‍♀️
And maybe seuxell Cutscenes (you can skip this part🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🌚you don't have to imagine it)
I know that sonic is for everyone and for kids...
And today kids love him... But I don't think that there's so many kids who play sonic games... And you know big part of sonic fans are over 14🤷🏽‍♀️and the most popular group from Sonic fans is the classic games lovers (you can say that most of them are over 30 and they growed up with him) so it won't be a problem... And one game will not be a bad idea or a bad point for sonic history it's just one game😃
So what do you think... Would you like this idea.. Or you will say no it just can't work because it's sonic and sonic has his own world...
(sorry for my English if it hard to understand)
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• 2d

Sonic cd

Why is the US version so creepy than the Japan do they hate US
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• 2d
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• 2d

Sonic chronicles 2

Let's have a huge discussion bout sonic chronicles cos it's an A1 game and if anyone knows anything about a 2nd game say something
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• 2d
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• 2d

Idea for a Sonic the Hedgehog spinoff

I had an idea for a Sonic spinoff a while ago which was fantasy-based and did not feature any main Sonic characters (not even Sonic) in it. It would still feature rings, Chao, Wisps, and maybe some robots, though. The protagonist would be a speedy deer whose sidekick was a cougar the same age as him. It would be focused on speed-based puzzles or stuff like that.

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• 3d

How would you?

After watching these videos from Kentman, i would like to know, how would you introduce an expy from the Archie Comics to the IDW Comics?

How I would Include Scourge The Hedgehog In The IDW Sonic The Hedgehog Comics
How I would Include Scourge The Hedgehog In The IDW Sonic The Hedgehog Comics YouTube
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• 3d

Sonic vs goku who will win
Google Image Result for
Google Image Result for…
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• 3d

sonic boom season 2 dvd

do we know if we will get sonic boom season 2 on dvd

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• 3d

Why I don’t think the sonic rivials series is canon?

There are a couple things I was confused about with sonic rivials and how it may not be canon. For a start off it’s a spin off game second they confused Eggman negas orgin and backstory throwing rush out the window. In Sonic Rush his character was from Blaze dimension and her arch nemies along with being a alternative version of Eggman.

But in sonic rivials they changed that and made him from the future and Eggman’s realtive. I clearly say that Sonic Rush is more of a canon game since it introduces Blaze the cat’s history who she even is , and Eggman nega’s full character. Sonic Rush wasn’t a spin off either it was conncted to the main games were Blaze the cat meets sonic and friends which explains her interaction with cream and the others . Sonic rivials 1 and 2 were only racing games that weren’t even made or realsed in Japan at all .

So I concluded that sonic rivials 1 and 2 may not be cannon since it butched Eggman nega’s backstory having him in the future instead of the sol dimension in a actual canon Japan made sonic game rush .

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• 3d


Who's your favorite Sonic couple?

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• 3d

Should Sonic X get a redub?

Since the 4Kids dub of that anime sucked because of the content edits, the voices to the characters, the change to Episode 77's ending and the uncanny music should Sonic X get a redub just like Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and Sailor Moon with the original Japanese openings and endings plus dubbed with the current cast from Sonic Colors onward?

Cast your votes
  • Yes
  • No
  • Possibly
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• 4d

Sonic team

Hi guys I love sonic games and I've got nealy all the games
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• 4d

Happy Valentine's Day

It's that time of year again. Hopefully, most of you have better luck than a certain someone.
Mania Papercraft Adventures: Valentine's Day
Mania Papercraft Adventures: Valentine's Day YouTube
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• 4d

Phone app

2 things:

1. You cannot see polls on the app. Many times I dont realize there are poll options.

2. Since the Fandom merge or whatever, reading my notifications logs me out and brings a webpage up for Fandom instead. Basically its changed and very inconvenient.

Will these ever be fixed?
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